Can Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani break all non-holiday records?

Yeh Jawaani Hai DewaaniArticle from Indicine reader Aashish posted in the Indicine Forum

Over the last few years, the first week of June (the week after the IPL season) has emerged as a very important release date for Bollywood. Since 2010, films released during this week have not only put up huge numbers at the box office but have also managed a position in the Top 3 grossers of the year. More importantly, all films have been blockbusters.

2010: Raajneeti released on 4th June and took the box office by storm right from the word go. It was declared a blockbuster even before the weekend was over. The Prakash Jha film was the third highest grosser of 2010. Rajneeti collections Р94 crores approx. Verdict РBlockbuster

2011: Salman Khan stormed the box office as ‘Ready’, which released on 3rd June, not only surpassed last year’s biggest non-holiday blockbuster ‘Raajneeti’, but also broke the opening day and weekend record of 3 Idiots. It was also the first 100 crore grosser of 2011 and the second highest grossing film of 2011. Ready¬†Collections – 122 crores approx.¬†Verdict – Blockbuster.

2012: 1st June witnessed the release of Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore and the ‘masala entertainer’ was expected to smash all previous non-holiday records. As expected, the film started off with a bang, surpassed all records by a distance, was the most universally appreciated film of the year and also the 3rd highest grosser of 2012. Rowdy Rathore Collections – 134 crores approx. Verdict – Blockbuster

So the post IPL week has been as good as a major holiday release for Bollywood and with Ranbir Kapoor proving his mettle with every new outing, the ultimate question remains, ‘Can Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani overhaul all previous non holiday records?’

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  • YJHD to break all time Non Holiday record is the biggest joke of all times. That movie has no Potential. Its a mixture of so many movies put together.Public is not stupid to fall for such idiotic movies.

  • It can….. And I pray it should… This will surely hav a better storyline than cheap masala entertainers such as Ready n Rowdy Rathore for sure…

  • I dont think it will break all non holiday records, but it will perform very well at the box office.. music is already a craze with the youth. moreover ranbir-deepika pair is admired by many :D

  • Rajneeti was a multi starrer, Ready was a Salman Khan starrer. Will have to wait and see whether YJHD will be good or bad.

    Salman and Akshay have been in the industry for more than 20 years and have a bigger fan-following. Ranbir is not in the same league currently.

  • That is totally impossible.
    1. Non-holiday opening record is currently held by Salman and only any of the top 5 superstars can break it.
    2. Genre of the movie: It’s a romantic-drama film much like a mixture of Ranbir’s earlier movies like Bachna Ae Haseeno, Anjana Anjani and Imran’s Ekk main aur ekk tu. This makes it a Khichdi.
    3. Ranbir is a superb actor and star but still his starpower is not enough to pull the audience for a record breaking opening.

  • well this is what i’ve also wondered ever since the release date was announced. frankly, it has very good chances of breaking the non-holiday opening, which i believe is currently 14.5-15 crs by Rowdy Rathore.

    the previous RK starrer Barfi, which just released on just 1200 screens opened at 9 crs, so its only logical to expect that YJHD will collect around 15 crores.
    Anyways anything can happen, so i m keeping my expectations moderate only.

  • Ranbir kapoor is a big star now but movie trailer is not looking great. So dont think it will break any record. Movie will definitely take good opening. As it is targeted at multiplex audience so single screens audience wont watch it in big numbers.

    My prediction 1st day – 12crs, 2nd day – 13.5 crs (multiplex movie tends to grow on sat), 3rd day – 14 crs. Life time collection would be depends on content but i think it will do around 105 crs

  • Of course it will, it has so much going for it already; pairing of Ranbir-Deepika, Ayan’s last was much appreciated Wake Up Sid, Dharma Production and songs are already chartbusters.

  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani can break the non-holiday opening record but it’ll soon be broken by some other film as records these days do not stay for long.

    Having said that Ranbir has the stardom to get that kind of opening. Even his niche movies like Barfi & Rockstar opened very well. so i think YJHD should have a very good opening but whether it’ll break record or not only time can tell.

    I wish Ranbir, Deepika & KJo the very best.

  • Biggest weekend collection is held by a non-holiday release and that’s dabangg 2. so it’s impossible to break the record of 64 crores. even the movie is very good, it will only gross around 44 crores in the opening weekend.

  • if barfi can open at 9 crs & cocktail at 11 crs, then YJHD definitely has the potential to open at 14-15 crs.

  • Are you kidding me?? No chance!! Though I blv it’ll be a far better film than record holder dabangg 2, rowdy rathore, ready and all those crap masala movies.

  • Raajneeti was a multistarrer movie,ready was a salman khan movie and rowdy rathore was a akshay kumar movie these guys are hugely popular than the overrated ranbir.barfi opened 9 cr that too with all good reviews and word of mouth and if you say that if you say cocktail can take then yjhd will take good oppening then i am sure you have lost your mind even raaz3 opened better than barfi and cocktail and if you cocktail songs were more popular and the trailer was liked by most of the people whivh is missing in the case of yjhd so stop giving unneccessary hype to this overrated ranbir,dharma banner because as i said earlier the maximum it can do is 80 crore not more than that.

  • @TIna, the movie isn’t released yet and how can you call it a idiotic movie? did you watch it even it get released? “Public is not stupid to fall for such idiotic movies.”? please,,, look at the big hits in last few years, most of them are idiotic movies, yet entertaining.

  • Why there is so much hype for ranbir….he is jus an average actor with average movies…why the media praise him so highly…really there is something wrong…….

  • Yjhd… Haha… Bakwaas.. Ranbhir is a star ?? Haha.. Try asking any Asians(spore, msia, Indonesia , Australia , etc2)… Who is RK.. None of them knows.. He’s only a star in India .. That’s all. A star in a India is no big deal. Ask anyone in world who is SRK…. Try that . Even with no blockbusters or whatsoever … SRK popularity still counts .. So RK is just a normal actors whom India fancies . That’s all

  • @some1 well Shahid is definately a better actor than ranbir who looks funny in serious role and don’t even mention hrithik he is over actor and not a good dancer like Shahid and i know you are a stupid hruthik fan.when shingham2 will kick hrithick’s ass you will realise about his star power.Ajay rocks and hrithik sucks.

  • @shekhar, dude I know how Ajay rocks lol…………btw dude I am getting that,you have a low iq & you are calling me stupid, have you ever seen me fighting here with any other actor fan.I don’t fight here & comment here in irrelevant topic.BTW I am definitely better than you,who only knows trollbazzi.Learn something from a 17 year old.

  • I don’t think it will break first day non holiday record but it should do in the range of 12-13 which will be a very good figure for this one & especially in this genre.

  • @shekhar:ajay is a greater star than hrithik? ? ?really? ? ?didnt u see the success of agneepath over tezz. . . . . . . .hrithik is much better than ajay in terms of every star qualities like fan following,acting,looks,dancing etc. . . . . .

  • What a joke it break sallu or aki films pre record. ranbir is young star not superstar that every one think it break all nh record. Rabir lucky get good script thats why his films doing well. I am sure it can’t break romcom Love Aaj Kal or cocktail life col. My prediction.
    1st day 11.5cr
    2nd day 12.5cr
    3rd day 13.5cr
    weekned 39to 40cr max
    1st week 58cr
    lifetime 70cr to 75cr max.

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