Imtiaz Ali’s Best Film?

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali is ready with the 6th film of his career. Titled Tamasha, the film stars Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in the lead.

The director made his debut with Socha Na Tha, a box office flop, which many believe is his best work to date. He followed it up with ‘Jab We Met’, a film that was loved by most who watched it.

Since then, Imtiaz has directed films like ‘Love Aaj Kal’, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Highway’ – all of which received a mixed response from the audience, but ‘Love Aaj Kal’ is the biggest success of his career so far.

With 2 days to go for ‘Tamasha’, we ask you to pick the best film ofImtiaz Ali’s best film.

Imtiaz Ali's Best Film

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  • Out of his 5 movies i have seen 3 . Jab We Met is till date the Best Movie of Imtiaz Ali . Highway comes close on 2nd position for me . Rockstar was a pretty average movie . I have not seen Socha Na Tha and Love Aaj Kal . I do not consider Imtiaz Ali a brilliant director but he is good . Just like Mohit Suri he has a great sense of music . JWM, Rockstar, LAK and Highway all had superb songs . Looking from the trailer and the dialogue promos it is looking like the worst movie of his career till now . I love the way he extracts brilliant performances from his actors . Kareena has given her Best Performance in JWM, Shahid was impeccable in JWM, Ranbir was outstanding in Rockstar his 2nd Best Performance for me after Barfi ! . Saif was also appreciated for his performance in LAK . Ayesha Takia was appreciated for her performance in SNT . Alia has given her Best Performance till date in Highway . Randeep was also superb in Highway .

  • Highway is the most overrated film i have seen, gitlrl gets kidnapped is happy and don’t want be rescued illigical.Its a road movie with no humour or twist and turns, plain and un imaginative, but our so call critics and pseudo intellects convinced me to watch and make it acult movie. Jab we met was oustanding film with verry high entertainment content.Please don’t compare Alia with kareena.I believe Zoya akhtar and Imtiaz ali are the most overrated directors in india.both of them can’t lace the foot of Anand l rai, the man is slowly turning to the king of Romcom.

  • lets see INTRESTING ranbir kapoor can deliver hit with deepika or nt..
    HIS OTHER INTRESTING FILMS like bombey velvet roy besharam.. which has sm INTRESTING disaster records.
    WE R VERY BORING PEOPLE….n no chance to watch dabba jasoos or any ranbir- anurag film.

  • One inretesting fact rockstar was written for hrithik.. He was the first choice for the role later played by ranbir.

  • Rockstar had potential to be one of the best movies of decade, but 2nd half failed to meet the expectations set by 1st half.

    So, I would say it’s a tie between JWM and SNT.

  • Tamasha is sure shot flop why bcoz who ever quarelled with salman never got hit
    U can take examples
    Vivek oberoi
    Abhishek bachan
    Etc etc

  • @sameer
    but problem is that ranbir is neither abhishek nor vivek. Lol what a fool u r. ranbit kapoor will break all possible records in a few years. already ur lallu has given debacle jai ho on non holiday and ranbir has given a blockbuster yeh jawani hai deewani on non holiday 190 crores. ranbir has 1 of d biggest fan following in india. jealous people lol

  • Whatever it may be salman fans can’t understand and rather also watch these kind of films.because they have no class,their choices are—-chabang,cheady,chuddiguard,ek tha gorilla,chabang2,jail ho,kock,bhojpuri dubbajan,now prem rotten dung khayo.salman ,his movies and fans are curses for Bollywood.they degraded the THE CLASS of bollywood.

    Whatever that JAB WE MET is the best movie of Imtiyaz according to me.which like a fairy was completely due to Shajid and kareena up to some extent as some dumbs like @jc are thinking like that.

    Rockstar has not a story but it only withstand due to Ranbir’s performance.certain lallutards are feeling jealous of Ranbir’s acting skills and achievements ,Ranbir already gave two best performances while our bhabijaan till now couldn’t able to deliver a single best performances from 1989-till now due to his non acting and zero expressionless face.still their illiterate fans are trying to degrade Rabir,lol.

  • Love Aj kal=Rockstar >Jab We Met>Highway..Never watched Socha Na Tha,even a single scene of it,so cant say about it.Voted for Love Aj kal

  • Come on ,its Rockstar.
    I have watched it more then 30 times .
    Too good dialogues, Comedy scenes between nargis nd ranbir.
    Fab music , emotions.
    Also a very good vibe was created in the movie .

    Tamasha is a 50-50 at boxoffice.
    I will watch it nd will give u D right prediction like always :) :P

  • Hope Tamasha will be diferent if it’s not then we are looking at another flop.
    Tamasha really needs to be a hit coz Jaaga Jasoos is doomed

  • Socha Na Tha and Jab We Met are his best films….and Ajinkya, please know that even though we are tired of rom-coms, all his movies are different from each other so don’t bash him just cause you want Ranbir Kapoor and rom-coms to end…

  • To me It’s Love Aaj Kal by Far(at first It seemed Boring to me bt later i watched it with lot of patience and i was completely spellbound after seeing It)…..I haven’t watched Socha Na Tha though so i can’t judge It!!

  • I have seen JWM more than 100 times and can watch anytime the best romantic movie of last decade both Shahid and Kareena were outstanding in the movie and Imtiaz ali is known as JWM director that’s say which one is the best movie it’s JWM and for imtiaz ali how muche ever he try he can never make a better film than JWM and it will always remain his best movie and tamasha looks like all set to be the worst movie of imtiaz ali and gonna be huge flop at the box office.

  • Jab We Met has a personal annecdot attached, perhaps that’s why! All in all, all the movies are great!

  • Tamasha is infectious for the best! It made most of us whistle, clap, cry, ponder and laugh! Couldn’t take my eyes off it!

  • Jab We Met has a personal annecdot attached to it, perhaps that’s why! And yes you can watch this movie infinite times and can’t get over it! Apart, all the Imtiaz’s movies have ‘staying with you’ quality, wish if someone could gift me all his written and directed movies, (from ahista-ahista to tamasha :p) All in all, all his movies are great!

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