Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardar: Detailed Final Comparison

Okay, the final box office comparison between the two Diwali releases Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardar, before we begin our extensive coverage of Aamir Khan’s Talaash.

The topic of debate over the last week on social networking websites and in the comments section here  - Which film won the Diwali battle? Well, there is no clear winner. Here’s why.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan was expected to beat 3 Idiots. But let’s be realistic, the film would never have crossed 200 crores, even if the word-of-mouth was as strong as Chopra’s last film Veer Zaara. But despite the clash, not-so-popular music and 3 hour runtime – JTHJ has done reasonably well at the box office. Yes, business in India hasn’t been record-breaking, but how many romantic films in recent times have managed to collect half as much as JTHJ has?

The trade was confident Son Of Sardar would do well, and it has. On paper, JTHJ had almost everything in it’s favour – massive star cast, legendary director, oscar-winning music composer and a much wider release. Yet, SOS is likely to end it’s run just 10-15% short of JTHJ’s total.

As expected, the SRK – Katrina Kaif starrer quite easily won the first extended weekend with a lead of Rs 15 crores. Since then, both films have done similar business with SOS putting up better numbers in the second weekend.

Day wise figures of Son Of Sardar and Jab Tak Hai Jaan (India only)

DaySon Of SardarJab Tak Hai Jaan
Tuesday10.72 crore15.23 crore
Wednesday16.21 crore19.54 crore
Thursday12.22 crore14.45 crore
Friday10.12 crore11.17 crore
Saturday8.5 crore10.38 crore
Sunday8.25 crore9.96 crore
1st Weekend Total65.57 crore80.73 crore
Monday5.51 crore5.36 crore
Tuesday4.82 crore4.66 crore
Wednesday3.88 crore4.12 crore
Thursday3.02 crore3.54 crore
Week 1 Total82.80 crore98.41 crore
Friday3.05 crore2.75 crore
Saturday3.80 crore3.62 crore
Sunday4.95 crore4.66 crore
2nd Weekend Total11.80 crore11.03 crore
Grand Total till 2nd Weekend94.60 crore109.44 crore
Lifetime collections103 crore121 crore


  • Indicine, as far as I am concerned.. SOS has easily won the Diwali battle.

    – JTHJ will not be SRK’s biggest grosser, it won’t beat the combined all version total of Ra One. This is a shame because before release most fans of the actor expected it to beat 3 Idiots. Okay, 3I was difficult but Ra One???

    – Fans were saying SOS would get trounced by SRK. Nothing of that sort has happened. See the numbers above, first weekend difference was 15 crores.. Now also after 2nd weekend it is 15 crores.. In another 2 weeks the gap will be just 11-12 crores. Talaash is releasing this week and JTHJ will be affected more than SOS.

    – The combined power of SRK, Katrina, Yash Chopra and Yashraj couldn’t convincingly beat a much smaller film like SOS?? Even with 25% more screens? Even after Yashraj using all it’s muscle to throw out SOS from single screens?

    • It was a clash of two big movies!
      Anyways – If you have seen both movies – both are amazing.

  • that srk’s trash is a flop considering the hype n crew members associated with the movie….this proves that srk is far behind aamir n salman…. his fan base is very low in interiors….jthj lost the battle..

  • i’ve just read dis article n all & all wat i can say is “sharukh” star power seems 2 b decreasing movie by movie….i know sharukh has converted scrap like om shanti om into hit. ( of course bcoz of marketing + diwali release too ) but now time has changed.

  • Just imagine Ajay in Jab tak hai jaan… total collections – 35 crs not more dan that…(we know its a boring/ lengthy movie

    So SRk is a clear winner here… SOS being an entertainer… SRK has managed to collect more dan that ..

  • Lord of the Kings…Salman Khan , Ajay Dev_gun…nd Sanju Baba…thrashed jthj….it clearly seen….

    Now S R K will sing a song for his fans:



  • @sopy, don’t misrepresent the topic, choosing script is one of the important thing for any star, see how Ajay pick good and SRK not, so real winner is Ajay.

  • truth of the century
    inspite of all the negativity SRK WINS THE DIWALI BATTLE.
    inspite of cheap politics and political gimmicks by ajay KING SRK WINS

  • truth of the century
    inspite of all the negativity SRK WINS THE DIWALI BATTLE.
    inspite of cheap politics and political gimmicks by ajay KING SRK WINS
    ha ha

  • @To all who saying JTHJ power loss infront of SOS. Keep in mind whole bollywood cant do business like JTHJ with a triangular love story in this century. Even with competition. That is why everyone selecting masala/action movies to earn name/fame safe side.

    I am defenetly bet who ever your Star (ajay/salman/hrithik etc..) they all failed n flop in love stories from last decade. Just a SRK who has proven in every stage he is successful.

    3Idiot works because of contents not for Aamir. with 3I any actor could claim that much fame/$$.

