‘I should’ve got the National Award for Swades’ says SRK

At the Tag Heuer event earlier this week, Shahrukh Khan was seen chatting with filmmaker Kunal Kohli.

Shahrukh spoke about Kohli’s 2004 film Hum Tum and quickly added that it was he who should’ve won the national award that year.

“Hum Tum was very nice. The actor of Hum Tum (Saif Ali Khan) won the national award, when I should have got it” Khan said.

Kunal Kohli, Shahrukh Khan and Franck Dardenne

Kunal Kohli, Shahrukh Khan and Franck Dardenne

Shahrukh was indirectly hinting at his Filmfare award-winning act in Swades, which is widely considered to be his career best performance. The following year, Saif Ali Khan was unanimously chosen as the Best Actor of the year for his performance in Hum Tum.

The debate rages on, more so because Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore was the Censor Board chief back then. Also, Shahrukh has won every award in the industry, except the National Award.

Sudhir Mishra, who headed the 17-member national award jury, had said “His (Saif’s) acting is better and has improved a lot. We tried to be different this time”

Do you think SRK deserved the National Award in 2004? Tell us!



  • This is the question ,I always wanted to ask when I meet SRK….thanks a lot Indicine for posting this….SRK deserved National award for SWADES 100%….and Saif Ali Khan got Natiinal award for “Hum Tum”!!!..really??…and I come to know the jury panel has Saif’s mother….Tab se National award par mera bharosa uth gaya…National award is also biased & bikau!!!!!

  • Hell yeah….i mean saif was amazing in hum tum but if u compare it with sharukh in swades, the later one was better

  • Can’t say that he deserve national award for Swades that year but there r many awards which he didn’t deserve but got.

  • Did Srk deserved all the awards he got in filmfare,iifa,star screen,zee cine etc ? everyone knows the answer.lol

  • Hrithik also should have won national award for guzaarish,jodha akbar. .i don’t think any of the amir,srk,rk,akki,sallu cud have done that”guzaarish” role so efficiently.

  • I agree srk deserved dat. .he delivered two superb performance that year viz swadesh and veer zara.even hro delivered a gud one in lakshya. .but saif for hum tum? ? ?what’s it!

  • Of course.non srk fans will also agree with unless they are biased.though i didn’t like hum tum,srk should not say this .anyway,for improving acting, actor can get award!!that’s so strange!!!

  • yeah srk deserved that. But may be the jury had other ideas.. But why only that year they thaught differently? Anyways no problem, and eagerly waiting for another such powerful performance by srk in near future..

  • Hrithik n SRK both did not get national award for koi mil gaya..(2003) & Swades (2004) respectively and an epic struggler Mr. Saif Ali khan got same award for Hum Tum . Really??? i mean wow …

    Mera desh mahan- kya ghanta hoga mahan.

  • Though I am not a SRK fan but I think SRK was right, how on earth someone can earn national award for Hum Tum?? Swades was much better choice than Hum Tum ven though it was flop!

  • again this self proclaimed king is proclaiming that he should have got national award for swades. enough of his nonsense. never ever i have come across any actor who says i am no.1 or i am the king blah blah blah. not even amit ji or dilip saab have ever said so. bakra khan first learn to act then dream of getting a national award. shivering like an old man, making bakra sounds, stammering, hamming is not acting. zero respect for this bakra.

  • Although i am a Salman khan fan but i admit that SRK deserved every single honour for an actor for the movie Swades.
    Saif was good but SRK was beyond excellence.

  • hum tum was nice movie ….but swadesh should have deserved better …and national award always goes to movies having practical and social background like swadesh ….i think Sharmila tagore must had made the adjustment for his son (Saif)…..
    And what more shameful fact than this if jury of national awrd has become biased and started giving thoghts on reference….

  • Saif was good in Hum Tum. But cannot come even close to SRK’s performance in Swades. He was way better than Saif.

  • Yes…SRK deserved the National Award for Swades!! Peroid. His performance was one his best so far…the character of Mohan Bhargava is still etched in my mind!!

  • Ye shahrukh khan filmfare awards to kharid leta hai lekin national award nahi kharid paya, jiske liye ab ro raha hai.haha

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