Jab Tak Hai Jaan TV Premiere today at 7:30PM

The World Television Premiere of Yash Chopra’s last film Jab Tak Hai Jaan starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma will be aired at 7:30PM on Sony TV.

SRK fans have been tweeting with the hashtag ‘JTHJonSony’ which was trending on micro-blogging site Twitter since morning.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Below are a few tweets from fans who have been building up the excitement for the television premiere on social networking websites.

“We will never get a chance to see the most successful director-actor duo of Shah Rukh Khan and Yash Ji. So dont miss #JTHJOnSony at 7:30 PM”

Raj: “Teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyan, Teri hansi ki beparwah gustaakhiyaan Nahin bhoolunga main Jab tak hai jaan, Jab tak hai jaan.”

Sneha Rajani: “Emotional day for me tomorrow. It’s the Premiere of Jab Tak Hai Jaan #JTHJonSony. Miss you Yashji. They don’t make them like you at all anymore.”

“Praveen: #JTHJOnSony TV Premier of a undying saga of romance where Major Samar Anand will fight demons to triumph in LOVE! Watch 4 incredible Shahrukh Khan”



  • @hrithik
    past glories
    but neither salman nor amir has what you call * past* glories
    yes amir and salman
    is a shame stigma
    vidya balan come after them just in 2005 and surpassed both
    these two handicapped actors
    got beaten by a an actress

  • @Tangori : hey langoor, where did u get this Fake
    TRPs, atleast research some before posting, read
    this u fool :


    about ur CE collections, I will be a die hard srk fans
    if it does 150 cr in India only. Abbey, srk fans if only
    u could have shown same excitement during JTHJ
    release rather for a Tv premiere.

  • @ Remote Control: Think even Vidya is delivering blockbusters, but SRK is not able to deliver it now. He should retire or do oola la oola la with Vidya for getting in-evitable blockbuster.

  • Ya! Navin Uncle’s brain already washed out after watching ghanta award winner Sallu’s Dabba2
    Now uncle need some steroid capsule because Crappiest Film Of the history of indian Cinema is arriving ‘Mental’

  • Why Sall Fans talking about Collection?
    — because they already knows the movie will be crap and taporis will watch this……. So they don’t have enough reason to fight With Srk Fans
    Although Salman is Begger in front of Srk in overseas collection
    but Salman Fans will keep barking that we don’t count overseas collection lol! :-p
    ‘Being Mental’

  • @remotecontrol Srk should concentrate his efforts on delivering a more durable, sustained and more credible love making performance than Sunny Leone because Sunny rocked in Jism 2 whereas Kat was left very much unsatisfied on the coffee table in JTHJ…! :-P
    @star bhai roxXxXx Sunny roxXxXxXx Kat roxXxXx but Srk suxXxXx

  • @mohit Oh my little retarded abandoned little ugly duckling of a nephew, its been afew years since we heard from you or saw you but I guess every ‘stray dog’ eventually finds its way back home…! :-P

    Yeah my nephew, you are right that the crappiest masala film ever will be arriving this Eid. Watch out for Chennai Depress as its been driven by a depressed underpaid and completely ignored train driver SRK. Dont worry about the tapooris, they have already made plans to go on holiday during the Eid week so you Srkians will have an open week in making Chennai Depress defeat the collections of Ready but most likely scenario is that OUATIMA will dent your dreams for another year.

  • @mohit Oh my innocent naive demented little nephew, you really dont need to count collections yourself, you just rest your little troubled and sick mind okay. Let your little imbecile friend ‘remotecontrol’ deal with that issue- ‘remotecontrol’ has his own unique formulas and logic for working out Overseas collections. (check out his success ratio formula for Srk, Aamir, Vidya and it will blow your mind away and have Einstein turning upside down in his grave)
    The formula he uses goes something like this:- he takes worldwide collections and multiples it with the all India collections figure and comes out with the ‘Overseas’ collections figure…! :-P
    I mean if you srkians insist on using such highly intelligent maths which are beyond our limited comprehension then no wonder Srk is King of the ‘overseas’ market whereas Aamir and Salman merely rule the small insignificant ‘Worldwide’ Collections arena…! :-P
    @IMAM now I know where you got your overseas figures from, it was from ‘Damnnn…!…’ aka ‘remotecontrol’ ;-)

  • Navin uncle one of ma comments waznt published by indicine
    Dont knw y…!!!
    I knw u hav developed dese habits by watchin lallu’s dabba 2,bodyguard watchman,ek tha doggy.
    N hrithik u shd change ur name to lallu khan.instead of praising hrithik u r alwaez seen criticizing shahrukh.n goin ola la la abt sallu.
    N I hav drank milo in ma childhood daezz datzz y wazz suggesting to uncles…u shd also try.itzz very beneficial…!!
    Atleast ur brother whoz a srk fan wil appreciate ma comments if hez not biased to u being his sibling

  • There is no overseas or domestic collection, nor any sattelite revenue etc.,

    There is just one box office collection, and if the film fail at box office, it is called FAILURE.

    No matter what stats producers keep about this or that collection.

    All the other collections are just to save face, but in the end, if the film flops at box office, it means there is a risk associated with the actors and directors of the film.

    The TRPs data takes 2 to 3 weeks to release. Currently the TRPs are available for the shows that aired between 25th March to 31st March.

  • Mohit: We do count nos. of times pants being puts down and complained too. All the last 5 films of SK is blockbuster in oversees too.

  • @Damnnn….!. : Who the hell told u that if I have id as hrithik I should support hrithik only? Yes, HR is one of the hardworking n fine actor. I am a Salman fan first. Yes, srk deserve that coz he is not a man of his own words n a self proclaimed king.

  • Oohhh even u r not of ur words hrithik…
    U called urself a hrithik fan.n now u r lallu khans fan first.dere r ppl like u uncle who believe in changing tracks according to situations..
    No matter d reason behind dis izzz sum ppl support d best not whom dey like which izz jst like being a diplomat.i wonder if u wil b wid ur dear ones in deir worst times…!!

    Navin chill…i dont knw y d hell u alwaezz think m remote control.i think u cant digest too many die hard srk fanss datzz y…
    I dont have multiple personality disorder unlike u….!!!

  • @Damnnn….! : You are nothing but a stranger for me. My friends n family knows me well. So i dont even give a Damnn for people like you. There can be two different persons with same name but u wont understand as a kid n have seen less world !!

  • @Damnnn…!… You sleep in the same bed as ‘remotecontrol’ so that can mean only 1 of 2 things…! I let you decide what you are but yeah before I forget:- You suck regardless of what ID you use…! ;-)

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