Will not seek pardon, will surrender in 4 weeks: Sanjay Dutt

Actor Sanjay Dutt, who has been convicted under the Arms Act for his role in the 1993 Mumbai bombings, said Thursday that he would surrender when the time comes and would not be seeking pardon.

Speaking out for the first time since the Supreme Court ruling last week, Sanjay appealed to the media for privacy and said: “I am a law abiding citizen, I have the highest respect for the Supreme Court. I will not seek pardon. I love my country and its citizens. I have lot of work; I will finish it. I want to spend time with my family.”

An emotional Sanjay, who broke down while addressing the media, said he had the highest respect for the court. “This is a very, very tough time.. Just let me be in peace till I go in.”

He said he would be completing his work commitments.

He was accompanied at the press conference by his sister and Congress MP Priya Dutt.



  • now thats what i call a real man, he accepted the court’s decison with respect, he will complete his punishment and restart his new life with a new hope and success, but there is someone else who is always saved by the media and his pathetic fans who always support his crimes and the court will keep postponing the decisions

  • R20 lol mr ur sayin like salman has proved guilty lol to any person still court have not decided guilty then he is still innocent i think u knw this rule very well huh so salman is innocent and no one has rights to say irrespect things to any one till its not decided got it mr

  • @r20 why can’t u tell the name for whom u pointing at u coward ?? Let me tell u the name is THE great slaman bhai ..whatever happend it was a sad accident n all human beings make mistakes.. why can’t u see his good deeds towards the nation millions of millions he is spending for poverty for better education for health for better provision ..

  • talking about deeds, khans earn more than akki (ETT,Dabangg2,IPL,marriage party dance,ads) but still its akshay who paid the highest tax, now i think that would give you the answer about good deeds

  • Salman started fake Being Human, to show the world that he is great human, if he is really charitible, he should have kept it secret, he very smartly used his PR and Media in making Fake Being Human image, to hide his past. He should be man accept his mistake like Sanjay. Dutt.

  • @r20 you must be referring to King Srk in relation to the vicious and brutal unprovoked assault on a ‘common man’ aka the Security Official at Wankhede Stadium right??? Yes I agree with you that the media and political establishment are keeping srk out of tihari jail but we The common Law abiding Men of India demand justice and protection from the law against such barbaric humiliating unprovoked attacks by so called celebrity superstars who are always highly intoxicated and ride their own egotistic wave over the poor….! All chant the following mantra:
    “Justice for the Wankhede Stadium Security Official and all common men NOW!!!”

  • @r20 : wasn’t ur father who is taking money to save Salman n it is ur Journo bro who is hiding it from public? Thats how u know so much about Salman’s case.

  • @SRK get lost in a library and stumble across a book on law will you. You will find that a crime is not just a crime when somebody tragically or deliberately dies but a crime is any crime where one individual has been wronged by another. (security official wronged by srk)
    You loser ‘SRK’, Salman is innocent until proven guilty and your beloved ‘srk’ is Guilty until proven innocent. I wont apologise coz thats just the way I feel about this messed up case and all you srkians cannot villify Salman without cause and expect bhai fanatics to forgive srks crimes as an act of self defence. He deserves punishment and you too deserve a reprimand for being an ignoramus with regards to the law you half baked potato head. :-P

  • @RanbirFan oh look heres another highly intellectual fan speaking with an even higher standard of etiquette and intelligence. :-P
    A charity according to you should be kept quiet right. Ok Einstein if charities are kept on the low down then how are they going to get funding and receive dontaions from the public? Will you like to venture a guest or give an answer anytime this millennium?
    Okay FYI charities need high visibility in order to create universal awareness which in return helps them to draw donations from as wide a pool of society as possible. Keeping quiet wont suffice so they need Indias biggest Superstar aka Salman Khan to be their brand ambassador.
    Hope that helps you sleep at night as to why Being Human needs Salman Khan and why Indias underprivileged need Salman bhai in return.

  • @Navin Why public, salman has enough money to donate, why he needs others help, fact is in the name Being human, he is increasing his bank balance. Being human is PR/Media created.

  • salman should also surrrender this killer on loose is adanger to all
    immanuel kant the great german philosopher once said
    you can know the the nature of man from his treatment of animals
    salman killed animals and so killed 1 innocent and injured four others

  • @remotecontrol : You are calling a suspect as killer before proving guilty and you give lengthy sentences about religion do’s/don’ts. Peek inside yourself before pointing towards other. Thats what Islam teaches us.

  • @RanbirFan – is Salman responsible for all the ‘bad things’ in India or is it a general society problem which needs a wider public response than one mans solo efforts? After all we have a government in place to take care of societys problems but we all know who they are really taking care off. Through Being Human we can all work together in tackling problems which affect us all and not just pass the buck expecting someone else to do it for us. Many celebrities take great rewards from sociery when they present us with third rate garbage nin entertaining movies but you dont criticise them when they give nothing back to society.
    Stop being an asswipe and accept the harsh reality that one man cannot be expected to tackle problems which we have all caused one way or another through several decades. To solve such problems we need a united stance and determined togetherness in order for all of us to prosper together. Losers like you dont help the situation but actually hinder the process with your negativeness and all round general laziness. Go away and hide in a corner in your bedroom you ungrateful individual. :-P
    @star bhai roxXxXx and Ranbirs fan ‘ranbirfan’ absolutely shocks everyone with his nonsense.

  • Remote lol Wht u said salman should surrender Haha by the way from wch college u passed out . i personally want to meet that college principal seriously man un educated people

  • for the past 20 years sanjay dutt has been under the label of a terrorist.. just imagine the trauma.. the legal hassles for 20 years, jailed for 18 months, treated as a terrorist by the police, charged under TADA, being under the label of a terrorist for 20 years.. finally he was acquitted from the terrorist charges n it was proved that he had nothing to do with the bomb blasts.. its very easy for the public to give their opinion but none of them can even imagine what he has suffered all these years.. i really do feel sorry for sanjay dutt.. i think he has suffered enough, infact much more than what he deserved..
    n all those who r speaking against salman khan.. remember he is innocent until proven guilty.. u people speak as if u have witnessed the incident.. what do u guys know?? let the judiciary decide the case n dont give ur stupid verdict.. but m sure salman khan will b acquitted from all his cases.. n even if he is punished he will again rock the industry n the nation after his comeback with blockbusters after blockbusters! that is salman khan for u.. n salman khan runs being human for a genuine cause.. salman khan is the last person in this world who worries about his image.. he lives by his own rules n makes his own rule.. the man with the golden heart!

  • @navin u just hate srk thats why u dragged srk on every page..its a request to u dnt spoil ur image!u r such a pathetic fan..u knw well what to do and what not to do than supreme court na??

  • @radha You wrong I dont just hate srk but truth is I despise his loser fans like you even more. ;-P
    Reprimand your srkian brothers who do the same thing before asking other actors fans to restrain themselves and let moronic apes like ‘remotecontrol’ roam free.

  • That’s like a real man sanjai
    love you now,
    Now salman should go to jail
    Being human is like ” Jo ghutka Beech ta hai Wahi cancer ki hospital kholta hai”
    and mistake exuse me..
    It’s nt like stealing a buscits and beating others
    Better to go to jail salman

  • Sanjay accepts his mistakes and go to jail
    he is a real man unlike salman who is saving himself by creating fake charitible trust ‘Being Human’
    Salman go to jail and first how how to become ‘Human Being’

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