Jab Tak Hai Jaan Music Review

What can be a dream romantic Bollywood project? Just Imagine!! Okay… It has to be the iconic and trendsetter Yash Chopra directing the King of Romance Shah Rukh Khan paired opposite today’s topmost leading lady Katrina Kaif. What if the music is composed by the Oscar-winning maestro Allah Rakha Rahman with lyrics from the most gifted writer Gulzar Saab? Well… The dream has come true!!

The association of all these legends has given Yash Chopra’s last souvenir to Bollywood ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, a multi-dimensional feel. Can the stage get any bigger? The obvious answer to that question will be given on November 13, when this epic saga of undying romance will hit the screens, globally. For now it’s time to check out the much anticipated music album. So without much ado, let’s press the play button on the remote.

Jab Tak Hain JaanChalla: Be it DDLJ, Veer Zaara or RNBDJ, SRK-Yashraj combo has always created magic by exploring the Punjabi flavor and this time it’s no different. ‘Challa’ video is already out and it has created a lot of frenzy all around. Rabbi’s voice is refreshing as it bears uncanny resemblance to his chartbuster ‘Bulla ki Jaana’. Gulzar’s words give a Punjabi folk touch to the song. Its commendable how comfortably Rahman shuffles across different languages and still delivers sheer quality. Chartbuster! (Rating 4/5)

Saans: ‘Saans’ is a soft romantic composition driven by sensuously poetical lyrics. It’s one of the best tracks in the album. The huskier tone of Shreya Ghoshal’s voice oozes up the erotica feel of the song. Mohit Chauhan is average. (4/5)

Ishq Shava: It’s time for a zany dance number now. Rahman provides variety with the use of some interesting musical instruments. Gulzar’s lyrics are in synch with the mood of the song. Shilpa Rao’s vocals are catchy. But the real masterstroke and icing on the cake is to get Raghav Mathur (“Can’t Get Enough” fame) sing this song. The USP of the song is some killer vocals by this Canadian singer. (3.5/5)

Heer: Punjabi feel in the album returns with brilliant Sufi composition ’Heer’ sung by none other than Sufi ki Sultana Harshdeep Kaur. Kaur, fresh from the success of Jugni from Cocktail, takes this huge opportunity with her both hands and she is mesmerizing. The words by Gulzar are equally dreamy. (3.5/5)

Jiya Re: Neeti Mohan, who is a regular now in Rahman’s live shows, gets a chance to sing this groovy number. The melody is catchy, livelier and foot-tapping. Words from Gulzar glorify the feeling of a free bird. (3/5)

Jab Tak Hai Jaan: The title track of the movie is a hauntingly poetic melody by Rahman with some bewitchingly romantic lyrics penned by Gulzar. The song starts off slowly but picks up great pace as it goes on. Another Rahman regular Javed Ali strikes gold with his earthy and highly energetic vocals. He is ably assisted by talented Chennai crooner ShakthiSree Gopalan. (3.5/5)

Saans (Reprise), Ishq Dance and Poem: Saans(Reprise) a much slower and highly situational version of Saans sung again by Shreya. Ishq Dance is an instrumental piece. Jab Tak Hai Jaan poem has been seen and heard in the promo and it has been included in the music album as well in the voice of King Khan.

Overall Verdict – Rating: ★★★½☆

From the pioneers of Romance, we expected at least one romantic evergreen number which will capture the listener’s heart from the word go and stay in his mind for years like Humko Hum hi se churalo, Tujhe Dekha to ye jaana, Tu Hai meri Kiran, Dil To Pagal Hai or Tere Liye Hum bhi Jiye. That is missing.

The album, no doubt, is highly refreshing as is evident from the fact that we see irregular names like Rabbi, Raghav, Harshdeep and Neeti in a mainstream Hindi music album. Visuals will be out of the world to say the least. Songs take time to grow on you and the success of the music will be directly proportional to the film’s success at the ticket window which should not be a tough ask given SRK’s foolproof record with Yashraj Banner.

Get ready for a rocking musical Diwali!!!

