Jai Ho Music Review

Salman Khan, arguably the biggest superstar in the industry today with 5 back-to-back blockbusters (and 100 crore grossers), returns with Jai Ho directed by his brother Sohail Khan. While the music of the film released a couple of days ago, we have the exclusive music review of Jai Ho on Salman’s 48th birthday.

The film is going to be more than a special music album for the below mentioned reasons:

  • Salman Khan returns to the silver screen after more than a year after his last film Dabangg 2, which released in theatres on December, 20 2012. The year that has gone by has been the only year when Salman did not have a release ever since he made his debut in 1988.
  • Music directors Sajid-Wajid contributions to Salman’s chartbusters has been huge. They have composed music for hugely popular albums of films like ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’, ‘Partner’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Dabangg 2’ to name a few.
  • ‘Jai Ho’ is different from regular Salman’s entertainers as it is based on a social theme with political corruption as the backdrop.

It’s needless to mention that the expectations from this album are humungous. Without much ado, here is the music review of the first biggie of 2014:

Jai Ho Music Review

Jai Ho Music Review

Baaki Sab First Class: The album kicks off with this highly energetic song sung by Wajid himself. Special mention for the meaningful satirical lyrics written by Sajid, Irfan Kamal and Danish Sabri; which depict the current corrupt and sad state of the country. The song goes with the theme of the movie. Musically, this Sajid-Wajid attempt is not too catchy but the song’s video makes it worth a watch. (3/5)

Tere Naina Maar Hi Daalenge: Easily the best song of the album, ‘Tere Naina’ has been magically sung by Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal with able support from Shabab Sabri. Sajid-Wajid fascination for the ‘Eyes’ continues after ‘Surili Akhiyo Wale’, ‘Tere Mast Mast Do Nain’ and ‘Dagabaaz Re’. Sameer’s lyrics are simple and add more charm to this classical love melody which boasts of an addictive tune. Chartbuster! (4/5)

Photocopy: A full on dance number which can rock the DJ charts in the days to come. Being Salman’s prodigy, it’s hard to believe that Himesh is singing for Salman for the first time. Kausar Munir has written quirky and funny Gujarati lyrics for this raunchy number which has the potential to create frenzy amongst Salman’s fans. Sajid-Wajid are in top form as they have managed to extract the best out of Himesh, Keerthi and Palak. (3.5/5)

Tumko To Aana Hi Tha: Now this is an unusual track for a Salman Khan album. Khan Brothers have always favoured Anu Malik’s brother Daboo Malik earlier in movies like ‘Tumko Na Bhool Payenge’, ‘Maine Dil Tujhko Diya’, ‘Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam’ etc. And now they have given this golden opportunity to his son Amal Malik who has composed a fresh and sweet love song in the vocals of his brother Armaan and Marianne D’Cruz. (3/5)

Last but in no way the least, we have the title song of the movie composed again by Amal Malik and written by Shhabir Ahmed. It’s a well intentioned track which is high on music. Lyrics are mix of Hindi and Sanskrit lines.Young blood Amal and Armaan have fused some freshness to the song. ‘Naacho Re’ is a dance music composed by Devi Sri Prasad. It’s a music mixture of various instruments and sounds like the introductory sequence of leading female actor Daisy Shah in the movie.

To complete the album we have the remixes of ‘Baaki Sab First Class Hai’, ‘Photocopy’ and ‘Tumko To Aana Hi Tha’. The first two are just the fast paced versions of the original tracks. But ‘Love You Till The End’ is a good remix to hear with English lyrics and fast beats.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

All the 4 main songs of the album are totally different from each other. While ‘Tere Naina’ is a classic romantic melody, Photocopy is a typical masala dance number. ‘Tumko To’ is a soothing fresh love song whereas ‘Baaki Sab First Class’ is a pot-shot at the current social and political conditions. The songs in Jai Ho have the potential to grow, as the film is expected to take a huge start and continue Salman’s ‘blockbuster’ run. Jai Ho!

