Jab Tak Hai Jaan on Sony TV: World Television Premiere

Sony Entertainment Television has confirmed that the World Television Premiere of Shahrukh Khan’s epic romance ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ will be aired in April.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

The Yash Chopra film, also starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, will be telecast on Sony TV on Sunday 21st April 2013 at 8:30PM. A week later, the love saga will be re-telecast on Sony MAX on Sunday 28th April at 9PM (could be delayed due to Indian Premiere League).

Jab Tak Hai Jaan was legendary director Yash Chopra’s last film.




  • The kiss scenes were passable although The kiss scenes will be edited i guess. The Junior KG’s Kids who are crying about the Kiss Scenes can Skip the premiere

  • @Gewone troupant : There is a difference between a Yash ji directed movie and Vishal Bharadwaj/Sanjay Gadhvi movie. The kissing and bed scene was srk idea to make Salman jealous who was least bothered about it. People watch Yash ji movies with some expectation and to be honest Yash ji’s Midas touch was missing forget about comparing to some of the his best movies. It did not make any sense and you people call it as Epic, what a joke !!!!

  • Romance xpress whos fan ur if ur really die hard fan of Srk then i truly appreciate ur comment on jthj Bcoz u said the truth unlike other Srk fans who keep on praising Srk

  • now srk also wrote the movie story and i think the next time you gonna say dt srk also directed the movie , produced it and choz the cast

    and y salu will feel jealous if he and kat were brock up be4 the movie
    werent they?!

    you are saying nonsense words .
    dude be realistic

    by the way we did not say that JTHJ is epic indicin did we said it is a simple love story even at the end of the movie itself they said that .

    man you are unbelievable

    by the way if you believe in Big B you should see his opinion in srk performance at jthj i know you will say dt srk bought him too as his awards lol ;)

    c u :))

  • Salman was least bothered about Kiss? LOL he talked about kiss in every interviews and you say he was least bothered.. LMAO.. Heights of ignorance

  • @Gewone,well said brother.we should respect a legend like Yash chopra.Sachin Tendulkar was retired from test cricket.but don’t you respect him? SRK fans respect and love Salman. But i don’t understand why salman fans hate SRK. Please stop fighting between SRK and Salman in this site and respect both of them.

  • @SELFISH i am a fan of 3 khans not a die hard fan of srk, i like srk because i love the romantic films of srk like ddlj,dtph,kkhh, mohabatai,devdas,k3g, khnh,vz,kank,rnbdj and mnik. But i did’t like jthj or not like the performance of srk. I only like anushka sherma in jthj and watch it again only for anushka. But i am waiting for ce, hope srk come back in this eid.

  • titanic was a epic movie….it did buisness of 1800 crores across the world and is the 2nd highest grosser (not adjusted for inflation) ever!…

    and here is india’s yaadash khonewali epic love story which made just 101 cr in india and 211 gross worldwide!!…. really indicine you are funny!!

  • @tajas forgot boi data , see imdb date in india jthj col 123cr and 263 worldwide gross, as you titanic worldwide col is 263cr.
    @selfish i am fan of 3khans only i hate hritic as i think he is neither good looking even physically handipap only gave blockbuster by the grace of his father. Yeah jthj is not good film like ddlj,vz or rnbdj thats why it underperformd at boxoffice. Even its not a famili film thats why it can’t cross non holiday blockbuster ready col and sos easily cross 100cr with bad word of mouth and gave heavy compition with yash ji last film jthj.

  • Salman fans get out of here
    JTHJ didn’t won ghanta award ,
    the movie is nt like crap D2 and ETT;
    And those movies won ghanta award are probably boring and disaster…. Keep barking
    JTHJ is epic lovestory made by Epic director Yash Ji and 8 times filmfare winner Romance king SRK

  • @IMAM before we go, we just want to wish you a peaceful and happy 4 hrs in watching the epic disaster sorry epic evergreen classic JTHJ alongside several dozen ad commercial breaks featuring Frooti slice…! All the best. ;-)

  • @ IMAM : Go n drown in a palm size pound for calling JTHJ as EPic !!!! Now you deserve a Ghanta award for this. Lolzzz. .!!!

  • Ya navin!
    After watching crapiest dabangg2 in 31st march you will be in ‘Mental’ hospital in april fools day having ghantas in your hand best of luck

  • @IMAM but you will be on the bed next to me in the ward suffering from ‘suicidal depression’ because of watching JTHJ with a record 25 Frooti Juice ad commercials. Doctors will have no option but to give you round the clock electrical shock treatment to stop the spread of this new phenomenon disease called ‘JTHJ I’ll depress you’! Wish you a speedy recovery. :-P

  • DONT WATCH IT WITH YOUR FAMILY. I wanted to watch it but when i saw its ad which shows katrin dancing wearing a mini skirt shakin a** ,i checked imdb website and clicked parents guidance in which all adult scene details are given and the website says its not a family movie. Wen the videshi cant watch tis wit famili then why some people argue that its not that velgur and can be watched with family.

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