Salman Khan cuts ‘Hero’ by 30 minutes

Salman Khan, the producer of the remake of superhit film ‘Hero’, has trimmed the movie by 30 minutes, director Nikhil Advani said.

In an interview, Nikhil, asked about Salman’s influence, said: “Before the making, I called him and said to him tell me what you want.”

“I told him (Salman) if you don’t sit on the edit, I cannot finish this film. You need to sit on the edit, to tell me what is right and what is wrong, what is working, what is not working’,” Advani said.

“He (Salman) sat, he cut out 30 minutes of the film,. The film is now 2.04 hours. Someone recently asked me what is ‘Hero’ in one word and I said ‘Salman Khan’,” he added.

It was recently reported that Salman had not interfered in the creative process. So did this editing satisfy or dent Nikhil’s confidence as a director?

“It totally satisfies me as a director. What it allowed me to do is while ‘Hero’ was being made, I also made ‘Katti Batti’. ‘Hero’ is a producer’s film, ‘Katti Batti’ is a director’s film,” said Nikhil.

The bond between Nikhil and Salman was formed when they had worked in ‘Salaam-E-Ishq’. And Nikhil considers their friendship to be good enough to seek genuine feedback from him.

‘Hero’ starring Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty is releasing on 11 September.



  • Not that excited for hero. Same age old concept.

    Excited for salman ‘s Prdp, sultan, and srk’s dilwale,fan , and Azhar biopic.

  • hero is a producer’s film and katti batti a directors film… this statement of nikhil is enough to reveal his feelings… salman is going all out for this film and he even challenged welcome back to back out.. look who backed out and even cut their movie.. plain insecurity…

  • Bhai is finally getting the jitters.
    Trimming the film by 30 minutes is clear indication of this. But will this increase the ENTERTAINMENT value of the film.
    Only 11th September will prove it.

  • hero music is the best of the year

    i predict 65crs for hero and at best 91 beats gobar and brathers

  • not excited for both movies…katti batti and hero…..promos are not looking good…
    specially katti batti…or can say “ek main or ek tu-2”
    i like only 2 movies…directed by nikhil advani….one was kal ho na ho…and other is d-day….

  • @indicine i asked this question last Sunday at qa session but you didn’t answer. Can you please answer now who are the top 3 highest paid directors in Bollywood?

  • Kash Salman khan ‘brothers ‘ ßhi 30 minutes ki Cut Kr deta ..! Lol
    He iz taking Sooraj’s career 2 seriously .
    That’s GooD …!

  • Incompetent director so salman interfere otherwise nikhil could have ruin the career of sooraj and aathiya lets hope all the best

  • Even the director Nikhil Advani knows that the content of Hero will not be great & just mediocre or bad…
    Katti Batti will be a lot better than Hero & will collect greater than Hero…


  • Expression Athiya Shetty constantly dissatisfied or contempt – it repels. For me, Sooraj Pancholi will always be a killer. And it is not discussed.
    Did Salman really thought he could be the subject of dream girls ????? The man, who can not leave a woman – a rag!
    Salman made a big mistake by putting on the pair!

  • he is a good director.
    kal ho na ho and d day are damnn good films.
    hope hero and katti batti outscore and become a success In Sha Allah.

  • I think Salman shoud sit for some more time with the team and cot another 1.45 mnts. that will be great. and Keep 2 songs

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