    Now Talash is different movie. In advance Aamir blah blah started he do good movies not for $$butts or boxoffice.

    Now if Talaash cant beat Ready/bodyguard then say Salman is better than aaamir What a sick fans thougts Lol…..

  • Why people r calling SOS smaller. Just coz of getting the benefit. Very Sad
    Ajay has 3 to 4 movies in 100cr club. Ajay is also a Huge star.
    Battle was equal.
    Still we think SRK is a winner. Coz JTHJ is totaly opposite from todays taste of viewers and still manage to take a lead just coz of SRK’s star power. Now a days movies length is short Mostly running time between 2 to 2:15hrs). Today viewers want Masala Entertainer (Comdedy, Unusuall Action, Masala ect). SOS has all of them. SOS’s budget was higher then JTHJ.
    But still JTHJ beat the SOS at the end with margin of 14.84cr. In the overseas story is very change. JTHJ leads 2 to 3 time more then what SOS earns.

    Profit wise also JTHJ earns more then SOS. (Either Domestic or Internationally)
    People who r calling JTHJ a loser r making fool themselves.

    Really SRK is SRK – The Only Real Hero

    We will se next Eid clash Sher Khan VS OUAT-2
    We will talk then about star power etc

    Wait n Watch

  • truth of the century
    inspite of all the negativity SRK WINS THE DIWALI BATTLE.
    inspite of cheap politics and political gimmicks by ajay KING SRK WINS
    ha ha ha

  • guess 16 CRORE is small amount. or some one don’t know know counting and still went to hate marks. ha ha ha ha ha

    3 on 1
    end result



    SALMAN AJAY AND SANJU ba b a b a b a ba that’s 3 couldn’t defeat the king. SRK.

  • @ black hell waste Joke of bollywood in today’s period salman can do love story n take movie to 100 .cr c club. What a joke Haha Haha salman is king box office Haha Haha OMG plastic khan. Salu sallu

  • my question to all srk fans—

    before release of jthj.. u guys were sayin srk in romantic role.. yash chopra last mov.. ar rahman music.. it cannot get bigger than this… it will break all record… its the biggest movie of the year….

    now all off a sudden.. u guys r sayin.. jthj collected less bcoz its a romanticc movie.. romantic mov dont collect as masala movie… bt before release why u were hyping jthj as the bigest movie?????

  • @aaa 111 coz your girl friend is not honest with you . That is why romance is light flavour in this generation but one day in your life you will know what is JTHJ

  • @aaa111 before release we thought Indian Viewers r Intelligent enough to Accept Classic. But we were wrong Only SRK lovers went to watch the Epic Classic. Rest of viewers still enjoying senseless masala. Like Hero coming on Two Horses at the same time. Lolzzzzzzzz Horse is jumping over the Jeep Lolzzzzzz
    Keep maintaining ur standard. SRK dont need ur viewership. He is strong enough to reach 100 cr club without ur so called support.

    SOS is still waiting for entering 100cr club what a winner lolzzzzzzzzz.

    @Noman yar why u r fighting with Masala Entertainers. Let them enjoy. For them 2 more r on the way. Akshay Hits the ground and all people who r standing around r flying and grounded just coz of His powerful Ground Hitting. Amazing and so senseable (Khiladi786) Lolzzzzzzzzzzz. Its a standar for Standard people. We r happy in our boring space.

  • @khader if dabang 2 will not break records then salman will go and break arbaaz n munni in this either one is sure my opinion arbaaz will break his self records Haha …..

  • Full of Masala + some action+ little bit comedy + remake of south film + always do same content of films = guess who

    Salman khan – the king of remake

  • @sahir… thats the problem with all srk fans.. they consider srk films to be classic.. bt in reality everbody knows how crap srk movies are.. only srk fans thinks srk movie is a classic… thats why u srk fans always make urserlf fool all the times….. plz nw dont make urself foll by sayin jthj is a classic…

  • Clearly it is a win-win situation for both the movies as both made reasonable collections on B.O….
    but still JTHJ has a winning edge over SOS…
    as u all know…what type of negativity is spreaded out with all SRK release….
    after getting a huge negative promotion..and with a 3 hr runtime,,,i think srk and yashraj has again proved themselves….
    moreover….srk is the only actor to give 3 consecutive 100cr movies on BO with different genres…(sci-fi,action, romance..)…
    long live SRK…

  • @kg ya i know the meaning of jthj… jthj=== boring.,, 3 hours of sleep.. :)

    i wonder whether these srk fans even know the meaning of classic.. i guess they even consider ra1, don2 as classic… swades. chakdeindia. ddlj. these r true classic yaar.. dont say jthj, ra1 don2 as classic. its an insult to indian audience ……

  • dnt worry still sos is far better then srk’s boring jthj and i think sos will defeat jthj life tym and you can see that last week its ahed of jthj bcoz people know that sos is better then jthj

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