Jai Ho 2nd Friday Box Office Collections

Jai Ho continued its downward trend on Friday, with net box office collections of Rs 3.25 crore. The film was running on around 50-55% fewer shows at multiplexes this week, even though the only film competing against Jai Ho this week was Abhay Deol’s One By Two. Dedh Ishqiya is hanging in there too, as the shows for the film have been increased this week.

Jai Ho has crossed the 90 crore mark and should get into the 100 crore club this weekend. But the film still has a lot of ground to cover before it can even come close to being a success at the box office.

Looking at the trends today, the Salman Khan starrer is likely to collect around 4.5 crore and should add 6 crore on Sunday.

  • Friday – 17.38 crore
  • Saturday – 16.45 crore (5% drop)
  • Sunday – 26.1 crore (58% growth)
  • Monday – 9.46 crore (64% drop)
  • Tuesday – 7.52 crore (20% drop)
  • Wednesday – 5.73 crore (23% drop)
  • Thursday – 4.95 (14% drop)
  • 2nd Friday – 3.25 crore (approx) (35% drop)
  • 8 day total – 90.84 crore




  • To everyone here;
    I am not a hater of any religion and respect all religions and practices in India with full dignity..
    If i have hurt someone’s sentiments with my above comment,i apologise you…

    But I feel there are some people who just want to divide India and its progress,I feel India’s greatest strength is its respect to secularism…
    Jai Ho

  • @babajii, you have no opinion of your own. How about I try to make you hate your mother? Sounds logical?

    This proves content is king. Previous Salman starrer’s were high in entertainment and had some factors in favor which is why they fared well. If Salman now releases a movie like ETT, it will go well past 250cr.

    Same with SRK, his movies before CE had much less entertainment, but with CE he proved his stardom to be intact.

  • @Babaji Ka thullu-SALLU fans make me hate SALLU, now Jai Ho is fairing not so well as expected, so u all should take a towel and move it in a to and fro motion between ur legs like ur Superstar does..and scratch ur itch off…got it TOLIYA WALAS….’lol’..

  • @Hamza Khan
    ETT was high on entertainment?????Are you serious?
    It was really boring,1st half was very very boring,2nd half was slightly better due to action scenes and stunts,
    and by no way ETT would have gone onto make 250crs+ had it released today,it got perfect release date…and gone onto 198crs which was more than which it deserved.
    Jai Ho is much more entertaining than ETT.
    and so was Dabangg 2 more entertaining than ETT.

  • @ginger I am not a salman fan by the way,and i have always supported all the actors be it SRK or Aamir or Akki…Jai ho was never expected to break all those records set by biggies..Before CE,SRK’s highest grosser is also in 120crs..

  • if SRK fans are being termed as Lungiwaalas by some highly intellectual people out here then Sakku Bai fans should be termed as Towelwaalas remember the song “ek baar jo jaye jawaani phir na aaye” its something like “records ke hai 4 din baaki hai bekar din jaaye jaaye ek baar jo records jaaye toh woh phir na aaye” lol….

  • It’s good news for directors and actresses. Atleast now onwards they will get some credit for their work and effort. Some are comparing 2014 movie Jai ho with 2011 movie Ra one lol. Jai ho is benefitted with National holiday on Sunday else it won’t even cross 80 crs for sure. Jai ho is carrying very bad wom. Chak de india had no good poster, no heroines, buzz was much much lesser than Jai ho. But wom carried film close to 70 crs that also in 2007. if the film is appreciated by general public then film will grow that means jai ho isn’t appreciated at all. Personally I feel Wanted is Salman’s best movie and Dabangg, ready, bodyguard, ett is better than Jai ho. But jai ho is much better than Dabangg 2 for sure

  • @Dev If we r calling Srk fans Lungiwalas after CE then it is our respect to them otherwise Srk has also acted in maya memsaab.Thank us that we r saying Lungiwalas instead of bare#sswalas.lol

  • Ok Ok way too many lungiwalas here bragging about Jai Hos underperformance and what not…. I will deal with you in a moment.

