Jab Tak Haan Jaan: Low TRP’s for television premiere

Jab Tak Hai JaanThe world television premiere of Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan has fetched low TRP’s. The movie clocked 2.4 TVR when it was aired on 21st April 2012 at 7:30 PM Indian Standard Time.

One reason why the film starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma may have fetched low TRP’s is the IPL match between Kings XI Punjab and Pune Warriors which was aired at 8PM on Sony Six. Also, masala entertainers that cater to a much larger section of the audience tend to get much better TRP’s than romantic films.

Television premiere TRP’s of other major films in recent times

  • 3 Idiots – 10.9
  • Bodyguard – 10.3
  • Dabangg – 9.2
  • Singham – 8.7
  • Ra One – 6.7
  • Son Of Sardar – 5.1
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 2.4


  • No excuses for Low TRP’s. Fact is When no body could watch it on screen ,how could any one watch it on TV.Sony Promoted the Television Premier so much.So many ads on various news channel.Fans started to trend it through out the day. The fact is these things do not contribute.That match on IPL was also Insignificant. But content does play partly. Alas!! JTHJ premiere is even low than Talaash which was 2.7.

  • Romantic movie can do blockbustar businees,thatsn’t a fact.Fact is Jab tak hain jan is a bogas sleepy movie,I bet if there is no controversy this movie cant even collect 50crores.

  • The very first reason is, obviously, IPL matches.
    If you are going to broadcast a movie at 7:30 PM (the same time of an IPL match), then people will definitely follow the matches instead of this movie.
    Second thing, JTHJ is a bit too long to watch and with those lengthy commercials, its total running time may surpass 4 hours, which is unbearable.

    Now,If any one will raise the concern of weak plot or storyline, then i am not agree with him/her, as in the same list (above) , we can see that TRP of SOS is 5.1, which doesn’t have any storyline or plot.
    But due to Off-IPL season and shorter length, it succeed to manage a TRP of 5.1.

  • When the film is on release time, then it should be called Biggest film of the year because of its cast & crew , where SRk,Katrina,Anushka,AR rehman,Gulzar, yash chopra and Yash raj production now its turned out that SRk star power is ending now slowly atleast in india

  • 3 idiots trp is 9.8 not 10. 9..an where is dabangg2 trp ?d2 trp is 4.8 trp..an for srk , 2.4 fr jthj is better than my name is khan – 1.7 trp n don2 – 2.0 trp..so srk is seriously in trouble – all thanks 2 his fans which dont go in theatres 2 watch his films n also dont watch him on telivision .

  • There r many excuses ready as usual for low trp like IPL match,non masala movie,exam time,on 21st april the whole world was very busy,there was no electricity bcoz of loadshedding in some states bcoz of summer and it was very warm so people were out of the house for evening walk etc etc and “JTHJ” got only hit verdict bcoz of “SOS” otherwise it would have broken all records set by “3 idiots” and “ETT” and now “Chennai exp” will also fail to break all records bcoz of “OUATIMA” releasing on same day and EID is also the other reason bcoz people don’t watch movies on EID like “RA 1” which collection was less bcoz of DIWALI otherwise Srk movies can break every records of box office.lol

  • sorry i forgot to mention in my above comment .
    that,rr was telecasted on same day.in morning session it garnered 5.4 trp,
    and in evening session it has 4.8trp

  • Indicine you missed many trps.
    Rowdy rathore 5.4
    dabangg 2 4.9
    housefull 2 4.4
    talaash 2.8
    k-786 2.7
    jthj is not even in top 20

  • Film not worked at theaters – Its due to clash with SOS.

    Received lowest TRP on tv – Its due to clash with Ipl match.

    Why you guys not getting that if the film is not accepted by ppl then it would not work anywhere.

    JTHJ touched 100 crs because of just 1 reason that Its Yash Chopra’s last film thats all.

  • @IMAM shoot your source for giving you BOGUS information the day after the premier…! :-P

    Too All Srkians:-

    A- Did you all watch that mega important IPL match that evening?
    B- Did you all go out for a very long evening walk after dinner?
    C- Did you simply forget that King was going to be on air that night?
    D- Or did you just presume that others were gonna do your bidding and watch crappy JTHJ on the small idiot box when you diehard lot couldnt even bare to watch it in theatres in your billions?

    Srk u deserve better fans than these deserters of the Titanic size ship called ‘Smeagol Rulez’.

  • most faltu movie! I was watching this movie with my wife, but did not complete this movie. Faltu movie. It is another faltu movie after Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna of SRK.

  • Not shocking……ZNMD and DON2 got below 2….. TRP for Class films is low…..plus IPL stuff…….TRP’s for all films are going down thanks to piracy

  • With due respect to all other actors, I want to state that SK [Emperor Khan], is also currently the emperor of small screen.

