Jazbaa Trailer

Watch Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Irrfan Khan in a race against time in the official trailer of Jazbaa. Releasing on 9th October.



  • irfaan khan back to back in action in October….
    2 oct talwar
    9 oct jazbaa

    both movies are looking good content wise…

  • But the film is about a court case,so Sallu fans won’t watch it as it gives them terrible memories

  • Trailer looks promising story line.
    Irfan Khan is superb as usual.

    But Aish looking overacting.

    Rani did power packed role in Mardani but she kept all things simple but still rocked in roll.

    But Aish might be tried something huge but failed.

    Though Sanjay Gupta is very good in these kind of plots.
    Lets see what happens on 9th October.

  • Kya baad hai, rani mardani, anushka nh10 and now aish jazba. Think dis kind of women oriented avenging film wont long last.

  • Hats of to shri dewi…shes the only 1’who has done great comeback..all bcz of her skill to choose a awesome script and great acting…all others try too haard to comeback and act over…

  • Bhai got so much kicked in his life by ladies that he decided to make KICK!

    And then one day,he finally got his true love– Shera…

  • After watching mardani,Rani would be the better choice than beautiful but melodarmatic Ash. According to me….

  • Superb Trailer
    Eagerly waiting for this movie.

    I love to see again the most beautiful woman in the world.

    ash is back with a bang this wil b epic great dialogues n performance

  • Anything for Irfan!!! Classy with intimidating personality irrespective of who he is performing with on d screen! He rocks!!!!! Ash is looking much more bold and eloquent unlike ravaan and action replay where she was looking so dull and artificial respectively.

  • @babaji ka thullu but still Salman’s pubic hair have more stardom than Gobar Kumar. Looks like u r in severe shock after Akkis 3 back to back flops this year.

  • brothers collects 90 lakhs ond second
    monday hahaha a movie which supposed to do more than 200cr,will fail to do even 100cr. srk truly said kismat badi kutti cheej hai.kabhi bhi palat sakti hai

  • Its the remake of seven days.
    I have seen the original movie.it was Korean I suppose.
    Shabana aazmi is the one who has kidnapped her daughter.
    Because she wants to kill the rapist and murderer of her daughter herself .

  • Aish is still beautiful but her career is long over!! She is a loser with a loser hubby!!
    Panauti @Thullu, the best thing that Sussane has done is that she has kicked out her shivering hubby even after having two kids because he is madly in love only with jaadoo.
    the best thing that Hindi audiences doing is that they are rejecting makkhi kumar films…

  • Intriguing trailer..Irrfan just nails every role.Wish to see more of him.Aish overacts at times but still looking convincing

  • @ anand u better worry about ur Bhai still he has not married he cant satisfied ladies Aish satisfied with Abhi she has daughter . About Hrithik he is also married two children . Akki sir one film has flopped not like sallu Marigold .

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