I make films that make a difference to the society, not for BO records: Akshay Kumar

In an interview to promote his upcoming film ‘Gabbar Is Back’, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said that he doesn’t do films that break box office records. Instead, the actor says, he makes films that make a difference to the society.

“I am not a part of a film to break box office records. I am a part of a film because I enjoy it and I like the story. Be it OMG! Oh My God, Holiday or Gabbar is Back, I have done films which makes difference to the society.”

Akshay also went on to add that he has earned enough money to make different films that are socially relevant.

“To be honest , in my life, I have earned a lot of money and I have paid my taxes as well. I am one of the highest tax payers too! Now, I want to something which makes sense and makes a difference. I had a different take on different topics and I have shown that in my films. In OMG, I had a different take on religion. Why put milk on Lord Shiva? He doesn’t want that. Doing a film like Gabbar is Back is my way to face & fight corruption. I cannot do anything apart from that, can I? Can you?”

On media-created comparisons with the top 3 Khans in the industry, Akshay said he wants every actor’s film to work.

“I am not interested in such stories that suggest I am better than the Khans or they are better than me. Itís nothing like that. We all are one and we are all are part of the same industry. I would want everybodyís films to work because our Industry needs more and more money to make better quality films. I do not believe in competition.”



  • yes…rising of mangal pandey, mela, ghulam, talaash, dhobi ghaat and dhoom 3 ( the shit)….also made huge difference in society!!! satyamev jayate haaahahaaaaaa

  • OMG ! Oh my God, Holiday, Baby were great movies to watch. Gabbar is also against corruption and it has massy flavor,so if the content clicks its going to be highest Akshay kumar grosser…

  • I don’t think message oriented movies or msg through entertainement will make a difference to society i lnow many will disagree with me but i believe in this: SHA RUKH KHAN

  • @sss : Akki article pe bhi Salmir ?? This show no matter how much you hate them but simply cannot ignore them. Such is the power of SALMIR !!!!!! From last 7 years your king is crown and throne less so better watch Lungiwale in theatre and help Srk achieve something which he is unable to do from 2007 !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Akshay kumar, you are the best comedian in movies as well as real life. Your single statement make us laugh….keep it up!!!!

  • You are doing Holiday and gabbar for social difference?……
    Those films were blockbusters in original version and hit status is guaranteed, that’s why you did it..
    While Thuppakki in less theaters collected 182 crore worldwide our super star’s Holiday struggled to cross 160..I still don’t understand While Thuppakki is considered as a pure masala commercial movies, ‘Holiday’ with the same copy paste scene,actions,songs consider as a quality movie by somebody..?

    Your first concern while signing a movie is only money…
    If you are really want to change the society with quality movies,then produce a quality movies yourself. Then you will know the pain and struggle of bankrupted producer…

    Do the same criteria for promoting movie, criticize khans and say i am not interested in comparison…!!
    who are gonna compare with you with khans and Roshan….!!

  • joker made biggest difference between (khans hrtithik) nd akki.
    dont go for 3-4 movies per year.
    take your time.
    2 movies are enough per year.
    it will benefit you only.
    his fans are seeing that – he gave 4 hits in 2007 but except that one year , he has failed completely in for coming years after that.

    to release 4 movies per year , one becomes hit , one becomes semi hit , one average , one flop – this will not help you any more.

    thats the reason why his films take slow openings now a days.

    2 average movies out of 4 will harm your track record.

    dont waste money of producers.

    go for 2 per year.
    thats it.

  • @ babaji look who is talking about good film salman fans ha ha ullu is worst actor ever in bollywood . Akki sir outshined ullu in mujhse shaadi karogi , jaaneman , akki sir has got best comedian award for msk .

  • @babaji, there is no valid point is there……. Do each and every movies if he got paid for it, is not called as risky…
    What is the risk on that, he got money…film fail or success that doesn’t matter to him…

    Real risk is there when he produce a non masala genre movie and act in it….That can be called as risky….

  • So many haters
    maybe unko highest tax paying wali baat boht khtkkii qk khans es maamle m akki se picche h !! hahaha Khiladi rules & His comedy movies r a rage in India !! he has provide lots of entertainment to the audience in last 10 years !! salute to him .

  • @Gabbar Is BACK : lol BOSS is message to the society Rowdy Rathore again message??? get a life Khiladi 786 is message to the society you are talking about JAIHO atleast it gives message to society to help people show me any one movie of akshay kumar which encourage people to do goods for society.

  • hahaha..welcome,tees maar khan,thank you, khiladi,entertaiment, joker & house full….if all these film is not released then its definitely make a difference in the society

  • “Make films that make difference to the society”?? Singh Is King, Housefull, The Shaukeens, Entertainment, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara!, Khiladi 786, Joker, Rowdy Rathore, Desi Boyz

    Ya right!

  • If salman’s fans talking about message than they have to stop criticising Akki. Dabang 1 – dabang 2- body guard. Ready. Kick.
    Which kind of message these movies deliverd? In fact they destroyed the image of Indian cenima

  • @ahsan khan salman has not made any claim saying that he makes films that make a difference to the society…..problem here is in making a false claim not a commercial film….

    PS: like both salman and akshay equally!

  • Gabbar Is Back will be Super Hit Sure 120 crore + this time Akkians will not be disappoint.

  • @hrithik,I will not spare classless actors in any article.everybody all knew whose article is publishing mostly and whose articles gets maximum comment otherwise how you hungry peoples will get sufficient food for your empty stomach?????

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