Shahrukh and Salman battle it out in Japan

It was meant to be a huge marketing coup with Salman Khan opening up the hitherto dormant Japanese market for Bollywood with a nationwide release of Yash Raj Film’s “Ek Tha Tiger”.

Director Kabir Khan flew excitedly into a four-city tour of Japan last week at the invitation of the Japanese distributors Nikkatsu Corporation and the release date was fixed for April 20 in Japan.

But now, in what appears to be a hasty and clever business manoeuvre, Eros International has announced the Japanese release of their 2007 Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster Om Shanti Om.

Titled “Koi Suru Rinne”, with Japanese subtitles, “Om Shanti Om” would get a 15-print release across Japan on March 16.

While Eros maintains that their rush-release of “Om Shanti Om” in Japan this weekend has nothing to do with Yash Raj’s carefully-strategised Japanese release plans for “Ek Tha Tiger”, a source close to both the actors spills the beans revealing that the overnight decision to release “Om Shanti Om” in Japan was primarily a means to give Shah Rukh a head-start over Salman in the Japanese market, which is still a nascent Bollywood market.
Shahrukh Khan - Salman Khan
Says the source: “Where and when did Japan come into the picture? When Yash Raj took the initiative by flying Kabir Khan to Japan to open up the Bollywood market in the country with ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Eros immediately planned a rush-release of ‘Om Shanti Om’.

“Why a seven-year old film now? Two reasons. One, because reincarnation is a big high for the Japanese. And two, because a Shah Rukh-starrer needed to enter the market before Salman’s ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.”

While Eros maintains that Bollywood and Shah Rukh have a “cult following” in Japan, “Ek Tha Tiger” director Kabir Khan confirms that Japan is new to Bollywood.

“I wonder why Bollywood has not explored Japan for shooting? I don’t think any significant Hindi film after ‘Love In Tokyo’ has been shot in Japan,” said Khan.

“There is a zero market for Indian films and filmmakers in the country. Even Rajinikanth’s popularity in Japan was only a phase that has now faded. As things stand, Japan has no knowledge of Bollywood or Bollywood stars. It was Nikkatsu Corporation who took the initiative to bring Bollywood into Japan. We are starting from scratch in Japan.”

Significantly Kabir sidelines the pre-emptive “Om Shanti Om” release until reminded of it.

“Yes, I believe ‘Om Shanti Om’ is releasing in Japan. But it’s not a part of Nikkatsu’s Bollywood plans. We’ve plans of initially releasing 30 prints of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ in Japan to be scaled up to 70 prints. Their initial package includes ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Don 2’. With these films they hope to introduce a taste for Bollywood in Japan.

“Hopefully, we’d also start shooting some films in Japan. I really don’t know why Japan has been a closed door for Bollywood. Maybe because Tokyo is considered an expensive city.”




  • Salman’s ETT is initially releasing with 30 prints and Srk’s OSO with 15 prints Salman winning the 1st round and surely he will win the battle bcoz Japanese will love Salman’s action in ETT

  • Salman’s ETT will easily beat SRK’s OSO in Japan but in this fighting of 2 Khans finally the 3rd Khan Aamir will win the race with 3 IDIOTS later.

  • Ek tha tiger,dabbang,ready-all are of same type…only popular due to star power of salman khan…so sallu can make a bad movie blockbuster….but my all fav. Movies belongs to srk eg-k3g,rnbdj,kkhh,ddlg,veer zara etc with 3 idiots and ishaqzaade…i like sallu movie like hum dil de chuke,tere naam,hahk…

  • srk is the real trendsetter outsideand inside india
    first it was rabni banadi jodi which was shown in the international okinawa film festival which won the audience award
    then come ra one which was very popular you can search the craze of the japanese
    by just writing ra one flashmob in japan
    then now om shanti om and don2 and jab tak hai jaan
    salman s orphan movie ek tha gadha will be faced by throwing rotten tomatoes
    on salman khan and kabir khan s faces for making this antipatoritic movie
    which encourage people to be traiter by lettiing down the call of duty of the country india
    it reallly deserves all the worst awards in the world not only the ghanta award and golden kela award but also the razzies

  • lot of foriegn movies r releasing in india with local dubbing versions
    but,nobody knows their names even,
    it only useful to promote these banners and stars

  • ETT released in 30 prints
    after week 1 it released in 70 prits

    Still loose to OSO which released in 15 prints

  • Buddha srk was burning with so much jealousy that he demanded they release his film, any film in Japan before bhai. Eros tried explaining to srk that dubbing hasnt been fully completed and the voice over done by a real life size goat who was dubbing srks rrrrrrrrr noises has not been properly edited but srk insisted they go ahead and release his crappy OSO. Japanese people please be warned that when watching this movie- alot of shouting is going to be heard when speaking softly would have sufficed and alot of goatish sounds are going to come out of srks mouth.
    A word to the wise Japanese- buy some ear plugs before settling down to be bored by 3 hours of thrash from Team Farah.

