Imtiaz Ali’s Best Film?

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali is ready with the 6th film of his career. Titled Tamasha, the film stars Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in the lead.

The director made his debut with Socha Na Tha, a box office flop, which many believe is his best work to date. He followed it up with ‘Jab We Met’, a film that was loved by most who watched it.

Since then, Imtiaz has directed films like ‘Love Aaj Kal’, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Highway’ – all of which received a mixed response from the audience, but ‘Love Aaj Kal’ is the biggest success of his career so far.

With 2 days to go for ‘Tamasha’, we ask you to pick the best film of Imtiaz Ali’s best film.

Imtiaz Ali's Best Film

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  • Rockstar is the worst….
    This movie became avg. grosser because of AR rahman’s music & title (Rockstar). Otherwise it was a sureshot disaster…..

  • Rockstar was his best work but I have a feeling that tamasha will be biggest of them lot. Very excited especially because of Ranbir.

  • Just remind u guys….

    What is so good abt these films??… These films r more or less the same…!… Nothing new….!…

    And our pseudo-intellect multiplex ppl heap praise on such crappy films…. Shame on them..!.

    Tamasha is going to be Imitiaz ‘s 4th failure after Socha Na tha,, rockstar and Highway…..!!…

  • Tamasha is surely going to be his 4th Flop after Ye socha na tha,highway,rockstar !…..

    Promos are boring and are looking forced. …..

  • its a tie for me between rockstar and lak
    but voted for rockstar…his best work.this movie reflected ranbir’s true potential.
    his best work rockstar=love aajkal. followed by jab we met socha na tha and then highway

  • Okk so 3 failures in Ye socha na tha , Rockstar and Highway. And 2 successes in JWM, LAK ….

    And ppl call him epic.. With no different genre and all same type of films…

    But Ok Tamasha looks a pre-Flop movie. But guessing he’s not stupid to costar with deepika. He’s
    just using that poor girl to shine again.
    We all know it’s true, right?

  • How do they waste money on boring and carbon copy movies like this?Oh
    yeah,cause people still watch shit like this.

    I mean the trailers are even
    those same boring ones.Hero has a job but is bored then meets a girl whose
    really fun loving or vice versa and they run around beautiful locations
    acting like idiots and pretending to have fun and then without any reason
    the get miffed with each other,go separate and then come together again in
    the end.

  • No. Of Films-2 Total Nett-521cr* Distributor Share-260cr* Footfalls-5.5cr*+ . Overseas-280cr+ WW-995cr*
    Salman khan naam hi kaafi hai

    Jab we met is best work of ali
    Socha na tha was masterpiece
    Love aaj kal is highest grosser

  • Easily Jab We met for me!!

    Have’nt seen Socha na tha,so can’t say..

    Rockstar had a terrific first half n awesome performance by Ranbir but a rather confusing 2nd half.Though i know what imtiaz wanted to show but the execution was’nt that good.

    Love Aaj kal was decent,deepika was’nt a good actress back then.I liked the Sardar Saif’s romantic story more.

    Highway was a tad slow for me.

  • Jab We Met, was very good movie……and thanks to Kareena for standout performance as Geet in that one movie. She stole the show completely.

    Love Aaj Kal…….crappiest movie ever made.

    Highway…….amateurish….nothing extraordinary……Alia Bhat’s presence made it for some good collections at box office….though her performance was not much to talk about.

    Didn’t see the other movies.

  • I think people didn’t watched socha na tha..
    That’s y rockstar nd love aj kal got more votes..
    It’s best movie of his.. With great performances ..guys plz watch this one u really enjoy it..
    Actually it’s socha na tha vs jab v met.. both are best movies..

  • TAMASHA will be one of the biggest Hit in 2015…..
    + point of this movie—–
    3. A.R.RAHMAN,
    4. IMTIAZ ALI,
    5. It is all about Romantic, Comedy, Drama, Emotion & Family Entertainer…..

  • In recent interview Imtiaz Ali said that he might cast both Sharukh And Aamir Khan in one movie.

    So that is a great news.

  • Tamasha will be a big flop ….!!!
    Deepika’s bad has been started.
    Tamasha another 70 crore with flop verdict .
    and bm another disaster with 40 crore maximum …!!
    get ready the tissues to distribute for Deepika and his director…?
    I don’t hate Ranbir but definitely hate Deepika that’s why movie will be another flop ?

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