Jab Tak Hai Jaan on Sony TV: World Television Premiere

Sony Entertainment Television has confirmed that the World Television Premiere of Shahrukh Khan’s epic romance ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ will be aired in April.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

The Yash Chopra film, also starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, will be telecast on Sony TV on Sunday 21st April 2013 at 8:30PM. A week later, the love saga will be re-telecast on Sony MAX on Sunday 28th April at 9PM (could be delayed due to Indian Premiere League).

Jab Tak Hai Jaan was legendary director Yash Chopra’s last film.



  • Well, i want to post my personal view about this movie becoz i didnt visit indicine at d release time.. well though not a big fan of srk, but honestly it was a nice movie.. liked it for srk’s jthj dialog, anuska sharma and also a gud story

    the other thing is songs.. well initially i hated all songs except saans.. but later liked all including challa, ishq shava, jthj, heer, jiya re.. anushka was really superb.

  • This is an epic movie. The story, srk, srk-anu chemistry, music and back ground score along with cinematography..everythng is just epic. Nly bad thing is 3 hr duration.

    Its a rare love saga in todays scenario where ppl seem to enjoy nonsence masala movies.

  • All Xzones, remotecontrols, John Cena fans, IMAMS, Romance Expresses will revisit JTHJ and get into 10 years memory loss singing about Devdas, K3G, DDLJ, KKHH. Oh God! Again we need to remind them about a new Salman’s Dabangg era!!!!

  • I was very excited for JTHJ…..but it turned out to be very very average…
    1. Replacement of KATRINA with some good actress
    2. Removing of that Yadaash khona angle..
    3. Making it more Classy rather than modern
    would hve done wonders

  • 1st: JTHJ separated
    into two parts one with
    katrena which i did not love it because it was so quiet and
    she was so boring : 2nd part
    was with anoshka and it was
    full of life and energy also it
    was so funny part, akira was
    an amazing girl
    srk with kat was looking so
    tired and older than his age
    but with akira was so damn
    sexy :D
    i think if they cut kat’s part
    the movie could have 8.5/10
    but she killed the move i give
    kat’s part
    4/10 and akira’s part 8.5/10 .
    the movie as all will take
    7.9/10 and
    SRK 8.5/10

    srk best scenes with kat are:
    1st one the scene where she told him to leave uk
    2nd one at the church after he had his memory bk at this one srk was perfect started from his style and his killer look to his perfect performance, to me this is the best scene in the movie at all i would give srk 11/10 at this one

    all samar / akira scenes were very good

    i love ishq shava song alot it is so close to the turkish music

  • Good movie! Enjoyed it at the theatres. If I have time, will watch again. Only concern is that it’s three hours long and with the commercials itll be about 4 hours.

  • Lol i think u only have sony channel in ur home so u forgot post abt Dabangg 2 wch airing on 31 march in star rite and Wht u said epic romance huh 1st say me are u serious or joking on jthj huh

  • Wow.. So now april is going to be Jolly good holidays… Bring it on Major Samar Anand..

    Long live King SRK.

  • The king of romance is back on television. Waiting to see superb performance of anushka sherma on tv.

  • now you can blame me but i don’t think this is really an important article to post here on indicine, jab tak hai jaan is not a classic movie, it got mixed reactions, far below expectations.

  • Evergreen cult classic, all time blockbuster Marry Gold starring Criminal Khan is now premiered on Doordarshan(DD 1).I am watching now.What an epic romance between Salman and his girlfriend.

  • If you missed this film at theaters then you are luckiest person in the world.Specialy if you not watched it with family.

    And on tv dont dare to watch it with family.

    If you try to watch it as a romantic film like VZ or DDLJ with family then you will feel shame in your eyes infront of your family with the entry of Anushka.
    And your family members surely abuse & insult the legendery director as film progress.

    So keep away from it.Atleast to save honour towards Yash Chopra,which he earned in his whole life in eyes of Indians.

  • @Rohit, i agree with you. Jab tak hai jaan is not a family film. There are lot of intimate scenes in this film. If you like family films then watch DDLJ,veer-zaara,Hum aapke hain kaun with your family. Yashji’s last film was a big letdown for me.

  • @rohit i agree with you, i am a srk fan but i don’t know why yash ji do such bold film like jthj. Srk previous film rab ne bana di jodi a good love story watchable with famili and it is blockbuster at bo. But jthj is not good love story and can’t watchable with famili and if you watch it with famili then your eyes become shame. For this reason jthj underperformed at boxoffice and sos cross 100cr mark despite of clash with yash ji last film jthj.

  • @rohit Sir you right and Im surprised it is airing so early. This is not a family film…
    @hrithik yes bro, Good news for demented srkians like ‘xzone’, ‘Xzone’, ‘john cena fan’, ‘JOHN CENA’, ‘Damnnnn…!’, ‘star’, ‘king’, ‘remotecontrol’, ‘neha’ and the biggest goof of them all ‘IMAM’ is that unlike in theatres where you get just the intermission but on tv there will be some 20 ad commercial breaks during the movie… :-) This good news will mean that soon as the movie starts getting tedious and torturous for their feeble minds then BANG here comes another Frooti juice commercial featuring king srk…! ;-) All srkians can rejoice and know in advance that kings torturous acting in JTHJ will only be for 10 mins max before they are saved by another ad break. :-P

    @star Bhai roxXxXx Sony TV with Bigg Boss, buddha King srk will suck the life out of the stations trps…! ;-)

  • If i happen to get a glimpse while quick surfing the channels, will stop for ishq shava song…..i can’t digest the srk romancing and anushka’s all film same wide-smile-giggly-character.

  • I watched the film in theatre with my family. And it was a very disgusting moment for me. There is a hot bed scene and several kissing scenes in this film.It is Srk’s worst movie in recent times.Even Srk’s Ra.one was better than Jab tak hai jaan.

  • @nishanta,@pranab not only you says it also taran adarsh also says one of the weekest performance of srk in jthj. Katrina srk failed to create any magic although several kissing and bad scene. Thats why i become a hater of katrina and srk broke the no kissing rule in jthj. Srk kajol is the best romantic jodi till and jthj not do well at bo like ddlj,dtph, mohabatai, vz, rnbdj and of crouse can’t do well on tv. Jthj is one of worst romantic film of srk whole carear.

  • This surely isn’t a family movie per say tO watch with children. But it’s sure a decent enough movie to watch with your wife or girl friend. Though I believe the advertisements will make the already too long movie even more long and hence leave a bad viewer experience.

  • if you saying dt movie is crap because of kisses scenes and you cant watch it with family then you are such a liars sorry but you are
    all the kisses scenes were just alittle shy ones and even they are not kisses compering to hollywood movies i can say that they are kids kisses :D and witch bed scene you are talking about the one where we only can see there faces then there legs is that wt you talking about?! come on ppl do you realy believe in wt you are saying
    for bed scene watch ajay and karena movies and for anoshka swim wear just watch dhoom2 again then talk
    that is only one example
    i think you and your familes never watched hollywood and english movies or indian movies too be4
    i think you are from another planet

    by the way as srk fan i didnt like that he made kisses scenes because he give his haters the chance to speak even he did not make them well because he is so shy so sweet person

    and leave yash ji RIP alone the man tried to give you diffrant movie but see wt you are saying after his long journey
    i think if he made a remake for abad old movie and made it worst than bef4 you would be very happy maybe you would make it all time bb

    contanue ur bla bla nonsens talking and we will contanue loving srk more and more

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