‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’: SRK averts clash, gives the film a quirky title

In what is being seen as a smart move, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has partially averted the much-hyped clash between his film, which has now been titled ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ and Akshay Kumar’s next ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’.

The move to release ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ a week earlier than it was previously scheduled is a confident one, because the content of the film has to be good for it to take advantage of the ‘Independence Day’ holiday on August 15.

But like ‘Kaabil’ earlier this year, ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ too could prepone its date, to take advantage of the Raksha Bandhan on August 8. Otherwise, ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ faces the risk of a ‘Chennai Express’ vs ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara’ like situation – if ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ turns out to be a good film and finds acceptance.

The title itself – Jab Harry Met Sejal – is a quirky one that could remind the audience of Imtiaz Ali’s career-best film ‘Jab We Met’. It’s also the title that was eventually the picked after the working title ‘The Ring’ and the rumoured ones ‘Rehnuma’ and ‘Raula’.

Also starring Anushka Sharma as the female lead, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ is Shah Rukh Khan’s second release of 2017.

The posters are fantastic, colourful and full of energy.

Check them out:

Jab Harry Met Sejal First Look

Jab Harry Met Sejal First Look

Jab Harry Met Sejal Poster

Jab Harry Met Sejal Poster



  • excellent decision by preponing to 4th August … 100 to 115 cr in just 4 days Monday is holiday and if jhms turns out even as good as jwb then it’s going to make history……!!!
    very very wise decision .
    this is what I wanted.

  • @thakur sahab Akshay is at career high??
    u mean jolly llb 2 releasing solo and collecting 105 crs is better…while Raees in clash collecting 140 crs is poor??
    get your facts right…other wise gabbar will come for your hands.lol

  • #JabHarryMetSejal will be romantic film of the decade 90’s was #DDLJ 00’s was #KHNH

  • can u tell me y title is copied from forein movie’when harry mets selly’ ? See i alwys doubted imitiaz…he is jst a copy cat and don’t be suprised if the movie also turns out its copy…shameful!

  • actually i m nt liking this release date bcoz the director and srk will try to get as mch screens as TEPK on 11th august too…

  • I KNW THIS IS A TRICK BY SRK & team…it will hve 2000+screens easily in 2nd week ..vry similar to TEPK…I jst wnt akhay & TEPK producer to be strict on screen allocation!

  • Haters are so funny ! When Raees clashed Kaabil which was announced first, they all said SRK was an arrogant cheater who should avoid the clash. Now that he avoids a clash, they say he runs away. Get a life guys ! With Baahubali 2 showing that only content matters, many clash have been adverted, such as Dutt vs TZH. It’s not about running away, it’s about creating a better industry.

  • @ Salman fan, abe idiot do u know anything ? Title is not taken from Hollywood.it is inspired from imtiaz own film Jab we met starring Shahid and kareena.
    2nd thing he didn’t run away.he only preponed the film by 1 week.Everyone is wanting a solo release.so if he wants then what’s wrong in that.he surely would have win the clash but only winning the clash is not important.his films are repeatedly suffering and he needs a big grosser.

  • lol gadar & tolilet reflects two dffrnt things…and foreign se copy krna is shameful coz its like stealing as nt mny ppl watches foriegn movies ..!

  • @Sayar at 12:55 pm
    That’s all you (srk fans) can do, when you have nothing to say then talk about his Personal matter…Now where is that srk fan (Prasant Abhishek), now why don’t you stop your this fellow stupid srk fan Sayar when he is talking on Personal matter……

    You Idiots have nothing to say on professional matter so you bark on personal matter……

    But even after that accident (which is still not proof that Salman was driving that car and also Salman get clean chit from High Court) still atleast Salman is not Deshdrohi like Srk…….Now people know how Srk become the 2nd richest actor in the world because he is a TAX CHOR……..Deshdrohi ke fans ke muh se insaniyat ki baate achchi nahi lagti……..LOL

    @Indicine please publish this comment also and don’t be Biased…….

  • @Bhoj; You Dumbo, you don’t know what’s my problem…..I tell you, my problem is Srk fans when they come on Salman related article and spread negativity then why don’t you ask them what’s their problem……Instead of barking on me, you stop your own fellow srkians…..atleast I won’t talk on personal matter of Srk and never use abusive words for him, like your illiterate srk fans…..

  • @Prashant abhishek;
    Bhai tell me one thing, from where you all (srk fans) get such stupid and baseless logics……When Bahubali release 1 week before Bajrangi Bhaijaan in 2015, then you all said that Salman get solo release and its not a clash……But when same thing happen with Srk movie and his JHMS release 1 week before TEPK, then for you Clash is On……WoW what a logic yaar….

    Also you Idiot no one is praying for Srk death, we are not stupid like Srk fans…..Yes we pray for his movies, so that it get FLOP….OOH wait we don’t have to pray for that his movies are already Big Flops, thanks to his fans who always bark on social media but never watch his movies on theater….LOL

  • It looks like an adapted version of when harry met sally+a bit of tamasha and jab we met!!
    Jitna kamana hai 11 aug tak kamalo..tab tak almost lifetym pahunch jayega.. Uske baad ye picture gaya..
    Now those who were screaming and barking dat tubelight is copy of littleboy..can again start barking now.. Else it will be a setback to the reputation of urs..

  • look at this @DAMM choo ..he has increased 15CR of raaes and decreased 10CR of jolly llb2 and he compred them 😂😂😜 i salute legend SRK fans!

  • To Be Honest Everything Is Pethetick..Pethetic Name,Pethetic Poster,Pethetic Release Date But Hope For The Best

  • Srk…the king of (running away from) clashes !! “Jab karma met srk” – CE vs OUATIM – Dobaara !!

  • Salman fan , WTH when i talked about Salman’s personal matter ? If I did then pls show me , tell me in which article I said about this.

  • Good move by team Srk. Clashes atimes aint worth it esp involving 2 big heroes. Wishing this movie the very best its high time Shah Rukh cements his top 3 position now…i know the ranking has nothing to do wirh his excellent supersrardom but for trade and his fans and neutrals like us we want to see a minimm of Super hit verdict from him. As for TEPK…genuinely wish it all the best too.

  • When Harry met Sally + Jab we met + Tamasha = Jab Harry met Sejal…..YASRC (Yet another shitty rom com) from flop director imtiaz ali.

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