Jazbaa Trailer

Watch Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Irrfan Khan in a race against time in the official trailer of Jazbaa. Releasing on 9th October.



  • @Thullu, yes, he has found his lover the way makkhi kumar’s son, Aarav, has found out his lover in his bodyguard (now fired by makkhi).

  • Aish got kicked by bhai n she ended up at flop bachchans feet n yet some not so wise thullu waving lungi wearing babuji thinks thats something to boast about….!

  • Aish ending up with flop bachchan is similar to kSHITij’s lifestory coz 1 dark day he was Baba Gurmeets heir apparent but constant acts of treachery resulted in him having to leave Bhojpor n head off to Jaaduland to now become aNIPUNmas live in partner in crime /unholy matrimony…!

  • Bhais career took a turn for better when he kicked aish out of his life n Susanne too has experienced the same after kicking her shivering husband out of her house…!

  • Court cases are daily occurences for kSHITij as he has to attend one case of indecent exposure infront of kids one after the other…!

    If only aNIPUNma paid more attention in strapping on the old mans lungi tighter then his ‘marilyn monroe’ type public indecent exposures wouldnt be such a big problem…!

  • My God.. Aishwarya is one of mine favorite actresses still will say i never ever expected such type of trailer.. was expecting something good but it is totally opposite of that . hope the film is better .

  • Too many negative and cheap comments here.
    Story looks promising. Acting way over the top. Lets hope for the best..

  • Hotness overloaded of the world’s most beautiful woman ash… welcome back ash and this movie will definitely be a blockbuster… irfan and ash rox…

  • too much overacting by aishwariya.. looks fake.. pathetic acting.. movie looks to be shot in some alien land.. will be a guarenteed flop.. aishwariya rai u just cant act n neither do u look beautiful now!

  • why is aishwariya rai overacting so much. didnt like the trailer much. irfan will save some face for this movie thats about it. movie will be flop. go and learn some acting mrs. aishwariya rai bachchan.

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