I make films that make a difference to the society, not for BO records: Akshay Kumar

In an interview to promote his upcoming film ‘Gabbar Is Back’, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said that he doesn’t do films that break box office records. Instead, the actor says, he makes films that make a difference to the society.

“I am not a part of a film to break box office records. I am a part of a film because I enjoy it and I like the story. Be it OMG! Oh My God, Holiday or Gabbar is Back, I have done films which makes difference to the society.”

Akshay also went on to add that he has earned enough money to make different films that are socially relevant.

“To be honest , in my life, I have earned a lot of money and I have paid my taxes as well. I am one of the highest tax payers too! Now, I want to something which makes sense and makes a difference. I had a different take on different topics and I have shown that in my films. In OMG, I had a different take on religion. Why put milk on Lord Shiva? He doesn’t want that. Doing a film like Gabbar is Back is my way to face & fight corruption. I cannot do anything apart from that, can I? Can you?”

On media-created comparisons with the top 3 Khans in the industry, Akshay said he wants every actor’s film to work.

“I am not interested in such stories that suggest I am better than the Khans or they are better than me. It’s nothing like that. We all are one and we are all are part of the same industry. I would want everybody’s films to work because our Industry needs more and more money to make better quality films. I do not believe in competition.”



  • And what we learn from SRK movies:

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: DOST SE PYAAR
    Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum: NAUKAR KI BETI SE PYAAR
    Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna: DUSARO KI BIWI SE PYAAR
    Mai Hoon Na: TEACHER SE PYAR

  • May be some of akshay’s film like K786 , TMK , Entertainment etc doesnt give social message but it did social work by providing job to hundreds of people during making of the film……

  • Ofcourse promoting slang language, Alcohol nd drugs has made a huge difference 2 the society….your movies made being alcholoic look cool….now every alcoholic proudly says “apni piu kisi ke baap ki nahi” ….

  • Akshay Kumar : Khana ready hai?
    Twinkle Khana : Haan bas 10 mins aur
    Akshay Kumar : Thik hai tab tak me ek movie sign karke aatha hun

  • A brilliant statement by Akshay . He often makes mistakes by doing bad movies but he gives at least 1 movie every year . Since the last 4 years he has given the Best movies and i hope this streak continues .
    2012 – OMG
    2013 – Special 26
    2014 – Holiday
    2015 – Baby

    I hope Airlift will join this list next year . GIB is looking like a good commercial movie . I hope this movie creates a impact while also being entertaining . I hope GIB breaks the record of Rowdy Rathore because it has been 3 years . I also think Brothers can also join the above list .

  • rowdy rathore housefull 2 joker khiladi 786 boss entertainment all were socially enlightening.society learnt a lot and will further learn from gabbar singh is bling and brothers

  • Yeah why not,akki?we saw how khiladi 786 boss,rowdy rathore,joker,gabbar,sib(legacy continues) and many more craps besides some 1-3 films made impact on society.really alone one man army in those films shows we can come closer to become a tapori.really what an impact!!just like our and perfaketionist said about so called social impact wannabe strongest overacting performance like jai ho/pk.

    If your films can’t made up to the productions quality and good performance(acting),then you should stop lying,otherwise ghanta-kela awards will not spare you.

  • What a comment he knows he can’t match khans stardom and records so he is trying to save his image saying this statement

  • yaa sure rowdy rathore , garam masala , houseful, ouatim2 ,khiladi 786 and other 60 crore grossers have erased all the menace of this society

  • @Navin uncle: Better worry about lallujaan,he’s creating more problems in society with his films like jai ho,bodyguard,veer,yuvvraaj,marigold .. forget making any impact!!

  • U guys really respect this Muppet this a remake guys what is so different???? Holiday remake rowdy rathore remake boss remake I can go on!!!!

