Jab Tak Hai Jaan TV Premiere today at 7:30PM

The World Television Premiere of Yash Chopra’s last film Jab Tak Hai Jaan starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma will be aired at 7:30PM on Sony TV.

SRK fans have been tweeting with the hashtag ‘JTHJonSony’ which was trending on micro-blogging site Twitter since morning.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Below are a few tweets from fans who have been building up the excitement for the television premiere on social networking websites.

“We will never get a chance to see the most successful director-actor duo of Shah Rukh Khan and Yash Ji. So dont miss #JTHJOnSony at 7:30 PM”

Raj: “Teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyan, Teri hansi ki beparwah gustaakhiyaan Nahin bhoolunga main Jab tak hai jaan, Jab tak hai jaan.”

Sneha Rajani: “Emotional day for me tomorrow. It’s the Premiere of Jab Tak Hai Jaan #JTHJonSony. Miss you Yashji. They don’t make them like you at all anymore.”

“Praveen: #JTHJOnSony TV Premier of a undying saga of romance where Major Samar Anand will fight demons to triumph in LOVE! Watch 4 incredible Shahrukh Khan”



  • The movie runtime is painfully 3 hours plus 1.25 hours of ads. Means you have to suffer even badly than Samar in the movie.

  • No body will suffer dude. U seems painfully suffering from now onwards. Dont be frustrated we SRK fns wont watch in huge numbers. Even i dont watch the movie. It’s all for u only coz we dont want any salman fan to go through deep depression

  • Shahrukh khan …. Good acting . Katrina .. So so acting … Watchin a rubbish shahrukh’s movie Is better than watching those receding hairline actors .. E.g Ranbhir, Salman..

  • wow great this is epic srk-yashraj combo and the biggest blockbuster and best movie ever made in bollywood history, king khan rocks

    that was the initials of srk fans before nov 13th 2012 and after its release.

    and after that this one igs good effort by srk and yash and it would collect more if release solo, but the people who sitting inside the hall and especially non srk fans came out of theater and saying like that
    “this one is epic boring disaster movie ever made by one of the best actor-director duo, what a big let down”

    hahaha and now these srk fans trying hard to promote jthj on tweeter to tell other that Jthj is coming on sony tv today because many of us are not aware abt this news, yaar plz tweeter nad you tube par promote karne se beeter hota ki tum log cinema haal me dekh aate is movie ko atlease jthj 101 cr k bajay ra-one k 115cr collection ka record to tod leti, q ki salman’s Ready 122 cr collection still a milestone to achieve for srk and his fans.
    great dude and best of luck to they who r now wathcing this crap on tv and i hope every body will have some tablets to face headache….

  • Guess if srks boring slow unentertaining movie
    collects 103cr than imagine what ll the collections
    of rohit shetty directed full entertaining full comedy full romantic chennai express movie
    sure collect around 160-170cr but i think no 1
    only krrish 3 collections ll around -185-190cr

  • @gullible navin
    i quieten you now with my proofs thats why you stopped arguing
    let me tell you one thing
    soroop is right victim faces shouldnt be shown
    because illhearted people like you will always look down at them
    you are hypocrite
    if srk did satymeve jayate that way i swear i will see you the first one jumping on him like an ape who needs a kela
    try to change cause life is so short
    you will find that you spent your life in arguing in useless dialogues but that after too late
    who is this xzone you always hallucinate
    about for me to copy his site
    these are credible resourced awards facts know by every srk hater let alone an srk avid ardent fan since1992 like me
    you children and grandchildren will laugh at you
    when they will hear you underestimating shahrukh khan
    tell your amir and sallu to beat vidya balan
    then come to argue with me

  • why do indicine is so bothered abut jthj tv premier? saw the same article on indicine about a month ago. why? for promotion?

  • @remotecontrol /Damnnnn…!… Lol first you two jabronis couldn’t quite get the hang of when to hit the ‘RETURN’ button when typing up your idiotic comments but now you 2 lovebirds are getting abit too comfortable with this ‘copy & paste’ function because you leaving the same comment on multiple pages…! :-P

    Listen carefully retards, grab afew painkillers or maybe try to slightly electrocute yourself so that you can Snap out of this JTHJ mode. Clearly your brain has gone numb whilst watching Srks 10 year memory loss act and ageing 20 years all in the span of 5 minutes lying in a hospital bed, King srk didnt even need ‘PAA’ makeup artists as it was all natural…! :-P

    If that doesnt work for you then do what Srk is a master at and that is Suck on Kelas like the way he suxXxXx on Golden Kelas…! ;-)

  • @langoori JTHJs TRP was 5.9 you say but it should have been more if it wasn’t for the fact ‘Mental Asylums’ and Psychiatric Wards up and down the country witnessed astounishing scenes were Billions of Srkians were actually voluntarily admitting themselves to be ‘locked’ up in solitary confinement for the night. Dr Samar Truepants from 1 institution told reporters that patients were coming in all through the night frantically spouting out that as soon as the first Ad break arrived during JTHJ telecast they felt their minds slightly relaxed so decided this was the best time to make a run for it before King Srk reappeared on tv.
    Sony TV also commented that during Srks 5 sec lovemaking scene, the audience viewing numbers dropped considerably- I reckon Kat would agree that it was not the only ‘thing’ that droped down considerably quick during that scene…! ;-) ;-)

  • I think @navin uncle u must hav a hedache watching sallu’s films n commenting on indicine infront of ur pc…toh m givin an advice foh free take a chill pill…oppzz I mean take a sleeping pill n relax….hav a sleep..n drink milo.it wil improve ur health n suggest it to ur ghantaa bhai.it really workss…!!

  • @Damnnn…!… / remotecontrol Hey kiddo maybe I should drink a whole carton of ‘Frooti’ juice as I need something to help me watch JTHJ in its entirety…! I mean I may have been a tad too harsh in ridiculing the movie when I’ve only seen about one tenth of the movie which is around 30 mins…! :-P
    Normally even despite drinking 4 cans of redbull, 3 cups of extra strong coffee and swallowing half dozen pills of pro plus I still fall asleep after 10 mins into the movie which seemed like an eternity…! ;-)
    If drinking Frooti doesnt work for me then I’ll try to stick matchsticks between my eye lids and suffer both physical torture and pshchological torment at the same time. Hey I could be a Srkian for 3 hours and join your world by experiencing the same cinematic extravaganza you mob feel when watching King Srk on the Silver Screen..! :-P

  • @remotecontrol : No wonder u r a srk fan. You are asking Aamir n Salman to break Vidya’s record? Which record, r u dreaming? Or r u referring to those ugly, Black, rigged awards on which Aamir n Salman dont even pee. First ur king to beat real men at BO (both India n worldwide) rather bringing an actress. And last postings essays about srk wont help u either coz nobody cares n they know how srk got it. Stop fooling yourself n come out from past glories. :p

  • @Damnnn…!…. : I believe u have already tried Milo hence knows how it works. And more than Salman, srk needs it! He is ageing (by looks) faster than Aamir n Salman.

  • whoever is posting about TRPs is a big fool. TRPs cannot be measured in less than a week forget about having it on next morning. Phekoo fans of a fake king !!!!

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