Full song video of Malang from Dhoom 3

The song that many of you have been waiting for, is out! The full version of ‘Malang’ from Dhoom 3 featuring Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif – at her hottest best!

The song was shot on a budget of more than Rs 5 crore. Close to 200 gymnastic dancers were flown down to Mumbai from the USA. The dancers were in the city for close to 20 days for training, rehearsals and finally the shooting.

The song was filmed at the Reliance studios, where a humongous set – which took nearly 2 months to build – was erected.

Watch the Malang song in Full HD and tell us what you think!

Song Video: Malang – Dhoom 3 Song
Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty
Singer: Siddharth Mahadevan, Shilpa Rao



  • This song shows that Aamir and Katrina have really worked hard for this song and even Lyrics and Music is good.Well done.

  • This is a nice song.but the movie is illogical and average. Dhoom and dhoom 2 were better.
    Amir’s performance was good.but his sahir’s expression was same in almost all scene.

  • Generally when a song starts during a movie some people leave their seats and go to washrooms,canteens or talk on cellphones but during this Malang and Kamli songs nobody left their seat.So the strategy by YRF of not showing full songs has actually worked.

  • The song is great and Dhoom 3 was the best film of the series.
    @nipun Sahir atleast had an expression
    Hrithik had zero expression from first to last scene in Dhoom 2
    And Aamir created characters Sahir and Samar
    Hrithik played himself in Dhoom 2
    We say “Hrithik did robbery in Dhoom 2”
    and we say “Sahir and Samar did robbery in Dhoom 3” not “Aamir did robbery in Dhoom 3”
    Its becoz Aamir is a real actor who created a new version of a thief
    Hrithik didnt create anything, basically he played himself, all his expressions in Dhoom 2 were the same that we see in his interviews and real life.

  • This song is not only best song of d3 but for of it is best song of 2013 as a whole,grand set,superb dancers,good lyrics and music and Eye catching performance of Aamir-kat. @nipun we knows your opinion about d3 but is it necessary that you will give your opinion about d3 again and again because at the end D3 is one who ended the year with Dhoom and its homogeneous collection worldwide going against your taste.

  • the best picturised song of the indian film industry…. just simply love it…
    though the movies was not a perfect one, it still had something unusual and emotion in it which the film one of the biggest grossers of bollywood…. hats off to aamir!!!!!

  • At last…. Really never has a song been so visually captivating done this song from start to finish…..
    I loved it during the movie and was eagerly awaiting this….

    For me I love this song as much as I did ‘main yahaan hoon’ from Veer-Zaara or ‘idher chala mein udhar chala’ from ‘Rohit Mil Gaya’, when I saw both those songs in respective movie, I knew instantly I had to get them asap and same was the case with Malang which I got from itunes immediately….

    Thanks indicine

    @nipun rawant and mrs sakhi nipun You losers cant say anything to change my mood TODAY but alas I will give you severe reprimands tomorrow when I come down from cloud 9 and feel like mocking some lungiwalas as a good pass time activity…!

  • @aks + sachin11 + IAmTheVastUniverse and all Aamir/ Salman cinegoers…

    Today let the haterz enjoy lungi dance for we have Malang….

    The best way to unwind on a saturday is to watch malang over and over again…

  • Sorry for my “a fly in your ointment.”
    But choreography clip bad, ugly movement of dancers. I dare say even here at no choreography!
    I am deeply disappointed with this room waiting for more from Vaibhavi. Her brilliant work in “Aaja nachle” seems to have been accidental.
    “Beauty is not in quantity but in quality,” and most importantly in the proportions!
    There are too many things – it’s bad. Attention is lost, running from one to another, and finally the head, as a hung computer.
    Maybe this was the point? Distract the viewer’s attention from the disproportionate figures Aamir and his bad dancing and from “wooden” (absolutely no plastic) Katrina? I wonder what was here to train? All the tricks in the ring Kate, I did as a child on the playground. And now I calmly repeat. In school we are renting Ladder gymnastics. Pass: timber, logs, jump through the “goat” and freestyle. And it’s just the school curriculum! In circus anyone comes and deals for free! But Catrine did not learn in school, so it is a “timber”?
    I “neighing like a horse” with these “difficult” elements of the clip!

    Aamir should next time think before baring his torso disproportionate. I burp, when saw his body in “Gajini”. Short arms, legs, clumsy movements …. I thought that never will see him, but … I was wrong. You ask women, they like to look at naked Aamir? Do you think women like to look at naked men???????
    You are naive!!! Only if it’s beautiful, like a painting in a museum, and beauty (see above) – in proportions!!! Or do you think that if you pumped biceps and belly, then you became the handsome!! IDIOTS!!!

    Hritik in “Dhoom 2” is better because it meets the idea of ??the film! And do you think that us women admired his torso? Naive!

    I watched this movie with my girlfriends. The reaction of the girls had (not on naked torso Hritika), but on …
    !) Dances
    2) Eye look !!! (Chemistry)
    3) Gait in a white suit, the girls from the couch to the floor slipped.
    4) basketball game (we did not know that in India, the actors are able to keep the ball in his hands.)
    His naked torso few people noticed (in the summer, we have these guys on the beach a dime a dozen!!).

    My girlfriends were just surprised that there is an actor.

