Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardar: Detailed Final Comparison

Okay, the final box office comparison between the two Diwali releases Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardar, before we begin our extensive coverage of Aamir Khan’s Talaash.

The topic of debate over the last week on social networking websites and in the comments section here  – Which film won the Diwali battle? Well, there is no clear winner. Here’s why.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan was expected to beat 3 Idiots. But let’s be realistic, the film would never have crossed 200 crores, even if the word-of-mouth was as strong as Chopra’s last film Veer Zaara. But despite the clash, not-so-popular music and 3 hour runtime – JTHJ has done reasonably well at the box office. Yes, business in India hasn’t been record-breaking, but how many romantic films in recent times have managed to collect half as much as JTHJ has?

The trade was confident Son Of Sardar would do well, and it has. On paper, JTHJ had almost everything in it’s favour – massive star cast, legendary director, oscar-winning music composer and a much wider release. Yet, SOS is likely to end it’s run just 10-15% short of JTHJ’s total.

As expected, the SRK – Katrina Kaif starrer quite easily won the first extended weekend with a lead of Rs 15 crores. Since then, both films have done similar business with SOS putting up better numbers in the second weekend.

Day wise figures of Son Of Sardar and Jab Tak Hai Jaan (India only)

DaySon Of SardarJab Tak Hai Jaan
Tuesday10.72 crore15.23 crore
Wednesday16.21 crore19.54 crore
Thursday12.22 crore14.45 crore
Friday10.12 crore11.17 crore
Saturday8.5 crore10.38 crore
Sunday8.25 crore9.96 crore
1st Weekend Total65.57 crore80.73 crore
Monday5.51 crore5.36 crore
Tuesday4.82 crore4.66 crore
Wednesday3.88 crore4.12 crore
Thursday3.02 crore3.54 crore
Week 1 Total82.80 crore98.41 crore
Friday3.05 crore2.75 crore
Saturday3.80 crore3.62 crore
Sunday4.95 crore4.66 crore
2nd Weekend Total11.80 crore11.03 crore
Grand Total till 2nd Weekend94.60 crore109.44 crore
Lifetime collections103 crore121 crore


  • @aaa111 you mean all overseas SRK movie goers are crap and Indian movie goers are smart.?
    Its like same answer of aamir in satyamev jayate in India we have skilled doctors and that is why no doctor license canceled and over seas doctors are barber’s what a joke man

  • @ King. Agree with you, both are winners. However, in overseas and youtubes – JTHJ is clear winner. In India, SOS has edge, moreover due to Talash release, SOS will be least affected.

  • @aaa SRK movie are still classic but viewers are changed before viewers use to come with girl friends now viewers watching alone salman / ajay movies and their girl friend enjoying another salman movie with other viewers this is so real truth of salman fans poor salman fans

  • @ kg, Hi, Salman fans are not poor, they pay for tickets and watch the movie on theatres. They do not see the movies on youtubes, without paying for tickets.

  • @aaa111…one’s who does’nt belong to any class…will never know…what a classic movie is….???
    i am worried abt u bro….after watching all these street fights and unrealastic scenes …i think all these sallu fans have forgot…what is a classic movie….
    ok…JTHJ is not a classic movie..happy…???
    go n watch the same repeated actions and keep watching them….
    because those “CLASSIC” actions are borrowed from south…lolz…

  • First ..if u have seen both the movies.. u will admit . its not a gud idea to compare both the movies.. both r off different genre ..

    #SOS scored only becoz of the hype .. as it was against the #JTHJ… otherwise going by the content.. 50 cr would have been its final closing figures

    SRK movies r not short term .. they stay forever.. even now all my family keep glued to k3g , ddlj, veer zaara.. Action movies have shorter life span

  • @ King, Ha Classic action are borrowed from South – Point to be noted Chennai Express, Ra.One (SRK’s human character).

  • @ Suraj Jain: My family are glued to Gangajal, Apharan, Rajneeti, Shaolay, Ganaga Jamuna, Deewar. Action Movie too have great life span.

