Jai Ho 2nd Friday Box Office Collections

Jai Ho continued its downward trend on Friday, with net box office collections of Rs 3.25 crore. The film was running on around 50-55% fewer shows at multiplexes this week, even though the only film competing against Jai Ho this week was Abhay Deol’s One By Two. Dedh Ishqiya is hanging in there too, as the shows for the film have been increased this week.

Jai Ho has crossed the 90 crore mark and should get into the 100 crore club this weekend. But the film still has a lot of ground to cover before it can even come close to being a success at the box office.

Looking at the trends today, the Salman Khan starrer is likely to collect around 4.5 crore and should add 6 crore on Sunday.

  • Friday – 17.38 crore
  • Saturday – 16.45 crore (5% drop)
  • Sunday – 26.1 crore (58% growth)
  • Monday – 9.46 crore (64% drop)
  • Tuesday – 7.52 crore (20% drop)
  • Wednesday – 5.73 crore (23% drop)
  • Thursday – 4.95 (14% drop)
  • 2nd Friday – 3.25 crore (approx) (35% drop)
  • 8 day total – 90.84 crore




  • so distributors who trusted Salman Khan will face a huge loss.

    they can’t even recover the cost.

    Jai Ho is FLOP is not a problem, but looks like Distributors invest on Jai Ho will be of no use. sad for them.

    And Salman Khan should stop doing this message sending films, or trying to do different films,
    bcos fans dont like it and it will be Flop. he should just do good action, good romance, good music film to make hits. and distributors wont face loss.

  • 3 cr??? On Friday?? Just can’t believe this. Seriously this is the heights of downfall of Salman. I think lifetime collections will be under 100 cr. Sohail and Salman should thank others as no big movies released along with Jai ho. Else it would not have been crossed 50 cr also.

  • Film ko izzat Jai Ho jaisi kamani chaiye, 200cr+ collections toh Chennai Express aur Dhoom3 jaisi bakwas movies bhi kar jaati hain..
    Go watch JAI HO with your family/friends this weekend..
    Some indian news channels are reporting that JH flopped at the boxoffice but thats not true.. They show anything for trps.. JAI HO Week 1 nett. collection – 89 cr, with almost 60-70% reduced ticket rates (because Salman Khan wanted every single common man to watch this movie)..
    Is it a flop? Naa..
    Box-Office verdict – “HIT” and Aam Janta (Word Of Mouth / Response) – “BLOCKBUSTER”..

  • @indicine
    If jai ho collects 120crs;
    Can you explain why Ra.One(120crs) was hit and why Jai ho will be semi-hit or above average ,despite Ra.One being an expensive film..?

  • Everyone compares King Khan with each and every Actor but SRK is still on top position continuously from last 22 years!
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  • dis is effect of period….every1 has enjoyed in nov n dec. every1 has done wid fun. now all r busy wid studies …no movie has done 150 cr in dis period. mark my words..even good movie like my name is khan had done aroud 80cr…n agnipat 125 cr

  • yesterday i was at pvr mulund 2 c timpass marathi movie. i shocked not just pvr but entire nirmal lifestyle mall was empty.

  • Some salmanfans said that indian audience are unpredictable that they are missing a movie like jai ho.
    But they never said that indian are unpredictable because they are watching films like dabbang 2 ,ett,ready etc.

    Bussiness is always dependent on hype.
    You can see barfi became a superhit despite of being an off beat film. Why?because of the hype,the buzz around the country and the movie was good too. While similar and quality films like lootera and guzaarish flopped due to low hype.

  • CE/D3/K3 — 100 cr in three days

    Jai ho — 100 cr in 10 days(still under suspense)

    What an star power yaar. Really awesome.

  • @ Babaji Ka thullu u need to grow up n get some sense.

    What was release size of RA One & What is release size of Jai Ho?

    What was ticket price of RA One and What is ticket price of Jai Ho?

  • Best releasing periods of the year:
    1)Eid-Independence day:With films like Chennai Express,Dabangg,bodyguard,Ek tha tiger emerging as the winners…Releases this year Singham 2,Kick,Its Entertainment

    2)Christmas-NewYear:I think this is second best period of release,films of Aamir like Ghajini,3 idiots,Dhoom 3 being highest grossers of their respective years,but these were films which had good content or were highly anticipated ones. Dabangg 2 underperformed during this period.Also severe cold affects collections in the north.
    Releases this year:P.K

    3)Post IPL:With films like Rowdy Rathore,YJHD,Ready…this is turning into a lucrative release time for the producers
    Releases this year:Holiday/Action Jackson

    4)Diwali:Since it is a holiday period,and that too of majority of people in india,so collections do affect,but can be recovered in the following days ,films like Krrish 3,JTHJ,SOS doing well
    Releases this year:Happy New Year

    5)Republic Day:It is just a one day national holiday,and unfortunately for Salman and Jai Ho,it coincided with Sunday this year.Films like Agneepath and Race 2 put huge numbers on this day.

  • wow…thats great news…… salman khan back in his form….from last 4-5 movies..he was completely out of form ….delievering blockbusters….. good to see him back….jai ho!!!!!

  • @babaji ka thullu…

    according to me the best period to release your movie is the deepavali period if it gets to be a solo release….there are many holidays following deepawali….its the best date….

  • @syed:atleast jai ho is better than ce. I am not a hater of any actor.but the way you srkfans are barking is totally ridiculous. Okay,jai ho became a hit/semihit.so what? ?before ce,all films of srk were hits.they also couldn’t become bb.coming to quality,was ce a quality film? ?was raone a quality film? ?jai ho is atleast better than those two.

  • @Syed,Shahenshah
    Why you are putting in politics here?
    That was an auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti,and the kite festival is hugely celebrated in Gujarat,so he went to promote Jai Ho there?What was wrong in it??
    and don’t introduce riots case here,everyone knows who started it?
    If you don’t know go and watch Kai Po che

  • Nipun, don’t bark on srk fans now for shouting on Salman. Go to the previous articles about srk or his films be it ce, jthj, ra one, don2 or whatever. Ull see Salman fans barking on every page.

  • @Tejan Shrivastava- Jai Ho ticket prices are not reduced they are normal..ticket prices are increased only during the festive season….and if Salman wants ”AAM AADMI” to watch his movies then he should have reduced the ticket prices during the release of ETT(which were 300-400 rs in some regions) & Dabangg 2…..

  • SRK fans make me hate SRK,now Jai Ho is fairing not so well as expected,so they are all out again in numbers with their lungis,which was blown away by BMW’s speed and Frogman’s tongue…lol

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