Disappointment, defeat, despair helps find the right path: SRK

Shahrukh KhanBollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan believes that emotions like disappointment, defeat and despair are tools that god uses to show us the way.

The superstar, who is currently busy with his upcoming film ‘Happy New Year’, shared his philosophy on his official Twitter page.

“Disappointment, defeat and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way. Within this you will find your path.. start today with this belief,” SRK posted.




  • Srk is not only the most popular bollywood star in overseas,but in a site called “indicine” also.
    Anyway,whatever srk said is true .everyone should learn from the dark period and correct their life instead of getting depressed.

  • May HNY be a big blockbuster.
    SRK is suffering from disappointment, defeat, despair after Dhoom 3 success.

  • 2 hrithik roshans r required 2 make
    their movie cross 200 crore …n 2
    aamir khan also….but only 1 srk is
    enough 2 make his movie cross 200
    crore mark….dats d power of srk…

  • All these are symptoms of Dhoom 3 unbelievable box office success in India
    and especially overseas, where SRK was thought to be #1

  • I am eagerly waiting SRK’s upcoming films. The only important thing is they must be good. Records are secondary and will automatically come if the films are good.

  • Srk has found his path and he is now working with Legend director Farah khan whose last movie “Tees maar khan” was critically aclaimed worldwide.Hope he gets Oscar or Grammy awards for “HNY”.lol

  • biggest brand in btown is karan arjun and not dhoom.bet anyone.
    dir rohit-karan
    music sajid duo-vishal duo-yo yo
    release eid to hny 20XX

    INDIA 1000Cr
    OVERSEA 500Cr

  • Srk posted it in twitter , indicine posted it !! Now haters r criticizing it

    –Hater make him famous —
    no matter wat d3 collection will be I’m sure he will do his best to break it !! Becoz records r meant to be broken

  • After few days Indicine will count how many words or sentences srk said in a day n will publish. Such loyal n hardcore Indicine is.

  • @haters
    success of Dhoom3 is not his defeat ,its the success of Amir….Srk was the winner at the time of CE,HR at the time of K3 and now Amir for Dhoom 3…….competition is always contested on level fields……………..release time,hype,screens,prices,star value everything matters,if 2 stars with same star value and same number of screens release their movie on same day then someone will win and…other will lose….but in these cases no one loses everyone wins……..

  • who is depressed about dhoom3!which is one of biggest franchise of YRF this is what tingu(amir)’s power!all tingu fans 1st give same to same free run days and same no.s of screens then compare two film’s collection.I am so exciting when dhoom4 or DON3 makes this same situation for you because at that time there is no YRF will be there for your stars.I think SRK have tweeted this for his rival tingu who will have no star power after dhoom3.at that time this philosophy must be help aamir a lot.wait just aamir fans who always depend upon salman and his fans you will all cry next year whwn Happy New Year broke dhoom3’s record with in 10 days both domestic and overseas.no one can save you.start counting days from now.

  • and if those tools don’t work, you can use tactics, lie and manipulation to win.

    case study: chennai express

    tactics – to talk with the producer to change the date of their release

    lie – to promise them so many number of screens after a week

    manipulation – just add a few lakhs to break the single day record of other movies

    the result from use of above tools is mega success – chennai express becomes highest grosser of all time.

    but, wait, God, also said that all such acts has very low shelf life

    in 2 months – K3 breaks CE records.

    and in 3 months – D3 comes and stomps over all living records ever set.

    that’s God’s way of telling, enna rascala, mind it.

  • Like Chennai Express, Happy New Year First look on Jan 1st,,Don 2’s 2nd anniversary,, his post on twitter. blah blah blah
    what is this indicine?

  • He is Forbes tops, always improving box office figures with each movie, crowned living legend, in the league of AB and DK no doubt, but he has many challengers. They are together to bring him down and make sure he has never more than 9-10 days for a film. But he helps others: Krrish 3 would not be a hit if he did not subsidize the VFX. Dhoom 3 is from his own friend’s production. His quote on disappointment does not mean he is disappointed. If not, I can give a quote on operating systems, and you will think I am Bill Gates!

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