Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Son Of Sardar Box Office Update: Day 3

After 2 good days at the box office for both films, Son Of Sardar and Jab Tak Hai Jaan remained steady on Day 3. Both films benefitted from the ‘Bhai Dooj’ holiday in some parts of the country.

Son Of Sardar is rock-steady at mass centres like Punjab, Delhi/Uttar Pradesh, Central Province and Berar, Central India, Rajasthan and Bihar. In the Mumbai circuit, there was a noticeable drop at multiplexes, while other parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat (which also comes under Mumbai) have been outstanding. Box Office collections Day 3: 11-12 crores (early estimate)

Jab Tak Hai Jaan continues it’s good run all over. Like on the first two days, the Shahrukh Khan starrer is extraordinary in Bangalore, Mangalore (which comes under the Mysore circuit). It’s also running to packed houses in Kolkata and rest of West Bengal. JTHJ is also the first choice at premium multiplexes. Box office collections Day 3: Rs 14-15 crores (early estimate)



  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Time to search for a new king of romance

    The common viewers as well as the critics agreed on one fact after watching ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ is that Shah Rukh Khan has given a satisfying performance in the film despite the flaws in his characterisation. However, he would not be there for long to play the quintessential romantic hero, for obvious reasons.

    So, it’s the time for Bollywood to start looking for a new hero who could replace Shah Rukh Khan as the ultimate romantic hero of the Hindi film industry.

    There are actors who have shown the promise to emerge as a good romantic hero but age is not on their side because most of those actors are in their early thirties or late twenties. If they start doing out and out romantic roles at this juncture of their career, they will either look misfit or over the top.

    Shahid Kapoor still has boy-ish charm and a little innocence on his face, but he hasn’t looked very convincing as a romantic lead in the past.

    Similarly, Ranbir Kapoor is an actor who has good acting potential and ‘Barfi’ showed his range. He is 30 and experimental, but probably he would not go for happy-go-lucky roles. If he goes than he could be a good replacement for SRK.

    The time has changed and filmmakers have decided to make films which can suit the mindset of the contemporary generation, therefore every new actor is doing character driven films rather than theme driven films.

    The Indian audiences have a distinct idea of a romantic hero, and any actor with rough-tough appearance might not match their expectations, so the choice gets very limited. Ranveer Singh and others of his league are not the ‘innocent’ lover-boys.

    The filmmakers and veteran actors know this fact and that’s why they are still going for established actors. In this scenario, one would just wish for a new talent to emerge and fulfil the vacant slot.

  • jthj 3rd day buisness = 13.5 crores as per box office india…..really i doubt that the film will not cross ready as well!!

  • the minus factor for jthj is that it is 20 min longer for today’s audience.
    it could be edited as 10 min from before interval and 10 min after interval.
    if its length was 2 hr 30 to 40 minthen it will be the all time blockbuster but now its only a super hit.
    so pls think about it yrf in ur coming movies pls………

  • Son Of Sardaar Third Day Business

    Friday 16th November 2012 11.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Son Of Sardaar collected around 11.50 crore nett on its third day as per early estimates. The three day total for the film is around 34.50 crore nett. The film is super strong in Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan.

    In Delhi/UP, East Punjab, CI and Rajasthan the film will emerge the biggest hit of Ajay Devgn’s career. Bihar may also make the list. The day figures in the above circuits ensure the film will sustain in these circuits for the next two weeks.

    Out of the other circuits, Mumbai is pretty good as Gujarat is strong and business in Nizam is also fair while Mysore, West Bengal and Tamil/Nadu are weak.

  • So this means that JTHJ has earned 90% of what ETT earned in first 3 days inspite of all factors which need no mention again.. and talks of SRK being finished for the 100th time still in some people’s mind..

    Just to remind, ETT was promoted like hell for 6 months, JTHJ for not even 6 weeks.. and with SOS also doing well, can just imagine what would have happened had JTHJ been a solo release..

    and i dont even to talk about the response JTHJ is getting outside india.. because some ppl will straight get a heart attack..

    So haters, take a chill pill and enjoy JTHJ like the whole world is doing.

