Jab Tak Hai Jaan Review

QUICK REVIEW of Jab Tak Hai Jaan(page will be updated shortly)

Yash Chopra is renowned for his eternal romantic love stories and Jab Tak Hai Jaan is his most intense romantic film ever. The characters here are arrogant, egoistic and unforgiving. His heroine – if I remember right – has just one scene in a saree. Yet, his magical touch is visible throughout, in every romantic scene in the film.

There are several twists and turns in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, all of which mostly work. Coming to the negatives, the film is lengthy (close to 3 hours) and slow-paced. Also, the music (A.R.Rahman) is one of the weakest for an Yash Chopra film in a long time. It has a few good songs like ‘Challa’ and ‘Saans’, but pales in comparison to some of the tracks from Dil Toh Pagal Hai and Veer Zaara (arguably the best Hindi album ever).

The performances are very good – Shahrukh Khan, quite obviously, has the meatiest role and does very well. The intensity he brings to the character of Samar in the second half (as the army officer), reminds you of his fabulous performance in Chak De India. As the younger Samar, he is at his charming best. Although he looks a little too old for the young lover-boy that he plays on screen, he looks good with Katrina and the two share excellent chemistry. Watch out for the dance sequence just before the Ishq Shava song, which is followed by one of my favorite scenes in the film – at the railway station where Samar declares his love to Meera.

Anushka Sharma has the smallest role, but makes an impact. Her loud, bubbly and talkative character is quite similar to Geet in Jab We Met. Neetu Singh, Rishi Kapoor and Anupam Kher have one scene each.

Overall, Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a good one-time watch, a modern take on old fashioned love. It’s slow-paced and tends to drag in the second half, but the performances (especially SRK and Anushka) more than make up for it. Also, don’t be in a hurry to leave the cinema hall. The clippings of Yashji during the closing credits, will make you cry.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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  • @indicine, i don’t agree with u. It was great.not becouse i m a huge fan of srk. Becouse i really liked the film. The first part was too good. but the sceond part was exiclent. A movie of must watch. I will give it 4/5. What do u think guys?

  • Review :

    A guy who keep defusing bombs because he was defused by his girlfriend.
    Palying with life, meets with accident twice and losses his memory of past 10 years … funny !!!!

    A girl who keeps promising God that she will her most loved things/people if God do this/that for her.
    She ditches her lover for the sake of lover’s life…. hahahah

    A charming Genext girl falls in love after reading his personal diary.
    She is completely, deeply and madly in love with a man who is 17 years older to her.
    Finally she tips the 1st girl on how to keep both God and her lover happy.

    Now the best part : Movie Ends with tribute to the king of romance (Yash ji) who made us watch Romantic movies.. !!!!!

  • @Saurav Totally agree with you..
    @ Indicine Please watch the movie before you write any review. If still not watched yet let me book you a ticket for you @ your closet movie hall.

    This is called the Movie. no copy, no faultu jokes, no computerised VFX actions. No flying kicks.


  • Everyone review is gud except dis one,so overall its only the indicine’s critic’s personal view only for himself

  • indicine dont be biased
    while all the top critics gave the movie 4 /5 4.5/5. we see you giving just 3.5/5. how come

    all praised srk acting and yashji direction this movie is masterpice love story

  • Well, it is more than enough for rating 3.5 stars for a below average film like jthj.Even indicine rated the same 3.5 stars for all time blockbusters like 3 idiots & Ek tha tiger.So i completely agree with its review.

  • it was not slow at all indicine team!

    I didn’t feel the 3 hours passed.. I enjoyed every moment watching this film.. will.. yeah.. can’t say it’s the best film for Yash Chopra because Veer Zara for me was his best ever because of the story, depth, performances, songs, etc.

    But JTHJ is an entertaining film, doesn’t make u cry at all, makes u smile and enjoy.

    Katrina deserves to be in hollywood because of her beauty.. she’s gorgeous, the most beautiful face I saw so far, more than Aishwariya Rai in the past beside her good performance.

    Hollywood lacks beauty.. no beautiful actresses, so why don’t they hire Katrina for their movies?!

