I’ll inform my fans when I get married: Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has said that it would be his responsibility to inform his fans when he finally gets married. He said, he would directly convey it to his fans through a tweet or Facebook update. The actor requested the media to stop hounding him and his family members with the same question.

Salman’s marriage plans is in news yet again after he attended Preity Zinta’s wedding reception with his alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur.

When the media couldn’t get access to Salman, his family members were bombarded with questions.

Responding to the constant media attention around his personal life and marriage, the 50-year-old star said ”That’s my thing! When I want to get married, I will get married. I don’t need to tell you when I am getting married. When I am getting married, I will tweet it”

“That is something I will keep it to me and my fans.”

Salman also defended his brother Sohail Khan, who was allegedly involved in a spat with a journalist.

On Thursday night, Sohail had reportedly misbehaved with a journalist when asked to comment on rumours about Salman’s wedding plans.

Sohail, along with his father Salim Khan and mother had gone for dinner at a restaurant in Bandra where he was asked about Salman’s wedding plans. Sohail reportedly lost his cool and abused the reporter.

When Salman was asked about the same, the actor said ”He didn’t misbehave. I don’t think he will misbehave. My dad is 80. You can’t come and stick your mics in front of him. What if he falls? This happened with Sohail… Please don’t try this stuff with me. My parents, my family, friends, especially my mother, Helen aunty and my dad”

“We are young people, you can do it with us. You wouldn’t like it if we do it with your parents… Have some respect.”

“He (Sohail) was not abusing you. He was feeling sh*t about this situation that took place. If you guys had behaved yourself, it wouldn’t have happened. You guys were provoking. What is this ridiculous statement you want to find out at 12’o’ clock at night about whether I want to get married or not. Media should maintain decorum” Salman said.

The actor awaits the release of his film ‘Sultan’ during Eid this year. And it’s the film that he’d like the media to talk more about and not his personal life.



  • media can ask anything to salman and salman’s family as a public reprentative and salman should react in right way if he dont like questions of media then he can retire from movie then no one can ask him his marrige question.More than media Fans want to know when he will get marrige so its not right blame media.Salman is Public property as his proffesional say so he should answer the question who media and his fans like.

  • @spammingZone aka Tihari Gang Leader

    Abey ullu if your Queen at the age of 50 needed shahrugacy to help Gauri claim her 3rd child then why are you harking on about another 50yr old Khan who can still pull fit girls without the help of dating sites etc etc…?

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  • @xzone keep your shit ass comments to yourself even at 50 Salman Khan is 10 times the man that you can ever hope to be. Being married does not complete an individual and for those of you who are making nasty remarks about his personal lives I am sure that many of you would give your hearts to be in his shoes. Indian media sucks when it comes to people’s personal lives.
    So say Salman does get married I can guarantee you that in less than two weeks they will have a story saying he is having ab affair with someone else. They don’t like truth they only like to interfere and destroy others. How they sleep st nights only God knows.

  • Hahahahahaha, This Salmoron talks about the marriage like a young boy of 22 years talks…

    Uncle Ji, Aap 50 ke ho gaye hai, Please, Be shameful…

    Sahi age mein shaadi hoti to aaj Aapka ladka ye line bol raha hota jo ki sun ne mein bhi achchhi lagti…!!!

  • Salman should never marry ,he does not know how to treat women all his ex girlfriends were subjected to his rash behavior most of them have moved ahead in life ,court cases are just an excuse didn’t sanjay duty marry? Calling yourself young at the age of 50 plus is a sure sign of becoming old

  • We were, are and will always be with you Bhaijaan! All the best! God bless you and your family!

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  • Where is @Marshall now a days? I havent seen him here for a while now? He was regular visitor and huge salman fan. But he hasnt been here for a while.

  • I dont think media should keep ibterefearing in his personal.life. its his choice weather he wants to marry or not. Please for heaven’s sake stop this marriege topic now and leave him alone. BTW excited for sultan. It would be the first blockbuster of 2016. All the best.

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  • @Rew1,glad that you still remember me.i don’t comment nowadays as i’m not in the mood for fan wars and stuffs. plus i had a personal tragedy of my mom’s death last month and now i’m having my graduation exams. i still visit indicine and read the comments even if i don’t comment. and i’ll always remain a salman fan for life. btw it’s good to see you and all the others keeping the flag flying high as Sultan is releasing soon. cheers!!!

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  • The right way to handle Media, he doesn’t care about them because he knows ultimately its fans, audience who makes & breaks his movies and not media. Full too Dabangg attitude unlike meoww bhai he would have licked media boots !!!!!!!

  • @xzone : You ran way from asylum abandoning your ongoing treatment. Please get treated first & recover from FAN debacle & Raees postponement then think about Bhai !!!!!!!

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