Jab Tak Hai Jaan Banned in Pakistan?

Shahrukh Khan - Jab Tak Hai JaanReports are coming in that, Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan is likely to be banned in Pakistan. Much like other films like Agent Vinod and Ek Tha Tiger, the trailer of Jab Tak Hai Jaan has been banned on television channels in the country.

Ek Tha Tiger was banned because Salman Khan played the character of an Indian RAW Agent. In Jab Tak Hai Jaan, SRK plays Samar, an army man who supposedly works for a bomb disposal squad and also has a mission in Kashmir.

The Pakistani Censor Board is likely to watch the full length film in the third week of November, after which a final decision will be taken.

Ek Tha Tiger lost around 8-10 crores of business in the country, when the Pakistani censor board banned it’s theatrical release.



  • @aaa111
    see ppl r comparing salmans biggest hit bodyguard,ett with shahrukh’s disaster movie ra 1 (according to salman fan)… thats is the power of king khan

  • Lol cant believe haters….
    anyways we all know JTHJ will be a family movie, and lotsnof better than ETT.
    Haters Tum log ra.one ki baat karte ho na wo 240 crs kamaa gyi hai and is yet to release in few countries. My name is khan lead the top position for about 2 years.. now 3 idiots is ahead of it and MNIK is yet to release in china and karan johar is thinkin about few more countries….
    Anyways shor daalne se kuch nahi hoga… salman ki veer, aur aamir ki mangal panday yaad hai na.. dono ke dream project…. hahahaha
    ab bolo karo abuse …. aur to kuch kar nahi sakte

  • @aaa111..
    u gave me a goosebump for a second..

    man..which salman movie collected 255 crore in domestic region?…u even know what DOMESTIC means?

    ETT collected 199 crore IN INDIA…and after tax deductions its….186 core(NET COLLECTION)..

    255 crore in domestic?..sallu fans gone crazy after watching JTHJ trailer…

  • @hunter . . . Who d hel ur man. . If u dont knw d knowledge abt tax collections then pls dont comment . . . M quite shocked u told only 13cr is tax for 199cr collected movie. . Wht d hel. . . I think ur something 5th class kid . . .go get ur homework first . . .otherwise ur mam ‘l punish u . . . Nd also kid be smart in maths . . In future wen u ‘l be big na . . It ‘l be helpful to u . . .

  • @ kamran.. the only thn i expected from srk fans to say.. lol.. jus so funny.. u guys were sayin ett was a rejected movie.. now salman rejected mov domestic collection is greater then srk rejected mov worldwide collection. wat u have to say on that?? poor srk fans…

  • Nakul i think u forget Rascals & Tezz Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz have u remember these r also Ajay Devgans Movies.
    Is Ajay is depending on Just One Director?
    Is that Ajays Power or Real Hero is Rohit Shetty?
    Because Noone was seen excited for Rascal or Tezz
    hmmmmmm strange isn’t it?

  • @hunter . :) u dumbo kid. . .199 is d net collection wch is d deduction of nearly 40% tax . . If we add 40% to net collection then it is nearly 265 cr gros domestic . . . Got it. . . let me give u clear evidence . . 3 idiots gross is 270 nd net is 202 cr in domestic. . .reply

  • @ hunter we first learn the basic meanin of box office..
    ra1 230 crore worldwide colelction is domestic gross colelction plus overseas collection

    n ett donestic gross collection is 255 crore..

    u understand the meanin of gross colelction n net colelction????

    ett net colelction is 195 crore… gross colelction is above 250 crore.

    jus so funny u srk fans.. u guys dont know abt basci concept of boxoffice… :)

  • @aaa111

    ra.one worldwide collection is 245 crore..(and its still to be released in some countries)

    and ETT domestic collection is near to 185 crore..

    how 185 is greater than 245?
    sallu fans ki english ke saath-saath maths bhi kamzor hai…