  • He knows that his films r not working well so he now saying like that , else wat about those films like joker ,rr ,ent.. ,etc , we understand akki no need to give any false clarification ,it is gud that he have understood and will not make those crap movies .
    And one thing more u cannot be as popular as salman is, forget about overseas ,
    So some gobar fans now i turn 2 u ,why r u saying about salman khan ,i understand u not like his movies so no need 2 watch no1 has force u.and dont say about bhai , think about ur 60 cr actor and his films .

  • Akki fans r more interested in salman khan instead of their flop star .
    Jake kbi theatre me film bi dekh liya kro dusre star ka chinta krna chord do

  • I luv Akshay Kumar !
    3 Khans might have been part of biggest grossers bt Akshay holds the most Special & Big Place in the industry .

    after so many flops Media still compare him with only 3 khans cos his popularity is no lesser then khans n!! !

  • No offence to Akshay Kumar,but I couldn’t stop myself to comment on this post.Akki said His films make difference in society, which film Akki except OMG none of his films can bring change in society, he can say that he make films to entertain audiences irrespective of bo records but change in society if too much.
    A movie like Blue,tmk,k786,entertainment,boss,ouatimd is not even watchable.
    His well appreciated films like SPL 26,baby and holiday etc were well made films with content but they contribute nothing to society, a film like holiday or baby can’t inspire any young boy to join force.
    A movie just because based on curroption hardly make difference to society, many films come and go on thus topic but things hardly changes.
    Akki sir make entertaining films like Hera pheri,namaste London,SPL 26,holiday etc but change in society require a very dedicated team work and content.
    Best of luck for GIB.

  • any kind of movie u r do very well so public appetcited nd bo automatically increasd akki bhai but few year all movie are flop except baby nd holiday so how can u earn better money..!!

  • I know this statement of akki was said in a rather casual way,also akki is not the best when it comes to facing interviews!!
    I think he meant to say that he will try to do more different kind of films..

    But the haters found the opportunity to bash him like anything specially lallutards!!

  • those who are bashing akki…..salman fans first see …. crap like jai ho kick dabbang 2 bodygaurd……etcnext crap bhogpuri salajaanand many more….srk fans first see crap like CE ,Mha crap HNY ,OSM, jthj kank raone don and don 2 etc…….next crap crapwale , fan many more ……..mha ghatiya actors of all time bulli hai and bhaiand bhoth are criminals…

  • @ sss i was expecting that u will talk good about akki sir , because srk sir akki sir has come in bollywood without godfather know the value of both actor anyway best of luck for king srk for his film .

  • According to me, best masala movie is BOSS and Rowdy Rathore
    Best comedy, Hera Pheri and Welcome singh is king
    Best action, Holiday, Khiladi 1-6,
    Best film with message, OMG(Followed by 3 idiots)
    Best romance film, Namaste London

  • Look at the thullu carrier telling me to worry about bhai jaan when hd should be concentrating all his efforts on helping his live in partner Nipun Megha Aunty focusing on his kindergarten entrance exams….

  • Akshay Kumar– The biggest risk taker in Bollywood

    He has been in the business for almost quarter of a century. He has almost 125 films to his names already. Till date he does three to four films a year as a leading man. He delivers at least a biggie or two every year. And most importantly, he continues to take maximum risks when it comes to playing across genres. The only superstar actor who hasn’t shied away from working in multiple films year after year, unlike other top superstars who restrict themselves to one or at maximum two films a year, Akshay has gone way past the times when he was first accused of doing only action films and subsequently only comedies.

    Today, after films as distinct as Holiday, Its Entertainment and Baby, which have done a collective business of almost Rs. 300 crores just in India, Akshay Kumar continues to be prolific as ever. So much so that distributors and exhibitors stay on to be gung ho enough to bring his films in theaters that ensure that at least once a quarter, there are guaranteed footfalls, regardless of the season they arrive and whether these are holiday or a regular Friday releases.

    Here is looking at his lineup ahead which comprises of films as distinct as Gabbar Is Back, Brothers, Singh Is Bling, Airlift and Housefull 3.

