Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardar: Detailed Final Comparison

Okay, the final box office comparison between the two Diwali releases Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardar, before we begin our extensive coverage of Aamir Khan’s Talaash.

The topic of debate over the last week on social networking websites and in the comments section here  – Which film won the Diwali battle? Well, there is no clear winner. Here’s why.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan was expected to beat 3 Idiots. But let’s be realistic, the film would never have crossed 200 crores, even if the word-of-mouth was as strong as Chopra’s last film Veer Zaara. But despite the clash, not-so-popular music and 3 hour runtime – JTHJ has done reasonably well at the box office. Yes, business in India hasn’t been record-breaking, but how many romantic films in recent times have managed to collect half as much as JTHJ has?

The trade was confident Son Of Sardar would do well, and it has. On paper, JTHJ had almost everything in it’s favour – massive star cast, legendary director, oscar-winning music composer and a much wider release. Yet, SOS is likely to end it’s run just 10-15% short of JTHJ’s total.

As expected, the SRK – Katrina Kaif starrer quite easily won the first extended weekend with a lead of Rs 15 crores. Since then, both films have done similar business with SOS putting up better numbers in the second weekend.

Day wise figures of Son Of Sardar and Jab Tak Hai Jaan (India only)

DaySon Of SardarJab Tak Hai Jaan
Tuesday10.72 crore15.23 crore
Wednesday16.21 crore19.54 crore
Thursday12.22 crore14.45 crore
Friday10.12 crore11.17 crore
Saturday8.5 crore10.38 crore
Sunday8.25 crore9.96 crore
1st Weekend Total65.57 crore80.73 crore
Monday5.51 crore5.36 crore
Tuesday4.82 crore4.66 crore
Wednesday3.88 crore4.12 crore
Thursday3.02 crore3.54 crore
Week 1 Total82.80 crore98.41 crore
Friday3.05 crore2.75 crore
Saturday3.80 crore3.62 crore
Sunday4.95 crore4.66 crore
2nd Weekend Total11.80 crore11.03 crore
Grand Total till 2nd Weekend94.60 crore109.44 crore
Lifetime collections103 crore121 crore


  • People are singling out Salman for making south remakes but SRK is no different either. SRK movies also have the nothing new to offer script wise. Barring two films like Chak de india and Swades, SRK never challenged himself as an actor by accepting wide variety of roles…He stagnated his growth as an actor by doing Raj or rahul type of roles, which is like a piece of cake not just for him but other actors as well.

  • Kissing scenes and bold scenes are the reason why JTHJ is receiving a lot of flak. Its disappointing to see somebody like SRK compromising his principles for making extra bucks.

  • Still we think SRK is a winner. Coz JTHJ is totaly opposite from todays taste of viewers and still manage to take a lead just coz of SRK’s star power. Now a days movies length is short Mostly running time between 2 to 2:15hrs). Today viewers want Masala Entertainer (Comdedy, Unusuall Action, Masala ect). SOS has all of them. SOS’s budget was higher then JTHJ.
    But still JTHJ beat the SOS at the end with margin of 14.84cr. In the overseas story is very change. JTHJ leads 2 to 3 time more then what SOS earns.

    Profit wise also JTHJ earns more then SOS. (Either Domestic or Internationally)
    People who r calling JTHJ a loser r making fool themselves.

    Really SRK is SRK — The Only Real Hero

    As if you know the pulse of the indian audience. Why giving this idiotic explanations? Lagaan was almost 4 hours long. Moreover, it was period film, not even a masala entertainer. Still Lagaan emerged as a winner at the box office despite its length and was released simultaneously with Gadar. JTHJ is not even a period drama, a modern film targeting college going people of india. U r making it appear as if JTHJ is an unconventional or path-breaking cinema.


  • Hahahahaha All Salman Lover Look what ur Ideal Hero Thinks about you what he calls all of you. U guys must be proud to be an IDIOTS. Rocking Rocking Rocking

    What’s this story about you taking offense when someone calls you ‘bhai?’
    All sorts of idiots call me that. Even rank strangers. Not everyone has the right to call me bhai. (Gets animated, mimics a kid) Kids call me, ‘aye Salman how you doing…Mr Khan… oye Salman Khan, I love it. But when some people call me bhai I think they are faking it. I hate it when some people call me Sallu. But when they call me that out of love, it shows. It’s the tone that matters. Only Arbaaz and Sohail should call me bhai. Besides, my parents have given me a name, it’s a superb name, Salman Khan and I prefer people calling me Salman. I think this ‘Sallu’ was started by Jackie (Shroff). Now he calls me Salley!

    A man of his own kind. Mawali. And he feel ok n proud when Jackie call him “Salley” mean Jackie linked himself with Alveria. Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  • @V ur reply to my msg is very childish and ill/senseless. U r talking about 2001. 11 long years. Till 2008 all sort of quality movies were apreciated equally. after that trend change atonce after Gajni, Wanted n Especially Dabang etc.