  • jthj cant even beat bodyguard 1st weekend record,,,,,,,bodyguard was released on 2200 screens while jthj released on 2700,,,,,,its nothing to do with sos bec it has 500 more screens than bodygurad which sos has its own 1500 screens,,,,it means sos managing it well due to lesser screens while on 2700 screens jthj still cant bodygurad which screens was 2200,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now whats ur say on it srk fans maximun for jthj 116 cr but it will not even close to ready which was released on 1500 screens,,,,,,,,,,,

  • The budget of JTHJ (45 crores) was recovered in 2 days flat worldwide, and SOS has a budget of 88 crores.. but for haters, SOS is super-hit while JTHJ is a flop…

    Please haters, be honest to yourself.. SOS needs atlease 170 crores to be called a super-hit and JTHJ needs only 95 crores.. so, again, plz take a chill pill and enjoy JTHJ.

  • As i stay in mangalore here sos also rocking . . . In jthj After having so much hype star cast, legend director and music and lyricst and also record breaking you tube likes plus more screens jthj is leading only with 2 to 3cr . . . Its a shame. .

  • @star:
    grow up lil kid…….
    see i hv not seen jthj due to some reasons…ll watch it tomorrow…& still excited about the movie…no matters what other people/critics say about movie….i just love romantic movies….be it be MPK ,DDLJ,Lamhee(my favr8 one) or others….
    do not exaggerate things man…. accrd to BOI JTHJ earned 45 cr in 3 dyz….

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan grossed around 13.50 crore nett on its third day as per early estimates which takes the three day business of the film to around 45 crore nett.

    for sos( i hvn’t seen sos & hv no plans to see it until dvd release)
    Son Of Sardaar collected around 11.50 crore nett on its third day as per early estimates. The three day total for the film is around 34.50 crore nett.

    but going by publicity & hype JTHJ was equally hyed bcs of tussle with SOS….the court case & most importantly the demise of Late Yash ji…
    so your 1st point is proved wrong here…
    plus SOS is earning gr8 despite stiff competition from JTHJ (which had major screens & more ticket price than SOS)
    So…you can’t say JTHJ is a clear winner…no of screen counts,aprx 500 more screens than sos….high ticket price than SOS (especially at single screens where SOS is strong)
    so both are neck to neck & final round ll begin from monday onwards & let’s see who wins…..
    till then hv patience……..

    plus jthj was e

  • wow jab tak hai jaan 50+ crore in three days and day 4 will be 12-15 cror and 2 holidays 19*2=38crore
    so 12+38=50 crore mean 100 crore in six days


  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan will only able to understand who are lovers married people. This film shows only about love. And todays generation are very FAAAAR from love to get in this picture.

    But still no one can deny LOVE. Every person one day will understand about his inside feelings.
    that is why people ignoring to watch the inside reality if wife doesnt get love from husband she can go to find outside. All these facts are internal people do not want to let it out.

    Son of Sardaar just like external laugh and joker comedy which will not show any reality except get laugh and forget, cheap jokes on people or things no reality, flying fight which not real digestible.



  • for the people who were crying that indicine is showing second day collection of SOS 16.5crs where as BOI is showing 14.5crs
    i would like to tell them that now acc to indicine 3 day collection of JTHJ is 48-49crs
    WHERE AS ACC to BOI it’s 45crs ONLY.

    NOW YOU GUYS DONT HAVE ANY PROBLEM????????????????????

  • jab tak hai jaan is a great movie i have watched its twice and still watching it in laptop, great work by anushka kat and srk. Sure ATBB

  • Once it gets over 125 cr it will be a blockbuster.
    For SOS when it goes over a 100 cr it will be called a average hit.
    For haters info
    for yashji’s movie srk doesn’t even charge fees or even take 50% of his fee.

  • What the hell, the haters if srk are comparing as if JTHJ is a solo release… If it was so today u would be crying becoz JTHJ would have breaker the record if first 3 days collection of ETT.
    Understand the situation then bark…
    JTHJ is a romantic movie and its facing good competition from SOS and having less screens compared to ETT and still got around 47-50cr is a outstanding figure..

  • @indicine why is it u dnt tell salman fans dat bodygaurd was releasd in 2800 screens u nly reply wen srk fans make sum comments wrong

  • jab tak hai jaan beats ek tha tiger in overseas and son of sardar in india….srk rockss…..jthj best movie of bollywood…everyone should watch jab tak hai jaan movie……..love u yashji…….a r rahman music rocks…..

  • as per earlier estimated was 190 to 210 crore for jthj and 90 to 100 crore for sos.. but now senario changed jthj is 50 and sos is 40 so lifetime will be 150 for jthj and 120 for sos… srk lover pls go and watch the trailer jthj…… ajay is now winner

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