    Gabbar Is Back – May 1, 2015
    Genre – Action drama
    Director – Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi a.k.a. Krish
    With Gabbar Is Back, Akshay Kumar is giving break to yet another director, Krish. Though the filmmaker has been prominent down South, this is his debut Bollywood sojourn. Akshay turns a vigilante for this action drama and takes on corruption by the neck. The film also brings him back with Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is producing yet another film with him after Rowdy Rathore, and features Shruti Haasan as his leading lady. Gabbar Is Back promises some high drama that would be a hardcore commercial affair.

    Brothers – August 14
    Genre – Family action drama
    Director – Karan Malhotra
    This is the first film that Akshay Kumar is doing with Karan Johar. What makes it special is the fact that Akshay would be seen in an altogether different light, as he wears his boxing gloves for Brothers, which is the remake of Hollywood flick Warrior. A family drama which has Sidharth Malhotra playing Akshay’s brother and Jackie Shroff as their father, Brothers is the second directorial outing of Karan Malhotra who had delivered a major hit with Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath. Akshay Kumar is required to go through quite some drilling and grilling for Brothers due to its hardcore physical action sequences.

    Singh Is Bliing – October 2
    Genre – Action comedy
    Director – Prabhu Dheva
    With Prabhu Dheva, Akshay Kumar has delivered his biggest grosser till date, Rowdy Rathore. Now when the duo is reuniting for Singh Is Bling, there is obviously a lot of excitement amongst audience, industry and trade. An action comedy with ample dose of romance and music in it, Singh Is Bliing has been designed as an out and out package affair, and would be a complete contrast to Baby, with which Akshay has started his 2015 campaign on a winning note. Interestingly, the film would also bring back Amy Jackson into the Bollywood scheme of things and one looks forward to the ‘jodi’ of these two good looking actors.

    Airlift -Jan 22, 2016
    Genre – Thriller
    Director – Raja Menon
    Not many would come forward and hand over a multi crore affair to a man who has directed an Indie film like Barah Aana before. However, Akshay Kumar has extended support to Raja Menon who did impress with his Naseeruddin Shah-Vijay Raaz starrer, though commercial success eluded him. While Nikhil Advani is involved with the film too as a co-producer, Airlift has been designed as an uplifting and entertaining edge-of-the-seat thriller which tells the story of the biggest ever human evacuation in the history of mankind. Akshay Kumar is required to go through a remarkable transition for his part in this realistic thriller.

    Housefull 3 – June 3, 2016
    Genre – Comedy
    Director – Sajid-Farhad
    Its Entertainment is one film which Akshay Kumar is quite happy to have done and now he is reuniting with the director duo of Sajid- Farhad for the third installment of Housefull. The film is produced by his friend Sajid Nadiadwala, with whom he has given numerous hits over the years. With a variety of films under his belt in months to come, Akshay Kumar is going ahead with this franchise which also earned him his first 100 crore affair. The film also brings Akshay Kumar in a zone where he can let his hair down, especially with co-stars like Riteish Deshmukh and Abhishek Bachchan. The film also rounds up his play amongst genres.

  • With all due respect akki sir… lekin ye bolne ka kya faida after doing crap films like tmk, joker, khiladi 786 & boss if u had avoided these movies then people would’ve took u seriously…. now please work with good directors like neeraj pandey, sanjay leela bansali and vipul shah so that ur films don’t have to struggle that much… as ur biggest fan it hurts me more than it hurts u when ur films bomb @ boxoffice

  • @some buddhawale

    Joker was a bad film but not bcoz of Akki Sir but bcoz hindi audiences did not want to subject themselves to watching a film centring on the shenanigans of the paglapurian folk who think like aliens believing in the myth that their evil sarkar is global queen….!

  • @kshitij sri waste of space

    Granted that Our bhai jaan made a poor choice when he performed in some ugly crapgiri song in akkis UGLY sorry FUGLY home production but that asde his choices are much better than Akki who can even get outshone by a dogs superb acting in Entertainment….!

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