I’ll inform my fans when I get married: Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has said that it would be his responsibility to inform his fans when he finally gets married. He said, he would directly convey it to his fans through a tweet or Facebook update. The actor requested the media to stop hounding him and his family members with the same question.

Salman’s marriage plans is in news yet again after he attended Preity Zinta’s wedding reception with his alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur.

When the media couldn’t get access to Salman, his family members were bombarded with questions.

Responding to the constant media attention around his personal life and marriage, the 50-year-old star said ”That’s my thing! When I want to get married, I will get married. I don’t need to tell you when I am getting married. When I am getting married, I will tweet it”

“That is something I will keep it to me and my fans.”

Salman also defended his brother Sohail Khan, who was allegedly involved in a spat with a journalist.

On Thursday night, Sohail had reportedly misbehaved with a journalist when asked to comment on rumours about Salman’s wedding plans.

Sohail, along with his father Salim Khan and mother had gone for dinner at a restaurant in Bandra where he was asked about Salman’s wedding plans. Sohail reportedly lost his cool and abused the reporter.

When Salman was asked about the same, the actor said ”He didn’t misbehave. I don’t think he will misbehave. My dad is 80. You can’t come and stick your mics in front of him. What if he falls? This happened with Sohail… Please don’t try this stuff with me. My parents, my family, friends, especially my mother, Helen aunty and my dad”

“We are young people, you can do it with us. You wouldn’t like it if we do it with your parents… Have some respect.”

“He (Sohail) was not abusing you. He was feeling sh*t about this situation that took place. If you guys had behaved yourself, it wouldn’t have happened. You guys were provoking. What is this ridiculous statement you want to find out at 12’o’ clock at night about whether I want to get married or not. Media should maintain decorum” Salman said.

The actor awaits the release of his film ‘Sultan’ during Eid this year. And it’s the film that he’d like the media to talk more about and not his personal life.



  • Salman will look natural as wrestler in sultaan, my guarantee. I heard from my father said he went to Vijay bahadur Akhada in indore and his excercises in earlier movie like biwi ho to aisi, Mpk, jaagruti proves my point.

  • Only actor who speaks from hearts thats why ppl luv him so much.Feeling proud to be a die-hard Salman fan ,especially after seeing how much he loves his fans.we just wish u to b happy n keep entertaining us as u always do

  • Salman was really Angry yesterday,He might have punched someone if instigated more.. Media is too much.. It was not questions abt his marriage that irked him,they have been asking that from 25 years.. It was the fact that some media people man handled Salim sir a Day before hurling mikes in to his face .. He is an 80 year old repsectd man.. Give him rest you vultures..
    And this is the reason why I love this man so much..,No Diplomacy,No ass licking, He knows his fans love him unconditionally so neither he nor us gives a Rat’s Ass about this Stupid Media…

  • A very well worded statement by Salman bhai.I feel both sides should maintain a limit. It is a given thing that Salman’s marriage has been food for the media for years and he and his family will be hounded by the media till it happens,and even after it happens. So the Khan family should try to maintain a cool head in such a situation. However, even the media should not go overboard. The defense Salman gave for Salim Khan is absolutely correct. Anyways, awaiting Sultan Eagerly SULTAN#Eid2016

  • Bhai well spoken but please learn acting from your fellow khan.and get married. At your age I should b settled and have some children.

  • Salman’s personal life is always in the news whether for right or wrong reasons . I don’t Salman will get married until he gets a clean chit from both his court cases . Because he said if I get married and than if I am arrested my wife and kids will face a tough time and this is something I don’t want . As for Sohail Khan’s incident I saw the footage yesterday he was really rude with the media . Maybe he got a bit angry and overreacted according to me . Yes sometimes media irritates the hell out of you but you should have the ability to handle the media . There was no need of using abusive language in front of his parents . I don’t have any interest in Salman’s personal life . If he gets married than I will be happy for him to get a life partner in this age . I am damn sure Salman Fans will celebrate like there is no tomorrow the day Salman decides to get married .

  • What Bhai said is True. His fans matters most for him and if he is ready to share the happiness he will tweet or post it on fb ! Media ka kaam to bass rumors udana hai

  • @ all salman fans- don’t give importence to srkians comments because they are in a shock after watching fan.

  • Salman Khan is right. Media misbehave most of the time. They always want spicy headlines for their news.

  • Sure, please do inform in next birth.
    Because in this birth, getting married doesn’t seem to be possible for you.
    Also, if possible, in next birth ask god to cure those “diseases” which prevented you to get married in the following years.

  • /*
    “We are young people, you can do it with us. You wouldn’t like it if we do it with your parents… Have some respect.”


    If 50 years old Buddha can term himself as “Young” then I guess, even Naveena Aunt is a hot chick in her 20’s :P ;-)

  • Indian media really got mad due to TRP race.

    Instead of searching news they are happy in making news.

    They are proving problem for all stars.

    If Sohail answered their questions…they might treamed it & made another masala news.

    & when he ignored to answer then they made another news…’Sohail misbehaved with media’.

  • Shame on getting married or affair with 2nd hand divorcee and foreigner.
    Shame on getting married after 50s.
    Shame on Sohail Khan for supporting him… Abusing media.
    Salman you have moneys property… Contribute to India. Now foreigners is going to take away all yours.
    Only knows how to get popularity by doing charity like being human. It’s due to self benefits… in ongoing court cases.

  • Salman is absolutely right. Journalist over speculates Salman’s personal life just because of their PR rate is 100% wrong thing. We all want him to get married soon but you media must respect his personal life and please don’t gossip Salman’s personal live. There are a lots topic to discuss about his professional life.

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  • @ Indicine- I read in a news paper that cook was meet with srk and they discussed about gay rights in india.

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