Bombay Velvet Second Trailer

With less than 20 days to go for the release of Anurag Kashyap’s much-delayed ‘Bombay Velvet’, the second trailer of the film is now out.

The second trailer is better than the first and Ranbir Kapoor seems to have delivered yet another terrific performance in the film.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • I liked the 2nd Trailer.

    Have you guys listened to the Album of Bombay Velvet? If not, then please do.
    I just love some tracks specially Dhadam Dhadam, Behroopia, Ka Kha Gha, Naak pe Gussa, Sylvia etc. . Neeti Mohan has rocked a big time in Dhadam Dhadam. Just listen to that song. She has got one of the best Vocal ranges in bollywood. You cann’t stop admiring her ability after listening to that song.
    The duo of Mohit Chauhan-Neeti Mohan, Behroopia is damn addictive. You will love the voices here and the BGM gives a heavenly feeling.

    Neeti Mohan is the star of BV album just like Mohit Chauhan in Rockstar album.

    But, BV music will take sometimes to click in your mind. It’s mainly based on Jazz music of 60s. Also, the use of Opera in Dhadam Dhadam sets the bar higher. But, such songs lack mass appeal. Some will love. Some willn’t. I did.
    Rating: 3.5/5

  • These trailers are lacking something, which previous anurag kashyap movie’s had. Those movies revolved around the strong storyline and scripts but it looks like AK has forced this one to revolve around a character.

  • this film will prove that only 2 or 3 hit film will not make you a superstar. if you want to be a superstar you have to deliver hits after hits like our megastar and the only superstar of his era SALLU BHAI

  • So Bombay velvet music got released… It is amit trivedi album…here is my review….

    Before starting–… Some ppl advice us to listen album repeated times…… Like they did for BV.. I heard it repeated times…. But the same 2rs so called ‘Classy’ ppl don’t say ‘listen it repeated times’ whenever massy music releases….!!.. Okk lets move on ….

    1) aam hindustan…
    Album starts wod pretty mediocre song… Jazz arangement is gud….lyrics r bad.., compostion is decent though…. All in all pretty dull start to album … It might bore u to death 1.5/5

    2) Mohabbat buri bimari.. (1/2/3 version.)….
    I don’t know what they were thinking b4 giving so many versions to this 1 …… This is the most pathetic crap song i have heard in recent times ….! Its promos r airing on TV more than Gabbar/Piku combined …. It is very irritating, chaotic song which can give u a head-ache ….. (1/5)

    3) sylvia..
    Another jazz song … It is like an insult to old era of music… Tones r big put off… U will hear it once n cut it midway…. BORE (1/5)

    4) dhadam dam…
    Irony is that it is the best song of album but its very mediocre…. If u love this song, then u r either saying it forcefully … Or u have no taste of good music… Voice of singer is the best part of dis song.. Rest is flat… U can give it a big miss .. (2/5)…

    5) naak pe gussa…
    I can’t say much to this song… As album keeps on piling up dud after another.. It is another garbage song… Don’t know how ppl call it CLASS as in reality it is pure CRASS … Cringing song.. (2/5)

    6) ka kha gha…
    I couldn’t even complete this one.. Disaster song.. (0.5/5)…

    7) behrupiya..
    Comeback of mohit.. Decent song… But low on energy… Doubt even ranbir fans will like it or not… (2/5)

    there r many instrumentals also.. Which r decent enough.. But they will find no takers…..

    Overall bombay velvet album is the biggest DUD of recent past…
    I go with 2/5 stars…..

  • Liked both trailers
    reason it different
    may b a masterpiece
    #bombay velvet is goin to rock#

  • @indicine…
    Terrific performance ???….
    Either u have no knowledge or ur site is just ‘Karan Johar Fanatic’…..!
    He looks totally expressionless…

    Even if u see trailer on Headphones… U will not hear what Ranbir is saying most of the times…. Pathetic dialog delivery… Only gets praised becoz he has Kapoor surname attached to it

  • Ppl like @nipun @ultron who like ranbir’s acting shud also like Jacky Bhagnani’s acting ..
    U can’t hear most of the times what this Randbir is saying..Poor acting n dialog delivery…
    Jacky is better in that department..
    But unfortunately he is Jacky Bhagnani not Jacky Kapoor

  • Epic Trailer…………Rk will become the first A list actor with a national award after Bombay Velvet……………

  • B.B-70 cr.lifetime
    In last 20 month its only managed 97cr.
    besharam (63) +roy(44)
    even akki only one 2015 movie collection is same to whole 2 long yr.

  • Whatever Ranbir does , even if he just stands still , media will call it ‘terrific performance’ .

  • @jack they was fk collection.
    Iknow 63+44=107.but u still live in fakkiy.

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