    Im exhausted after yesterdays English Premier League Transfer Deadline Day n had a late late night at work. This may sound strange but when did ‘nipin alcoholic’ and ‘buddha ki lungi’ get transferred into the Salman bhai fan camp…? I must have missed that transfer last night…!
    Thanks but I for one do not need/ want you defending Jai Ho against the savages hailing from Paglapur in full combat attire ie in this case lungis strapped in tight…! Let them talk thrash non stop until Diwali comes n then they will realise too late that Shirish Kunder made Thakur look like the Village Joker Boy in CASH remake- egg on his face n tomatoes hurled towards the lungis of all Paglapurians…! Jai Ho

    Let them bark- truth is Jai Ho is not just a southern remake but its a remake of many Bollywood movies so its a northern remake- south remake -official northern remake whatever etc etc… many producers have foolishly bought this movie multiple times. I watched Fateh on tele yesterday afternoon n found that more exciting…. Soldiers coming to the rescue of a small town overrun by goons. But difference was Sanjay Dutts lady love Ms Ekta looked sexy n way better than Daisy and Paresh Rawals bad guy act was awesome…! I wont defend the indefensible- Salman bhai please let Sohail go out on his own n fail by his own without dragging you down with him…! Learn from Aamir who left his inept brother to his own device once it became clear he couldnt hack it. Arbaaz is the future- prequel to Dabangg would be fun viewing but Sohail is a childish immature naive spoilt brat. Thank you

  • Salman fans talking about “quality” movies !!
    Rickshawala’s have gone mad after their bhaijaan’s Epic flop Jai Ho !!

  • @dev das reject- rather dance with a towel than a lungi my friend…

    The towel can easily be waved around the air during a dance number and it is not injurious to other party revellers but a lungi- not only is it dangerous to other ppl on the dancefloor but it is also self hazardous ie a foolish lungiwala fan like a ‘being lungiwala fan’ with no more than 6 months of experience of dressing in lungi attire can accidentally wrap it around to tight and cuckold himself much ti thr amusement if his/ her better half…! But then again if you like doing that to yourself then each to their own devices… Jai Ho

  • When human beings find continuous success, they, naturally, tend to take things lightly. As a human being, Salman Khan is also prone to that weakness. Though, with no doubt, Jai Ho is a great film, it didn’t do business as much as it had been expected from it. There are many reasons for it. It has alerted Salman Khan to take the audiences’ taste seriously, to do something and not to do something. He will surely be precautionary from these days onwards. The fortunate thing is he has got the chance to improve his work without facing a great failure.

    In Salman Khan last few films except for ETT, though story may be different but screenplays, music and actions have become repetitive and predictable. Frankly, I prefer and thoroughly enjoyed the kind of action he did in ETT. Besides, the action he did in Tum Ko Na Bhool Payengi was simply superb without the help of international action directors. He should stick to realistic action like the actions in those films rather doing south types. I think even single screen audiences are ready to accept the Sleek-looking-action like in ETT, Don 2, Dhoom 3, or Krrishh.

    His next film is KICK on Eid! It is being directed by Sajid Nadiawala. Since it is first film as a director, he is making the movie on lavish scale with huge budget, with international stunt directors, high production values. Besides Salman Khan, it has some great castings like Nawazuddin, Randeep Hooda, Jaquelin, Mithun. And the screenplay of the original KICK was re-written and improvised by Chetan Bhagat only keeping the theme of the original movie (i.e. which also happens to be in Dhoom 3 formate Cop Vs Theif or Robber. But the good thing here is the lead actor steals from the rich to serve a noble cause and for orphans). Ravi Teja’s Kick was also thoroughly entertaining so much so that I have already watched it five times. I am sure it will click with the audience big time. Hence, expect the unexpected surprise from KICK.

    Next, Salman has a line-up of movies with Sooraj Barjatya, Anees Bazmee, Kabir Khan, Shimit Amin and Prabhu Deva as well. Besides, KJo is also desperate to do a movie with him in a project to be directed by Rohit Shetty. Salman should take that up as well. Hence, Salman will keep ruling!!

    And don’t forget to go and watch Jai Ho with family this weekend. It’s a great movie though not the perfect one.

    All the best, Salman Khan!

