Youth group decide to boycott Salman Khan’s film Jai Ho

Salman KhanYouth Initiative for Peace and Harmony¬†(YIPH) has decided to boycott Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Jai Ho’, as the superstar took part in the musical extravaganza ‘Saifai Mahotsav’ which was organised by the Uttar Pradesh Government on Wednesday.

Members of the youth group condemned Salman, Madhuri Dixit and all other celebrities who took part in the event, which was held at Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav’s ancestral village.

The group said it was a pity the actors went to the show when the Uttar Pradesh government was not doing enough for victims of the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar.

However, the group welcomed the donation of Rs 25 lakhs from Salman to a medical college and also applauded the superstar for funding 200 heart patients.



  • Misleading article. No YIPH has decided to boycott Jaiho. Agar boycott kiya to phir 25 lakh accept kyun kiya? Why they appreciated & applauded him for funding 200 heart patients? I don’t believe this.

  • Now thats a good news!!! he will learn a lesson from this….his so called” name sake” Ngo are to cover up the illegal activites he has done over years…and to make a good imahe…everyone knows who he is

  • Irony of it all…

    Slap a man with one hand but take his money with the other hand.., clearly this youth group have a bright future in politics as that is how politicians behave…!

    Oh well guessing thats 100 less people going to watch Jai Ho but I still believe Jai Ho will go roaring past the collections of Crappy Express…! Salman bhai ki Jai Ho

  • BRAVO!!!!YOUTH OF INDIA KI JAI last the youths realised how salman cheated them by giving back to back south copies.some of my salman friends already converted into SRK genuine movies.bane and boycott crap south remakes.

  • However, the group welcomed the donation of Rs 25 lakhs from Salman to a medical college and also applauded the superstar for funding 200 heart patients.



  • Ha..ha…everyone needs publicity trhough Salman. This youth group doing the same. I do not think most of us have ever listened about this youth group..

  • may i know wat YIPH has done for the victims in UP.. its a pity they r doing cheap publicity stunt by boycotting jai ho.. it is groups like YIPH who should be boycotted from the country.. n who cares if they boycott jai ho, it does not matter at all… doing cheap politics using the name of victims in UP, shameful n disgraceful.. on the other hand salman has donated 25lakh n free treatment to 200 patients.. jai ho salman!

  • What hypocrite students. Came greedily to accept the donation and then again tryng to boycott his film.
    No problem. 200 tickets less wont be a big deal. 200 crore is sure for Jai Ho.

  • y they r boycotting film he has nt done anything wrong he does all these shows for charity nt fr promotion instead of wasting time in boycotting film they must go and help those needy peoples

  • LOL. sounds like a srk fan club to me. they’ll go without telling each other and will pretend like never went.

  • hey losers .. do u think bhaijan will suffer for your so called boycott ? the position he is now in it doesn’t matter if his films or business does well or not …I am wondering the value of the blessing of the 200 heart patients .. and by the way………… jai ho to humanity

  • Absolutely Nonesonse…..they surely want some publicity…nd nobody cares if they boycots #JaiHo becoz still it’s going to be Blockbuster…….these r the peoples who does nothing for Needy people….he did donated 25 lakhs….promised to pay for cardiac surgeries of 200 childrens of that region…gonna host a fundraiser event for the victims of riots….what these guys have done…?

  • stupid group.even they will watch jai ho first day.they only want cheap publicity by dragging salman.eagerly waiting for jai ho it will thrashed old records.nothing can affect salman power. He has unbelievable fan following, which is enough to break all records.

  • Wow!! Incredible India! Salman was almost written off and became nearly non-existing personality a few years ago. Now he has become a VVIP to the people of India. Is he so important person? Leave him alone. He is not so important in that matter.

    To the people in UP want to boycott Jai Ho. I want to ask them why they don’t boycott SP, their Political party, instead of targeting a single person? They are grossly misled and their attention has been being shifted from SP to Salman Khan by the corrupted media. People are picking him up rather than the UP CM who organized the event and neglected the victims of Muzzaffarnagar? Because it is easy for them to target a single person and earn some popularity out of it. Boycott the government you have elected!!

    These celebrities might or might not be aware of the situation in the area before they participated in the event but they can’t be held responsible for that. Wah Re Wah, Maan Gayi!! Be rationale and fair. Poor Salman and he could not manage to refuse the invitation of Mulayam Singh Yadav!!!

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