Bombay Velvet Second Trailer

With less than 20 days to go for the release of Anurag Kashyap’s much-delayed ‘Bombay Velvet’, the second trailer of the film is now out.

The second trailer is better than the first and Ranbir Kapoor seems to have delivered yet another terrific performance in the film.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • garphic look old time movie . this generation does not like ..this movie not huge collection it’s collectio. around approx..ek feel jo hota h vo nhi aa raha iska trailer dhekne pe..any way best of luck

  • @reviewer of whateva:
    Taste varies.. opinion varies.. Rating varies too from person to person..

    Bombay Velvet songs are based on 60s era’s jazz. These are situational songs. You cann’t expect all songs to be a Jumme Ki Raat or a Tum Hi Ho.
    Bombay Velvet music is perfect for its kind.
    Like I love said earlier, liking its songs is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some may like, some mayn’t.
    I don’t judge a music considering its genre. I judge a music looking at its composition, lyrics and vocals.

    Your Review sucks becoz it looks more like a hate comment than a genuine review. You have no knowledge about jazz and 60s music!

  • Our new expert on jazz music is megha nipun aunty…. is there no period over last 100 yrs this idiot isnt an expert off….?

    First he was expert of comic books as he was able to tell us unequivocably that Rakesh Roshans Maanvars came before Marvels mutants…. then he told us without hesitation that the egg came before the chicken sorry Jadoo came before the alien ET … only thing he hasnt told us with any confidence is whether baby nipun came before nipun junior sorry we know that- I meant if jilu aunty came before megha aunty in his perverse thoughts process…

  • Much better trailer than first but I fear negative feelings surrounding BV ie nipuns manipulative crapgiri reviews and some buddhawales support may cause mass audiences to avoid their stupidity thus avoid film at all costs…!

  • Superb trailer…looks very intresting. Aisi film banane k liye himmat honi chahiye, khud par bharosha hona chahiye…hats off to our fearless actor RANBIR KAPOOR

  • This movie looks awsm..Anurag, Ranbir and karan looks promising..after watching the 2nd trailer..getting more excited to see n btw haters ur hate shows ur jealousy..ek naye ladke se itni jalan…ufff!

  • Lallu fans should stop spending their time hating Ranbir and concentrate about their star.. The verdict of his case is to come out. Go and pray for him rather than spreading hatred and abusing others
    I rest my case

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