I’ll never work with any other actor: Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh RoshanOn his famous son’s 40th birthday, a proud father Rakesh Roshan said that he would never work with any other actor except his son.

“He can work with outside directors. But I’d never work with any other actor, unless I am making an out-and-out heroine-oriented film like ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’. I might be tempted to make a film with a female protagonist, but only if Hrithik is too busy to work with me.”

“When I was an actor, I could feel a filmmaker lurking within me. But I was never satisfied as an actor. I had a big hit like ‘Kaamchor’. But that helped Jaya Prada’s career, not mine. I knew god wanted me to be a director,” he added.

Roshan also predicted that his son Hrithik would soon direct his own film and said that he will be terrific at direction.

“Now I feel Hrithik, who is such a successful actor, far more than I ever could be, has a filmmaker lurking within him. He will one hundred percent direct a film some day. Mark my words, he’ll be a very fine director. I am sure of that. He may not be a good producer, but he’ll be a terrific director,” he said.

Talking about some of his favourite Hrithik performances, Roshan said “I liked his performance immensely in ‘Jodhaa Akbar’, ‘Agneepath’, ‘Guzaarish’ and specially ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ in which he had to play a normal regular guy. That’s really difficult to do. He never let us feel a superstar was playing that role,” he said.

Recently, Hrithik announced that he and his wife Sussanne have parted ways after the latter decided to annul their marriage.

“My wife and I want Hrithik to be happy and at peace with himself, no matter what,” said Rakesh who looks forward to launching Hrithik’s sons – Hrehaan and Hridhaan – as heroes.

“Provided they want to be in films. I’d love to launch them. My blessings are with Hrithik. Whatever he does in life, my wife and I want him to never change. He’s kind, helpful generous. He deserves happiness,” he said.



  • When you have an actor like Hithrik(who the most successful franchise,DHOOM, 85% belongs to him bcos of his stellar performance and coming from the success of KRRISH made expectations bigger at that time),you dont need to work with any other actor who will give u problems

  • Happy Birthday Hrithik…

    Rakesh ji your Kishen Khanaiya was on MAX the other day- still after some 20 yrs I still love that entire movie scene to scene….! For me it is your best work- I saw it first time probably 94/95 but still it feels like Im watching it for the first time….! I know I mocked Rohit 3 but thats because that snide ‘nipin’ compels me to do so but generally all round your each and every film is worth a watch including krappy Koyla for Madhuri alone as she was a delight to behold…!

    Good luck for the future Sir and when Im next in India I will drop of a new calculator to your office so you can deduct taxes from gross figures and give accurate nett figures… Sorry that was 1 joke too many but you can take jokes Im sure off that as you yourself casted Thakur in Koyla…! lol all the best.

  • First of all,a very happy birth day to my greek god #hrithik_roshan.

    My fav performance of HR is his guzaarish performance.though that movie was a flop,but it is the one of the best movies of bollywood.
    I remember that i became a fan of him since 2002-03.
    He inspired me for dancing(in school life,but after tenth,i left this habit).
    He inspired me for working hard.i don’t feel alone because i think Hrithik’s image is always in my mind.now i belong to teen age(17-18) and not only me,my elder brother,my classmates,cousins,sisters all are fan of hrithik.

  • Rakesh sir,u are one of the best directors of india.
    KNPH gave us a dancing icon in india.
    KMG introduced developed sci fi film in india.
    KRRISH gave india the first indian superhero movie.
    FINALLY,KRRISH 3 took bollywood to a much higher level.
    U rock sir.

  • I just want to say that ….Thank You Mr. Rakesh Roshan for giving us a great actor and superstar of the millennium i.e Hrithik Roshan.
    I worship Hrithik and I personally thank you for taking him into limelight.

  • “Mark my words, he’ll be a very fine director. I am sure of that. He may not be a good producer, but he’ll be a terrific director,”

    Who knows ?

  • Though it will quite boring if we got same director with one actor again and again,but there are too reason who makes this pair apart from those repeatness 1.Rakesh-Hr roshan pair whenever came we got blockbuster 2.Rakesh sir usually direct movies in 3-4 year gap since Knph,and there are 7 year gap between krrish1-k3,so the time duration is comparatively high. So lets see what this pair has in store next,will be K4 or any other.

  • How about leaving the film industry and becoming a politician as you are so good in manipulating than movie directing?

  • No other actor even wants to work with this fraud Rakesh Roshan, except his son and Lungi Thakur. No honest actor will ever join hands with manipulators like him.

  • Great words by him. When he has one of the best actors in the industry in his own home, its no brainer why he wouldn’t want to work with another actors.

  • @Navin,thank you for remember the great film koyla at least you watched it.but we SRK fans didn’t watch 80%films of your crap bhojpuri bhai(salman)’s film.you are sucha really mad person whose brain almost wasted by thinking about our legend KING day and knight.I think you belongs to CHAMBAL DAKU family because most of the time you are saying thakur thakur.lol.

  • Rakesh Roshan & Raj Kumar Hirani are one of very directors in Bollywood whose all films have been blockbusters…Proud of them…they are the one who make different movies and set their standards high i.e. RR (KMG & Krish) & Hirani (Munnabhai & 3 Idiots)..I love them because they take bollywood movies to other level…

  • @sss is it really true srk fans not watching Salman’s 80% films,kha bhai srk ki kasam, so without watching them you are saying crap,so giving comment without watching movie of other star is the hobby of srk fans so no surprising if they are continues saying D3 was worst movie of the year,thanx for clarification dear.

  • He does not want to pay the asking price of lead actors so he makes one film every 6 years with his son and cuts down on that expense I do not really consider him a great director. K3 was just a knock off Hollywood Super Hero films -Spider man, Dark Knight, etc with an Indian flavor.

  • Rakesh ji’s a fine commercial filmmaker. He may want to stick only to Hrithik but at least try to make different films with him instead of typecasting him in superhero films. The guy who’s made diverse films like Kishen Kanhaiya, Khudgarz, Khel, Karan Arjun, KNPH, Kaamchor, Khoon Bhari Maang etc. can also try out different genres again, no?

  • @sss Some fool had to watch Koyla and it wasnt you lungiwalas now was it…?

    I was madly in love with Madhuri so watched most of her movies including this krap…! For the record I think its safe to assume that most Madhuri fans prefered Amrish Puri touching Madhuri and not that slimey greaseball Thakur of Chennai… lol he made my skin crawl and you can tell Madhuri wasnt exactly enjoying it neither…! Lol

  • @aks lol lungiwalas dont even watch their thakurs movies like Koyla or Maya Memsaab so we cant expect them to watch other actors movies considering how 80% of them are peasants…! :-P

    @sssss Thakur is a name to be proud of so respect your Sarkar Rukh Khan and call him by his proper and righteous divine title:- Thakur Of Chennai is Sarkar Of Paglapur….!

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