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Review by Abhishek Sharma



  • Saans and Heer are the Best! Challa,Title track,Ishq Shava are awesome too! 4 stars to the album from my side! Saans is intensly romantic, soulful and melodious! Heer is extremely touchy and classy!

  • Sorry but the music of JTHJ lacks the yashraj & Rahman magic. Very Disappointed with the songs. had expected something outstanding.

  • Best Challa…5000/5
    followed by JiYA RE…JTHJ..HEER…ISHQ SHAVA…then SAANS
    wish they had lata and sonu nigam in a song..

    Anyways..not A.r Rahman’s best..but Challa is good enough to take it ahead

  • One of the greatest allbum of the year only haters can type by finger average or not good but in the hartness they also like all songs 4/5

  • Haters only know songs widout meaningful lyrics like aahu aahu aahu,dinka chika etc,they don’t have the understand of music

  • The response of musi by people or critics is too bad only srk idi@t fans like this.guys accept that music is really boring and the movie is going to be super flop.

  • I liked all songs..heer is very touching..after looking all videos it ll be more interesting to listen..best album of the year no doubt


    @indicine, nice review but Jab tak hai jaan title track really deserved 4 or 4.5…..
    any way all the songs are dame awesome!!! especially challa, saans, jab tak hai jaan and ishq shava.
    And all the songs are different in its own ways!!! really man HATTS OF TO AR RAHMAN!!!

  • @sakib, really???? let me give u all the latest music review for jthj till now..

    source: indicritic.blogspot.com
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan Music

    Music Director : A R Rahman
    Lyrics : Gulzar

    What I expected? : You really want me to say?

    Challa by Rabbi opens the soundtrack with refreshing and super cool guitar riffs, riding through an urbane-Sufi setup and even when it take references from Rabbi’s own Bulla song, manages to impress big time as a standalone track with excellent and stylish neoteric arrangements! Good hear!
    Saans by Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal is unbelievably intense, melancholic, soulful and sweet being a signature Yash Chopra romantic track boasting of an excellent tune, arrangements and soul stirring lyrics! Shreya show all the way and a great great hear!!
    Saans Reprise by Shreya Ghoshal is short yet heaven!!
    Ishq Shava sung by Raghav Mathur and Shilpa Rao is kind of a heard before Rahman dance track of the 90’s, yet engaging in every way, the catchy tune, fresh rendition and the seductive, modern, Arabic and Spanish influenced arrangements building up for a good hear!
    Heer by Harshdeep Kaur, an amazing Punjabi flavored sweet and passionate track, slow, powerful with novel arrangements and sung to perfection by Harshdeep.! What a composition.! What great lyrics! No words, great great hear!!
    Jiya Re by Neeti Mohan must be picturised on a modern Anushka Sharma since the track is a youthful and sonorous joyful-holiday-celebration mood ride with unconventionally good singing by Neeti(loved the raps in between!) and urbane cool arrangements giving a great hear!
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan by Javed Ali and Shakthisree Gopalan, the title track hopefully, starts off in a lively, intense, romantic high pitched mode then transitions itself into a complete Qwaali style with the shrill voice of Shakthisree going perfectly in sync with the setup. A good hear but a tad underwhelming! Could have been better.
    Ishq Dance, a 3 minute long instrumental showcases modern African dance beats. Good hear!
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan Poem, the serene and literally beautiful poetic dialog piece by SRK and written by Gulzar sahib given upper lift by some cool romantic background is nothing but classic!

    Verdict : Another Rahman magic.This album has everything from romantic, modern, desi and poetic tracks without letting us down even by a single bit.! What I loved about this one is that all the songs go straight in to our heart, it clicks and sinks in without taking any time at all unlike many of the Rahman albums recently. You’ll hear it. You’ll love it! JTHJ all set to rule the charts in the coming weeks! Highly Recommended!



  • @sakib, better search at google, why should i waste my time showing u….
    and all the music reviews till now from other websites gave 4/5 OKAY!!

    check this out,
    highonscore.com/music-review-jab-tak-hai-jaan — even this website gave 4/5

    so u better stop changing people’s opinion here by spreading negativity..

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