Jai Ho 2nd Friday Box Office Collections

Jai Ho continued its downward trend on Friday, with net box office collections of Rs 3.25 crore. The film was running on around 50-55% fewer shows at multiplexes this week, even though the only film competing against Jai Ho this week was Abhay Deol’s One By Two. Dedh Ishqiya is hanging in there too, as the shows for the film have been increased this week.

Jai Ho has crossed the 90 crore mark and should get into the 100 crore club this weekend. But the film still has a lot of ground to cover before it can even come close to being a success at the box office.

Looking at the trends today, the Salman Khan starrer is likely to collect around 4.5 crore and should add 6 crore on Sunday.

  • Friday – 17.38 crore
  • Saturday – 16.45 crore (5% drop)
  • Sunday – 26.1 crore (58% growth)
  • Monday – 9.46 crore (64% drop)
  • Tuesday – 7.52 crore (20% drop)
  • Wednesday – 5.73 crore (23% drop)
  • Thursday – 4.95 (14% drop)
  • 2nd Friday – 3.25 crore (approx) (35% drop)
  • 8 day total – 90.84 crore




  • This was a fantastic movie – it had so much depth. It was thought provoking and made me rethink my life. Salman gave roles to so many stars that we had not seen on the screen in a long time. I promise to help those in need if i can……The film not doing well is a poor reflection on those who did not see the movie………….watch the movie……it will change your life……….

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