  • aaaa
    iska matlab hai ki salman ia better than amit sir, rajesh khanna, etc.. qki kisi ki film ka collection itna high nahi gya…lol qki salman ko takkar dene wala ek hi to banda hai dude…. ese to hritik, ranbir, even aamir ki 3 idiots nikal do uska bhi kam hai
    jin collections ki tum log baat kar rahe ho srk ne rule kiya hai use bahut saalo tak….
    aur bhai zara link dena 255 cr ka… lol
    aur bhai don2 me world class action tha ett se 10 times better… aur red chillies isbthe best vfx company in india and krrish 2 is also under red chillies…
    but salman fans ko to stupid things ka craze hai….
    kal ek salman fan ne kaha ki 15 aug is not as big as diwali hahahahahaha
    bhai 15 aug national holiday hota hai lol… diwali ko hamesha after evening shows collection bahut kam hote hai…
    ra.one ke 2nd day collections yaad hai na..

    aur haan… shahrukh agar highest grossing movie nahi de to iska matlab ki uska time gya???
    agar akshay ki film record nahi tode to use koi poochne wala nahi, aamir ki bhi nahi tod payegi…. ese to sabhi actors ka time gya dude….
    mark my word
    srk will strike back soon….
    salman ki filmo se log bore ho rahe hai,…. ett ran 4 only 2 weeks lol…
    wait and watch…

  • Main aur mrs.khanna, marigold, biwi ho toh aisi, veer, london dreams,god tussi great ho , etc. 2 saal mein itni flop. 74 flops and only 15 hits only . Wah sallu fans

  • @baap jee u guys say independence day is a huge day.. ett opening colleciton was because of indepence day.. bt u guys never mention it was ramzan during that time… mayn muslims didnt go to watch the movie that day.. i agree that independence day helped ett bt ramzan also affected its collection.. if it want ramzan, then surely 35 crore plus was pssible..
    i never say srk time was up.. i jus said that rite now salman is far ahead than any other actors…srk is a great actor bt rite now its dificult for any actor to come close to salman.

  • lol salman 74 flops
    koi jawab do iska bhai…
    salman fans samjhate hai ki wo wanted ke baad hi paida hua tha… lol

  • @aaa
    mere bhai i agree ki salman ki movies acha kar rahi hai but why salman fans say ki shahrukh cant break records???
    ye to bahut ho arrogance wali baat ho gyi..

  • ek tha tiger’s worldwide gross 307 cr..still counting,,,
    nd Ra one’s worldwide collection 240 cr..was released in 4000+ screens worldwide…

  • Its unbelievably stupid how Salman fans are only talking about his last three-four films. Where the hell was he in 2006, 2007 or 2008? Where were his so called die-hard fans when Kyun Ki, Shaadi Karke Phas gaya, Marigold, Salaam-e-ishq, Heroes, Main Aur Mrs Khanna, Veer, London Dreams and many more other films released? Some of them didnt even get 2 crore opening.

  • @hunter . . Kid get some knowledge. . . 240 is aGROSS world wide collection. . . Its 123 is net collection nd 172 gross domestic collection . . Domestic means in india . . . Got kid . . Nd ett 199cr is net collection nd 265 cr is gross domestic collection. . Nd 320 cr is gross world wide collection. . Got it kid . . Reply

  • @ hunter wat happende ?? must be shocked rite… so plz first learn abt box office n then only talk…
    @ selfish srk its a waste talkin to these srk fans… they only talk atb awards overseas ollection n quality.. u know during ra1 time.. they made foll of themselves. u can see it on this site..it jus so funny. i think its ra1 shock effect that theu r nt talkin abt box office collection :)
    to all the srk fans who say dont talk abt boxoffice collection we only want quality movie— jus look at the page during ra1 time… u guys will be ashamed of urself..

  • @selfish srk
    ese to ddlj ka adjusted gross 3 idiots se bhi zyada hai,,,,
    adjusted gross pta hai na kya hota hai???

  • @hunter . . . According box office . . Ra one gross worldwide collection is 202 cr not 240cr . . Nd ett world wide is 307cr if net is 186cr . . Otherwise it 199cr nd 320cr . . Got d difference

  • COPY KING…..
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    time,Mr Nice Guy
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    3.Chak De : Mighty ducks, Miracle on ice
    4.Mohabattein: DEAD POET SOCIETY (1989)
    5.Main hoo na : Never Been kissed, Toy
    soldiers, Hiding out (1987), Fight Back to
    6.Chalte chalte: Forget Paris, Fools RUSH IN
    7.King uncle : Annie
    8.Kuch kuch hota hai: Sleepless in seatle,
    9.Kabhi alvida na kehna: divorce american
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    10.chamatkar : blackbeard’s ghost

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