    By the way, naked torso should be able to wear!!
    Hritik no better way to show the body!! He do is naturally obtained (he seems not to notice all the hype), and in others it looks like bragging!
    And we women immediately notice the pride! And we get nasty!
    Hopefully, “Dhoom4” Instead Abhishek and Uday take Hrithik and Aish.
    Such as the police should be introduced in their gang. And who can wriggle bandits in trust? And grab their tepid? Same as they are. And at the same time to make amends to the motherland. In short, something like the movie “xXx”.
    In short, I want to see Hritika and villain me on the drum!!

  • @alayska You think Aamir made his body in ghajini for ladies to go gaga over him? How silly. It just to look like a killing machine, it shows how dumb you are, did you ever see any actor who built body and being bald with sign on hitting on head, i would somehow give respect to your opinion about Malang song (even though i completely disagree with you) as an Honest opinion, but by bringing Ghajini connection in your comments i found you are making fool out of yourself.

  • Congrats ,Anupama for perfect prediction that Dhoom 3 break all records. Congrats Aks,Ace Khan,Joya. Now Dhoom 3 breaks the ultimate records , highest second week net collections in India & overseas lifetime collections.I appreciate the attitude of Aamir fans who always encourage other actors.Whenever Aamir broke boxoffice records, his fans were disciplined & humble and did not abuse other actors.

  • Katrina was fantastic…..I can not think of any acress in the industry who would of been so beautiful and good in this role……….watche the movie again just to watch this song on the big screen.

  • IAmTheVastUniverse:
    “OmShantiOm” I looked at the DVD and when I saw this dance, I turned off the TV. I reviewed the film a year later, in fits and starts. SRK in my eyes dropped through the floor. Since the beginning of the song, I thought it was a parody of Hritika, but wrong! And when I realized the mistake, I vomited.
    After this film, I buried SRK, as an actor and a person.

  • @iamvastuniverse why you put srk name there because @alayska comment shows she is Hr fan,but a stupid one never the less

    @dinesh you are right we Aamir fan never abused srk when it broke 3i record and never bashed Hr too when it d3 crashed K3 record even though they continued to mock Aamir before d3 released but all and all Aamir again raised at top. Thanx for the appreciation and lets hope P.k. Will be a great movie this year.

  • aks:
    It so happened that the clip “Guzarish” from the film “Ghajini”, I looked before the film. I still consider him one of the most beautiful clips of Indian cinema, along with “Taal Se Taal Mila” with Aish. But even then, I was unpleasantly surprised Aamir. And his red shirt with a scarf just begs for comparison.
    You ask yourself who else is so disfigured for the role?
    Have you seen the original south with Surya Sivakumar? It so happened that I saw the first version of the south, a year later version with Aamir. Excuse me, but by itself I did not like Aamir. From him was such a strong negative energy that I felt bad, I did not like to see it on the screen. From Surya Sivakumar was not like this. Yes, southern remake not so nice shot, no music ARRahman, colophon, but there Surya!!!! Aamir himself said that the work on the role he copied Surya, read his interview …

    And what about the man who built the body for the role … So now all the actors are trying to look like Hritik . All work on the body, but …….. It would be better to work on acting, would benefit more ! ! !

    I was lucky, at us show both the Bollywood movies, and southern. I have the honor to choose, and this choice is not always in favor of Bollywood. Rather, if in the original film play good actors such as Vikram, Dhanush, Surya, Mahesh Babu …. I advise you not to do a remake ….
    You have a point of view, I have mine. And the movie “Ghajini”, I did not change my opinion. South version I like more

  • @alayska i have no problem which version of Ghajini you liked the most,its your choice. But i have not found seriously your comment on Malang page or about D3 connecting with Aamir’s Ghajini sex appeal. Yes i haven’t see Ghajini south version and there is no doubt about Surya performance in original Ghajini because if he wasn’t good than Aamir would never convinced to remake it,i won’t watch dubbed version of south because in dubbed version we can’t properly find expression and attitude with dialogues in the sense which they meant too. I loved Ghajini of Aamir and there is no need for me to watch original. And nobody copying Hr if just working in d3 you mean that Aamir copying hr than it means Hr copied John by doing D2, and i think you not aware who started body building trend in Bollywood and helped Hr too. It was Salman,and no offence to Hr but i don’t feel that Hr achieved this kind of success so An actor like Aamir have to copy him. You live with your sensibility and i with mine but …

  • Aks:
    Dear Aks, if anyone started bodybuilding in Indian cinema, is certainly not Salman. You should be good to know the history its of cinema! The first was a pioneer Sanjay Dutt friend of Salman. He was called the Indian Sylvester Stallone and Sanjay engaged bodybuilding to match. There are photos and films with his inflated body.
    By the way, the body of Salman nobody forced to run to the gym and train up a sweat !!!
    Only when all saw Hritika in his debut film!!! Hritikomaniya started!!! And in the first movie he was wearing!!! ( This is not my words , and your reporters and journalists) .

    P.S. And please do not insult me by calling me a fan Hritika. I am nobody’s fan!!!!!!!
    I am none of the people do not worship. For me this humiliation ! ! ! ! !
    I worship to God, and not sinful people ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    I just love Indian cinema , from north to south , that’s all !!!!

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