Music review by Abhishek Sharma (tweets @abhu_sharma)



  • FLOP WRITTEN ALL OVER IT…………..NEXT YEAR 2014 STARTS WITH A BIG DISASTER KNOWN AS JAI HO!!!!!!!…….after the disaster of Jai Ho,i think this will mark the end of the copy paste formula from south India in bollywood……

  • YEAH !! .6th blockbuster in a row on it’s way …#JaiHo …..Dhansu songs ..
    Tere Naina song is a Sure Shot Chartbuster Song
    All the Songs r very Good (5/5) stars !!

  • 3 stars for music and Salman’s dancing will add another star means overall 4 stars for “Jai Ho” songs.”Jai ho” songs will create “Dhoom” and will top the charts.

  • Biased review. How come tere naina deserve 4 points! ?
    Best song of jai ho is tumko toh ana hi tha and its line “love you till the end” is very nice.
    In my review,
    tumko toh ana hi tha:4/5
    tere naina:3/5
    all others:1.5 to 2/5
    so overall,2.5/5
    no offence to salman.but it’s the truth.
    Sajid wajid lacks versatility.
    Wish salman a very happy birth day:)

  • Amit trivedi,salim-suleiman,mithoon are better than sajid wajid.but they don’t get big offers.best composers of today by popularity and talent are
    1.AR Rehman
    4.shankar-ehsaan-loy(talented,but nt popular like above 3)
    5.amit trivedi
    6.salim suleiman
    8.sajid wajid
    10.sachin jigar

  • @SAKHI your comments r copy paste.Everytime u use words like Flop,Disaster etc on Salman’s and Aamir’s article who r use to in giving Blockbuster and ATBB.Go and search your Lungi which has diappeared somewhere after Dhoom storm and find it before the release of Jai Ho and hold it tight after the release of Jai Ho.lol

  • @nipun: Yup Best song of jai ho is tumko toh ana hi tha and its line “love you till the end” is really very nice…
    and @ present I guess Mithun should sit above SEL in ur list of talented M Composers

    @Nilesh .. No, sirf naam hi kaafi hai

  • @ Sakhi: How many films and times you will repeat the same thing. You earlier called Krish & Dhoom Flop and now Jai Ho.

    I can understand, for u Lungi Dance is classic.

  • you can use tactics, lie and manipulation to win.

    case study: chennai express

    tactics — to talk with the producer to change the date of their release

    lie — to promise them so many number of screens after a week

    manipulation — just add a few lakhs to break the single day record of other movies

    the result from use of above tools is mega success — chennai express becomes highest grosser of all time.

    but, wait, God, also said that all such acts has very low shelf life

    in 2 months — K3 breaks CE records.

    and in 3 months — D3 comes and stomps over all living records ever set.

    that’s God’s way of telling, enna rascala, mind it.

  • Except baki sab first class hai, i haven’t listen other song but i loved the above mention song, but for a movie of one of my fav actor, who cares about music. And Very happy birthday to dearest Salman Khan, the biggest entertainer of bollywood, best of luck for future projects

  • Well, you’re being generous towards “Tere Naina”. Easily, the least impressive Salman starrer album in a long time, since “Veer” 2009 I guess.
    Either way, its a Salman Khan film, and his presence is bigger than any promotional strategy including music etc. No matter who the heroine is, how popular the music is, its sure to open huge at the box office.
    Wishing him a very happy birthday!

  • I love bhi. All songs are very good. I will see the first show in Denver Colorado USA. Although I never go to theater but started to go just for bhai.

  • jai ho title song rocks! it will become an national anthem.. it is even better than a.r. rehman’s jai ho, its that good

  • Happy Birthday bhai jaan… Hope you had a rocking time with our iconic Dhoom Khan and rest of friends too. ;-)

    @sakhi rawant ‘copy and pasting’ Rakhi Sawants rants and gibberish tongue is getting you nowhere so stop this nonsense on every article- come out with something original or are you just like your thakur who stole Thalaivas Lungi to make his crappy film a super duper hit in Chennai…?

    Copy & Paste is a specialist field of Thakur and his lungiwala fan ‘sakhi rawant’…! :-P

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