  • @king wel reply yar. U rockssssssssssssssssss

    If SRK is doing Chennai Express just coz he wanna show if he also do the crap masala what will be the result.

  • Recently released SRK movies MNIK,RA-ONE,DON2,JTJH were only for overseas audiences.indian audience could not connect with these movies.shahrukh should return to his desi style if he wants indian audience. i am not saying to act like taporis like salmaan n akshay.

    he did play class n modern role in ddlj kkhh dtph but still his character prtrayed indian culture but now his characters have become completely westernised and his smooching,kissing,sex scenes and using word sex often in movies n touching pulling actresses every minute (both onscreen offscreen) grrrrrrrrr indian audience not going to connect with these movies and yeah he may enjoy popularity in overseas:(

  • Shahrukh Khan or SRK or King Khan has no match in the industry. Can do all genres and still manage above 100cr. People know Bollywood in the international market due to SRK. Above all he is not doing copy/paste acting or relying on item songs to do a good to him.

  • why people are worried both are third rate film while one is so long that it is difficult to sit and the other makes you want to leave soon

  • economics of jab tak hai jaan
    jthj budget -60 cr
    india theatrical revenue – 65 cr
    overseas revnue- 40cr
    subsidy from u.k govt. -15cr
    satellite rights-40cr
    music and video-12-15cr
    so jthj budget 60cr= and income 175cr
    jthj is clear winner aprrox. 3 times return on investment
    only 3 idiots have more than 5 times return on investment
    and even ett has 2.5 times approx. return on investment

  • economics of jab tak hai jaan
    jthj budget -60 cr
    india theatrical revenue – 65 cr
    overseas revnue- 40cr
    subsidy from u.k govt. -15cr
    satellite rights-40cr
    music and video-12-15cr
    so jthj budget 60cr= and income 175cr
    jthj is clear winner aprrox. 3 times return on investment
    only 3 idiots have more than 5 times return on investment
    and even ett has 2.5 times approx. return on investment
    only for morethan 100cr films

  • @king: Stay Calm no point telling all these haters. Time will answer…
    They will have their own negative point of view in every article related to SRK.. Even if Indicene publishes a article on SRK’s inner ware… there will be n numbers of comments…
    fact is fact everyone here is more intrested in anything that is related to SRK

  • Srk is great nd awesome he has never disappointed his fans. Almost all of his movies r classic. Jthj is also a classic. Love u srk.

  • @Nelish i always said SRK always WIN at Youtube coz people on youtube r from all over the world who knows SRK n Mad for SRK.

    Ur Domestic Superstars r just popular in Domestic Level. So the Viewers on Youtube for their movies r from India Only.

    Thats the difference.

    And if u collect the Business Domesticaly or Internationally u will know the Real Story.


  • Yaar SRK ke picture theatre mein kum youtube, hom dvd, pogo channel pe jyada chalti hai, jante hai bhai, isme economics kyun samil kar rahe ho?

  • @aki…hahaha..u’ve mentioned devdas and don…to whom srk has copied…
    i think u know very little abt bollywood….
    no one can even think to copy the legends like dilip saheb(devdas) and amit ji(don)…..
    but srk has not only copied but successfully delivered the characters…and won the heart of audiences as well a s critics…
    so don’t call it copying…
    it’s a daring nd i don’t think that except SRK anyone can make justice with those roles….

  • @king Abe BIKHARI KING ,kabse bakwas kiye jaa raha hai tu.
    sa le tell me why jab tak ..sold out by using power of salman khan?

  • When Aamir do Romantic Movie like Mann and different experiment Dhobi Ghat the result we all knows.

    When Salman do Romantic Movie Janemann, Kyun K, Main or Mrs Khana & Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa result we all knows.

    When Akshay try different like Patiala House result we all knows.

  • @sahir and kg. well said bro
    inspite of all negativity and all bad stuff said by haters


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