    Ok Honestly tell me do u think Bodyguards story was unique hatke? I have watched it for Kareen so i can talk about it. i never seen Dabang so i dont know what was the sotry etc. Honestly Bodyguard was a sub standard movie. But due to Salmans good time movie rocks. Sometime people see the phase when everything comes gold to whom they touch. So Salman is enjoying that Great phase. There is no two ways.

    But its also a truth now a days taste of audiance is totally change. Priorities r change. Truth is truth u cant deny.

  • @ Sahir, to prove your point, which no one is accepting, you have watsed 7 page. If I were in place of you, I should have kept quite, if no one is listening.

  • Haters shows the popularity of king. Ok Bodyguard was Historical classic. No one can make a movie like that. Be happy n enjoy. no time for u.

  • @ Sahir : Grow up !!!! dont be childish….

    There are other SRK fans like King, Noam who appreciate other actors but you are a BLIND fan of SRK.

    Learn to appreciate and give respect …. You will get respect only if you give it others ….

    We Salman fans have nothing personally against SRK, it is just a healthy box office competition however SRK fans like you cannot understand that.

    Remember ! if you try to talk dirty about Salman or his fans you will get better of it.

    Peace !!!!

  • As far as box office collection is concerned, Salman Khan is ruling today but still Aamir Khan is the champion. He is the only man assured hugest box office collection with quality. Ajay Devgan emerged as one of the biggest superstar today. Viewers expectation is very high on Aamir & what i like about Aamir is he doesn’t compromise with quality. Waiting on Aamir’s ‘Talaash’.

  • Shame on u loosers still barking abt Srk and jthj huh. . . Sos had proved it. . . Tel ur star to do parenthal roles . . It better suits him. .

  • Friend don’t start fans giri .
    enjoy good movies, wasting money on your star’s low class movies will make them a low class .
    1 thing stars have got that their fans r crazy 4 them then why should they to do hard work.
    about jthj not fault of SRK ,but movie is low class(Big legends) .if bollywood go like this then 1day will come the the high class religinal movies over take bollywood .

  • Sir Please tell me JTHJ official status “HIT” OR “AVERAGE”. And SOS official status “HIT” OR “SUPERHIT”. Please reply

  • SRK managed 110 crores despite Mumbai Bandh lost huge business on Bumper Sunday. 8 crores loss.

    Ajay still couldn’t beat SRK. This truly shows SRK’s star power. JTHJ was just ave movie. boring too. still managed 110 crores.

    Ajay sanju sallu cameo masala foot tapping comedy musical still failed to beat JTHJ.

    SRK the winner. Ajay the sallu’s nutts licker.

  • @ Bikash sarmah

    but JTHJ has 3+ running time. so more screens needed to accomodate same amount of shows as SOS which has 2 hrs running time.

    ever thought of that.

    SOS only 2 hrs running time accomodates 6 shows in a day on a screen.
    JTHJ 3+ running time can only accomodates 4 shows in a day on a screen.

    JTHJ still beat SOS easily by 16+ crores in net BO collection.

    SRK destroyed Ajay-sanju-sallu gang. live with that. King is King.

  • @khan..evryone knws that salman is best..but srk is good..salmans recent movie ek the tiger totol collection is 199.5cr..bt jthj is running in 110cr..so sad..srk fans r looser..

  • I thnk ajay z better than the three khans…his movies are awsm n entertaining………..i think khans has to take lessons from ajay……

  • srk gives hites from 15 years so salman khan and ajay has no comparision for that because they copied the south movie and stupid people said that what a film ………….please do some new concept

    according to acting srk has no comparision with these sallu and ajay………

    if i said to sallu that please see chak de india movie and learn acting from some how to deliever

    sallu said mujhe jail main akadna hi sikhaya tha wahi karna aata hai ………………

    overseas main sallu ki movie ka haal jo hota hai woh because overseas people are not stupid………..

    ki kisi ki akad pe taali thoke ……………………………………….

    i think ranveer and srk are giving us so amazing beautiful movie we should appreciate his work…

  • i would say sos is more entertaining and should earn more ajay’s movies are all more entertaining than srk’s (not including ra one or don2)

  • Nobody can deny the fact that Salman is dominating the box office right now. He has delivered back to back hits since last three years and still going strong. I am sure that Dabang 2 also will join the 100 crore league. Salman ROCKS!!!!!!

  • My first and foremost observation regarding the nature of the above discussion is how inadequate and myopic it is in scope, given that hardly (if at all any) weightage has been given to a film’s overseas performance and collections..yes, it is true that bollywood has not been anywhere close to as successful a cultural export as Hollywood..however, its also true that the overseas dynamics of commercial hindi cinema have witnessed a paradigm shift in the recent past, aided in no small measure by a numerically powerful and culturally assertive indian diaspora..once that parameter is considered, I believe srk beats any Indian actor hands down..

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