  • @ Mohit, correct your fact, it was only hit in India.

    Since MNIK, none of the SRK films have been superhit in India.

  • So what if its TRPs are low? At box office, it grossed more than Talaash despite not having solo release (while Talaash had no clash with other films). And it also grossed more than Son of Sardar which was a more audience friendly masala genre, releasing at same time. That shows star power of SRK.

    Only he can make a dull movie a blockbuster despite clash with a masala film!

  • TRP device is fitted on around 8 or 9 thousand houses in India. How can few thousand viewers reflect on more than 100 crore viewers in India and overseas ??

  • here is the total data of 2012 and 2013 for small screen

    Akshay Kumar The Khiladi of Bollywood Is Ruling TVR’s Since Last year.. Beating Khans.

    He Topped Highest TVR In 2012 Through Rowdy Rathore And Samething He Has Done In 2013 Too With Khiladi 786 Topped Again :)

    List Of Tvr’s With Numbers Of Akshay Kumar, Salman khan, Aamir Khan And SRk Movies With Proof so No Fake


    2012 TVR

    Rowdy Rathore TVR 5.6 (12PM) & 5.1 (8:30PM)

    Ek Tha Tiger TVR 4.9

    Housefull 2 TVR 3.8

    Oh My God TVR 3.5

    Desi Boyz TVR 2.4l
    Joker TVR 2.3

    Don 2 TVR 1.7

    2013 TVR

    Khiladi 786 TVR 5.1

    Dabangg 2 TVR 4.9

    Jab Tak Hein Jaan TVR 2.4

    Talaash TVR 2.3 TVR

  • I had a lot of expectations for this film but I was disappointed by it. This IPL clash is an excuse. If I wanted to see it, I would have seen it.

  • @himesh because indicine itself promoted jthj premiere on the same day that’s y they r giving trp of that movie too as they also disappoint with the trp it got, while they did not promoted or given any update about Dabangg 2 & talaash premiere, so how u excited too much y u not shown ur anger when they did nort even talk abt d2 or talaash premier, and the finasl thing is that srk fans always excuse but one thing is sure if something is good it will be appreciate even there are many competition or some troubles like sos i m not saying sos was a great or good movie but it given the same entertainment what its promises from trailer that’s y it performed well both in theatres as well as in tv
    and don’t bring salman or Aamir there because top 2 spot of higher trp is grab by these two..

    and remeber Talaash was very dark film that’s y it not promoted to tv hugely like Jthj and talaash did the same perfomance as any one thought from this kind of movie remember Kahaani gets better wom than talaash but it also got low trp as its zoner is not having good scope on tv…
    hope u get ur answer

  • @deepu ok u finally admit that jthj is a bad movie than y u r saying its done blah blah business y promoting a bad mvoie if its good than u can promote but y promoting bad movies i don’t know y srkian r dumb people, you should have gut to see reality if srk made good movies than that was superhit in India but now he makes craps than you people shouting that overseas audience can understand these classic movies shameless people like u who can’t respect indian who made srk superstar, srk is getting work through Indians still he didn’t work any abroad films, get a life failures

    and don’t bring Aamir here Aamir is the one who set these 100 & 200 cr benchmark and even after so many film of A listed actor no bosy break 3 idiots records and a genuine person who watched talaash can easily say itwas a good movie but expectation from Aamir too huge as he come back after monster 3 Idiots that’s y it disapponted moviegoers but still got 93 cr collection without non holiday release and low publicity remeber ur srk highly promoted MNIK inspite of good revies cam after 3 idiots managed only 75 cr collection in India while its having much higher audience scope than Talaash so don’t judge Aamir only from Talaash, here everyone say srk stardom decreases due to his last 4 film collection which is not upto the mark…

  • where is IMAM n the other guy called Tangori who declared JTHJ TRPs on next day, here is the proof:

    * Tangori: (April 22, 2013 at 1:31 am) JTHJ TRP is 5.7 better than dabangg 2

    page : http://www.indicine.com/movies/bollywood/jab-tak-hai-jaan-tv-premiere-today-at-730pm/

    where is remotecontrol, soroop, mohit n Damn? This shows how srk fans are far from reality n declare results before they are announced. Now eat your own words ($hit) n think before posting comments !!!! I pity with srk for having such fans.

  • excuses n only excuses! these srk fans r great in makin excuses.. hav some shame n learn to accept the truth.. now i am waitin for their excuses during chennai express.. before the release of any srk movie they claim that it will break all box office records blah blah blah.. but after the release they come out with pathetic excuses n make a mockery of themselves.

  • clash with ipl that too kings punjab vs pune warriors, the lighweight teams of ipl, r u kiddin me??? this is the lamest excuse i hav ever heard

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