Jennifer distressed with hubby’s extreme measures

Jennifer’s only hope is her sister Helen, but she has lost contact with her long back. She is in distress as her former air force officer husband not only walked out on her, but also hired goons to beat her when she refused to move out of their apartment.

Yesteryear actress Helen?s youngest sister Jennifer Gupta (60), a resident of Noida, has been involved in a family imbroglio for the last two years. It all started with her husband, Narendra Lal Gupta who is a former Air Vice-Marshal, walking out on her in January 2005. Later her son and daughter deserted her. Ever since, her husband has not been financially supporting her and also asked her to move out of their Noida apartment. These days she is in Mumbai hoping her relatives and family friends will help her.

Says Jennifer, ?My husband left me for another lady two years back. When I told him that I would sue him for bigamy, he married her under the Muslim Law.? After much coaxing, Jenny refused to move out of their house and this is when her husband sent goons to evacuate the place. The goons had beaten her up and she was even hospitalised for a short time. ?I was attacked by a bunch of goons in my compound. My husband was present there. I asked him to get the goons off me. He said, ?Why should I? Isse maro, aur maro (beat her up).??

She tells us that the local police station refused to intervene in what they termed as ?a family affair?. Later she took refuge in her gardener?s hut in Noida. ?I was almost running around to save my life. My gardener gave me shelter in her house. My arms and back were black and blue. I was under medication then. I could hardly move.?

Jennifer moved to Mumbai a month back, and she is residing in a city lodge. She has been teaching yoga for a living. Her last hope is her sister Helen. Talking about Helen she says, ?We had lost touch long time back. I?m trying to meet her and Salim Khan.?

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