Hrithik Roshan supports global aid for quake-hit Nepal

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has appreciated the efforts of various countries like US, India and China to help Nepal cope with the devastation caused by the earthquake.

The 41-year-old has urged people to help restore normalcy in Nepal in every way possible.

“Is it possible 2 give without expectation? Yes. Learn 2 b self sufficient. B d source, give, provide b great without trying 2please anyone,” Hrithik posted on Twitter.

“It’s so heartening. US, Pakistan, China, Australia, India n many more hv not wasted a moment 2 aid n help Nepal. At d core, v know v r United,” he added.

The toll after Saturday’s 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Nepal has climbed to 3,351 and 6,833 people have been injured, according to the country’s home ministry.

The quake has also said to have damaged property worth billions of dollars in the country.

According to the defence ministry, 1,935 Indians have been brought back from Nepal since Saturday, and more are expected to land on Monday evening.




  • Really appreciate the Efforts Of Indian Government and Indian Army.They have gone out of their way to provide every Help possible in such short span of time..
    Also Special Mention to Golden Temple and Gurudwaras all around World who are Sending Lakhs of Food packages to Nepal victim’s on Daily Basis..

  • “Action speaks louder than words” understand u papa’s boy. Its easy to post comments on twitter try to do better,u can

  • Salute the legend!! His tweets are worth reading not like some stupid bhai who uses twitter like rough notebook.
    Waiting for mohenjodaro

  • @ultron: You moron, can’t you see what are you doing??
    Do u know anything except posting shit comments here…!!

    What has your bhai done? He’s just a showoff,he did all this being human activities for image that people somehow forget that he is’nt a criminal!!

  • @ ultron :
    Try to appreciate this small effort , which even your Bhai has not taken .
    ‘human being’ or ‘being human’ or whatever , is sitting dumb the whole year , except some media activities , and your Bhai is using Twitter like a rough copy ! lol …

  • I thank Hrithik for showing concern regarding Nepal’s earthquake… India has indeed helped us in a great way during this crisis…Thank you India
    Love from Nepal

  • Nepal is going through a hell if i must i say so . Nepal is a small country and is very much dependent on tourism but this earthquake has damaged their cultural heritage . I am proud of Indian Army for their bravery and friendship towards Nepal . In India some states like Bihar and West Bengal have also been affected . My condolences to those people who lost their lives and i hope their souls may rest in peace . It is glad to see countries like Pakistan, China and Australia doing their own bit for Nepal . I am damn sure Hrithik will also give his contribution to flood victims in Nepal and India . Many few people know this but Hrithik is raising funds for 4 disabled athletes for the next year’s Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil . All this athletes are Indian citizens . The cost of training, sports equipments and all other miscellaneous expenses is 5 Lac Rs. Per Person . So Hrithik is planning to raise 20 Lac Rs. Through his Fashion Brand Myntra and he will also contribute from his personal savings . Respect for this guy . He is willing to do something for the society without bragging about it . Hats off to you Hrithik and a Big Salute to your spirit and your pure thoughts . We need more people like you . Stay Blessed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Life is so unpredictable. Prayers for those affected people and strength to their families.

    Hrithik’s tweets are much better than Bhai’s garbage tweets. .

  • @babaji Bhaijaan is a superstar not any politician that he makeover his image to gain votes and what,s wrong in showing off things like charity afterall charity is a charity and also bhaijaan has millions fan who follow his every style so that,s why he is showing off for betterment of people and that,s called changing of society not any speech about changing of society by flop actor,s flop movies

  • it is better if he do help himself instead of tweeting cuz everybody knows what happened in nepal they dont need tweet from hrithik to help people. these srk and hr and their fans dont want help others but they are happy in making good tweets. if salman is in place of hrithik i am sure he will help by himself.

  • Try to do something valuable like Salman’s Being Human, which helps lakhs of people, instead of simply posting useless tweets.
    Its funny how people are supporting a person who tweets (Hrithik) and criticizing a person who actually helps (Salman)

  • Who did say that Hro doesn’t help? ? If you don’t know,then do check Hrithikrules page . Hez doing good work foh para athletes and nepal people too.
    @sunny Chi Chi: if Akki can be called a superstar despite giving uncountable flops and garbage films, then whyn’t a much Bigger star like Hrithik?

  • @kSHITij sri waste of space

    Your name gives us all a very clear idea about who posts the most shitty comments here and being human is about doing great charitable work as opposed to just writing great looking tweets that impress only childish brats and old age pensioners like you. Nice that jadoo boy can tweet the obvious which his childish fans may have not been aware off due to taking their kindergarten entrance exams and in your case having to have your dentures redone…

  • Most jadoo fans may not have been aware of the recent quake which is understandable bcoz most of them are unaware of other historical events like the arrival of ET back in the 80s or the past treacherous misdemeanours of their wrong number giving babuji kShitij sri waste of space that made Rasputin seem like a choir boy so kudos to Jadoo Boy for spreading the word amongst jaadoopurians all over jaadooland. Hopefully now the kids can put aside their jadoo comic books n do some charitable work…. wishful thinking I know but theres hope

  • The old bhojpuri wrong number giving babuji is not impressed by Salmans charitable work bcoz its all just showing off but he was easily impressed with our jadoo boy by just tweeting about a social cause n doing nuff all about it… no wonder the school of treachery founded by rasputin expelled babuji as hes all talk n very little action when it comes to foul play.

  • @the phoney

    But our global queen is busy these past days tweeting about varunwale for which he hasnt even shot for and Rice King which hasnt even got a release date but we dare not call that as cheap publicity seeking stunts for fear of being called hypocrites…. afterall queen is so busy in intense preparations for maha overacting that perhaps he missed the non sarkar related headlines….

  • if hrithik helping for nepal it is great but nipun dont you think if Akshay had a father like rakesh roshan he would be more successfull than hrithik. what akshay, salman, ajay did with smaller teams and budget, impossible for baby hrithik and hakkkkkklu srk.

  • @phenom, at first let ur lungiwala to do something rather dancing on street or wedding ceremony for money.

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