  • No one is better than SRK in Oversaes.Ok,Salman “Ek Tha Tiger” is very good movie really ( Only this movie I like ),but hey “Om Shanti Om” is from 2007 ,but it’s still Blockbaster. I’sure Japan will love this movie,and “Jab Tak hai Jaan”too,and “Don 2”.may be they liked “Ek Tha Tiger”,but if he make Salman new Big star in Oversaes,I don’t think so at all.Salman is star in India,but in Oversaes is nothing.But SRK is The King of Bollywood. So many other stars from Hollywood like him,becouse he is specail and diffrent.Salman…..he is just one man,who only beating people,show his muscules and that so.

  • just look at the no. of films releasing

    SRK : 3
    Salman : 1
    Aamir : 1

    this shows that srk again scores over other two khans

    although a rare n fantastic film like 3 idiots is equal to two films

    the main competition will be between don 2 n 3 idiots

    only these two films have global appeal from that lot of 5 movies.

    i hope japenese survive ek tha tiger n enjoy the rest of films.

  • I’m a J-POP fan and addicted to Japanese dramas and animes. I believe 3 idiots will suit Japanese tastes because it contains the ingredients common to Japanese shows– INCREDIBLE FRIENDSHIP among men (The so called Yaoi addiction in Japan)–Japanese audience is crazy about BOND and friendship among men. Watch their music/anime/ and movie culture and you will understand what i mean. Second, INTELLIGENT and MORALISTIC Content–everyone knows 3 idiots has so much to give. If you watch Japanese dramas, they always teach and emphasize lessons about life. Third, HUMOUR.

    I’m crossing my fingers and hoping a Japanese version of 3 Idiots in the future. Good luck to Aamir Khan. And hope Bollywood flourish in Japan. Hope Ghajini and TZP will be released their as well. They also fit Japanese tastes.

    And yes, A BOLLYWOOD MOVIE SHOT IN JAPAN PLEASE! That would be great! ^___^

  • Some sites are showing that ETT released japan and it collected 3.2 crore in it’s first week…and some sites are showing that it will be release on 20th april…plz clear that…i m not understanding anything…@indicine

  • Ricky and don. . . ett released to 30 prints now its extending to 70 prints where as oso it released to poor 15 prints lol Haha Haha Srk should dream to releasing in high screens in japan lol Haha

  • They should have released 3 idiots first… sorry but after watching Bakwaas like ETT and JTHJ Japanese murgi will be hugely disappointed.. their whole perception about bollywood movies could change… sad, very bad but true

  • @sachin11 oso will collect double of ett with 15 screen.oso is the atbb in overseas market.collected 54 cr 5years ago and your ett collected 59 crore with second wide release after jthj.your sallu is still struggling to cross 2006 kank in overseas.sallu is a beggar in front of srk in overseas market.

  • SRK ruled the indian and overseas BO for the last 15-18 years(source: BOI) and he still continues to be the undisputed baadshah of the overseas market. In india there is stiff competition between srk and salman since 2010…. but overseas, SRK is SRK and salman is Harman competition at all…..!!!! OSO is going to rape ETT even with 15 screens compared to 30…and DOn2, 3I and JTHJ are going to gang rape ett and salman…RIP sallu..u will only be remembered as a south indian film remaker in india and in overseas no one even knows u or will remember u…whereas srk will be remembered as the king and baadshah of this industry on par with dilip kumar and amitabh bachchan not only in this country but throughout the world.

  • another slap to salman khan and his stupid fans
    navin nvs tejas jc sachin etc

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  • @remotecontrol You loser you need your eyes tested and retested if they come back all clear. I think if you look very closely then you will find that the cover only featured Jacko with Shakira. Thats right- go on look very closely coz the guy standing in the middle of Jacko and Shakira is an extra from the musical video ‘Thriller’…!
    @star srk looks good as a Zombie…! :-)

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