  • ******SPOILERS AHEAD******

    JAB TAK HAI JAAN run time: 3 hours and 20 minutes..
    Anuska tries to meet and impress SRK – 13 minutes.
    FlashBack begins..
    SRK meets Katrina – 10 minutes.
    SRK fells he is in love 25 minutes.
    Katrina’s mothers flashback lovestory – 7 minutes.
    SRK romances Katrina – 15 minutes.
    SRk meets an accident – 18 minutes.
    Katrina rejects SRK – 4 minutes.
    Anushka goes with military for SRK – 20 minutes.
    SRK falls for Anushka – 5 minutes.
    SRK’s accident – 8 minutes.
    SRK forgets everything except KATRINA – 6 minutes.
    KATRINA comes back in SRK’s life to cure him – 15 minutes.
    KATRINA goes away from SRK – 6 minutes.
    ANUSHKA comes for SRK – 20 minutes.
    SRK remembers everything – 10 minutes.
    SRK rejects Katrina – 9 minutes.
    SRK rejoins army – 4 minutes.
    Katrina comes for SRk – 5 minutes.
    Last word YASH JEE I would have respected u a lot if u have not made JAB TAK HAI JAAN before u died.. Few scenes I enjoyed but others I felt sleepy and felt when is the movie going to end…
    My Rating: 1.5/5 stars.

  • After being affected by diwali puja , having lesser screen and lesser ticket prize hike than ETT and RA.ONE , competing with another biggie SOS ,.. JAB TAK HAI JAAN still managed to collect huge 15-16 crore …. the public review About the movie is very good , most of the critic sites gave it 4/5 , the advance booking of Wednesday is simply FANTASTIC ,.. the movie is going to have a huge jump tommorow ,…….. also analysis sites like BLLYWOOD INDIA BOX OFFICE has informed that the movie has a good chance to have a long run in box office …
    I Wish best of luck for you SHAH RUKH …..

  • i jst want to say u can hate him, u can love him but u cn’t ignore dis man named Shahrukh Khan till Jab Tak Hai Jaan.. Love u my shahrukh.. U r the best & this is ur bestest.. Big B praised U, no1 else matter.. Proud to be a SRKIAN..

  • movie was just ok…nothing great…..but 2 things stood out for me….katrina kaif looks and the locations…specially my kashmir…

  • Movie is like a beautiful painting. Great performance by Srk, anushka and katrina… the dance sequence of srk and katrina is mind blowing… love making and kisses scenes are very good… A big canvas movie.. Love romance emotions… movie is really heart touching… But after interval movie is little bit slow…

  • Watched late night show yesterday and must say that i was thinking about the movie whole of the night.. what an awesome movie, pure brilliance in every scene.. simply loved it.. best film of the year by far.. SRK is out if this world, and yashji is spot on.. Love love love..

    PS : Bhaitards should stay away from the movie, else they will get 4 heart attacks in the film. Love all :)

  • Poor struggling young man falling in love with a rich man’s daughter, whose father wants her to marry another young dude. Promise made to Jesus. Memory loss and memory regained. In this time and age? For god’s sake, how could you do this to your own legacy, Yashji?

  • “If I kiss you, will you slap me?” asks the hero of the heroine at a subway station. Then before the latter could answer, he says with a smile, “I don’t think so” and proceeds to kiss her. (Really? Is that what we expect from a Yash Chopra hero?)

    this is from mid-day film rating ** only

  • in my opinion,katrina kaif is the weakest part of films.whenever she comes on screen movie starts gets boring,there should have been other actress opposite sharukh.but the best part of movie is srk he has done wonders,never i have seen him acting so well.srk is no more a lover boy,he is actor now.not even amitabh or amir comes near to him now

  • I am surprized to see alot of salman fans who didnt watch jthj are complaining about it. Anyways it got better critic reviews than salman’s last 10 or 20 movies including his recent blockbusters…
    I won’t write names here but you guys have said these things even before the release of the movie.. :D
    So ultimately your reviews does not matter as you were never going to like jthj…

  • I hated the first time I saw the “Challa” song in TV.

    I have nothing against Punjabis, but what the hell, why so many songs in punjabi in hindi movies. Earlier you could at least understand the songs, but this “challa” has out and out totally punjabi lyrics. For who did they write it? There are millions of viewers and not all understand those wordings. Look at that guy fooling around holding a guitar (he took one-day lesson) like a teenager. Even unmelodious songs start to feel melodious after repeated listening. This “challa” song falls in that category.

  • Below are the collections for the film (overseas is avalable screens’ 2 day figure) – Jab Tak hai Jaan..

    Domestic Collections

    15.00 cr
    19.50 cr
    Thursday 15.50 cr
    Total Domestic Collections 50.00 cr
    Total Overseas Collections
    15.25 cr
    Total Worldwide Collections : 65.25 cr

  • we should try and avoid people going to spend money over this horrible gas chamber then only we will be called true indians our rating is 0/5 truly

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  • After such a wait a movie release n all u peoples reviews views make me feel upset finally its SRK film what we all are waiting for long, its a romantic film, but response is not upto the mark,
    Srk film JTHJ I watch n in my opinion its upto what required but in this generation of masala film, such film never make a Big revenue for producer, but it last in u r memory forever, I m happy n satisfied what I seen

    Srk haters pls go ahead

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