  • @Sachin11 okay !! rickshawala we know you’re frustated after Jai Ho’s epic failure .. its Ok ! keep calm & wait for Kick to flop .. towel sambhal liyo apna :/ :/

  • @Indicine Team, If you are reading this comment, please do as “IAmTheVastUniverse” say. The first commentator is promoting PIRACY which is a crime. Please delete it, otherwise people will perceive you as promoting crimes..

    • Sincere apologies for approving that comment. Posting pirated links or encouraging readers to watch pirated copies is strictly prohibited here on Indicine.

      IAmTheVastUniverse and Anand, thanks :)

  • Chill guy’$stop fighting:
    Hrithik and Sonam’s OPPO ad is a Blockbuster garnering over 1,35,000 views in the few hrs its been on YouTube !!

  • @Baba Ji Ka Thullu, @Nipun, Now, you guys saw the true colors of Paglapurians? Duggu clearly said that they are the ones behind K3 BO controversy. Though Salman is the best for us, we recognize others if they find the deserved success. We are not insecure.
    See how many BB that the Thakur of Paglapur had given before Bikaari Express. MNIK- ATBB, Ra.One-ATBB, Don 2- ATBB, JTJH- ATBB etc. He is the biggest star on the earth, who has 3.5 billion followers (half of total world’s population). Now you happy?

  • Is #JaiHo A Flop? Its Weekend Collection was more than the collections of any other Amir or SRK film but for CE & Dhoom 3.

    Jai Ho- 1) [Bad Timing of Release after X’Mas and New Year] An out and out non-festive and non-holiday release, 2) Released in more Screens, 3) Ticket Price 30%-40% lower than CE and Dhoom 3, 4) Some Section of People are Boycotting it. 5) Low-ranking casts but for Salman and film-makers

    CE and Dhoom3- 1) [Good Timing of Releses] Festive Releases, 2) Released in lesser screens, 3) Ticket Price: 40% Higher, 4) No one boycotted them, 5) High-Ranking Casts and Film-Makers.
    Out of the above five-facts, only no. 2 is in favor of Jai Ho, while other four are against. And no.1, no.3, no.4. no.5 are in favor of CE and Dhoom 3, while only no.2 is against them.

    These are not excuses but facts.

    In short, JaiHoSpreadingHumanity

    I want to end with a few amazing words that Taran Adarsh Retweeted:

    “Haazaro Aib Dhundhte Hain Hum Dusro Mein Is Tarah, Aapne Kirdaar Mein Hum Log Farishte Ho Jaise”

    And Life is about ups and downs! All the best, Salman Khan, the enigma the people love! All the best!

  • @zeeshan sayed + @zeeshan srk + @syed…

    It seems you have more IDs than most ppl have lungis….! :-P

    Only paglapurians can come up with such silly usernames… I rather be a chaiwala than a lungiwala coz it seems if you change your lungi then you must inherently/ genetically/ robitically programmed to change your ID also…!
    No wonder Youtube say they must be over 3 billion lungiwalas living in Paglapr based on the number of usernames registered there… Paglapur is Youtube Capital of the Overseas…! :-P

  • im sick of reading fan responses,, someone trying to find the reason for debacle while somone trying to post why xyz is still sellable despite flops… one must realize that films must be original ..should be sensible ..stick to the theme ..should not be language remake or dubbed ..be of sufficient time…minimum of songs s and dance..subtle if they cant make such films then don’t make films..and if they want to know what they’ve made will work then call me for a dekko and I will tell them precisely what is wrong with the film…
    till then stop making films…

  • @Toliyawalas- This is what Sakku Bai said on Jai Ho Box Office Collection being Low

    God forbid, the film doesn’t pick up from Monday, I’ll take the blame on me. The collections are a little lower than some of my previous films. If the collections are not good, it’s my fault that I failed to bring my fans to theaters. The mouth publicity is good, but, I don’t know… maybe because its not a festive week or “my fans don’t have the money to go to the theater”

    even ur Sakku Bai knows that his true fans are RickshawWalas..
    .now go and scratch your itch by rubbing the Towel in to and fro motion between you legs….

  • @Anand- ur statement that ”SRK is the biggest star on the earth, who has 3.5 billion followers (half of total world’s population)” is 100% correct..we SRKians agree with you….
    Thank You

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