I love Salman Khan and dream of doing a film with him: Sunny Leone

Bollywood star Sunny Leone has said that she dreams of sharing screen-space with Salman Khan. The Indo-Canadian adult star has also said that while people haven’t totally accepted her, it was Salman who welcomed her when no one else did.

“People have not totally accepted me here. I have always been given a step-motherly treatment in Bollywood. People judge me on who I am and it’s only my fans who have kept the Sunny Leone brand alive” she said.

“I love Salman Khan. I have always dreamt of doing a film with him. But hopefully, that will also happen someday. Otherwise, he is such a nice person. He welcomed me when no one else did. Even Shah Rukh Khan was very nice to me when we met.”

Sunny’s latest film ‘Ek Paheli Leela’, which released in theatres today, has opened poorly at the box office.

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  • I dont think Salman will be do a film with Sunny Leone.. I don’t think any of the top stars will do a film with her.. Nothing against Sunny, but I think the male superstars will fear that their established fan-base and families might not come to watch the movie..

    But like someone said.. Sunny playing a role in a film like No Entry might work, where she is not the only female lead..

  • @some buddha mukherjee

    But our arjuna will never lose his virginity if Finding Fanny is anything to go by coz even with a directors guidance and experienced wisdom from the likes of Nasseruddin, Pankaj he was still unable to find Fanny…!

    Now one knows without finding fanny you cant lose your virginity so poor Arjuna will spend the rest of his days living like a nun…!

  • @tiger 6:13pm


    Hahaha yeah for maya memsaab 2 king should get sunny to do an item song at the very least to give his erotica movie that much needed ooooooommmmpppphhhh

  • No one wants to work with Salman Except Porn actors.. btw That would be fan watching to expressionless people in the same movie.. as well as Salman will be Afraid as Sunny leone will overshadowed him as She can act much better than our so called Golden Kela Heart Bhai Jaan.

  • Famous Porn actress wants to work with 50 years old virgin. ROFL, LOL, LOL ROFL, LOL that proves why she wants to work with him.. btw does she know that Bhojpuri Salman’s kartoos is not working anymore? (He lost it in 2000 accident while driving)

  • Tops actresses of Hollywood most of them have expressed, desired their feeling to work with the Baadshah of B’wood while non have said they want to work with Bhojpuri salman.. if some one did that is Famous porn star Sunny leone.. Aww.

  • I think people like @ tiger the real and @legend spent more than half year of their life to criticized srk and he became a part of their lyf lots of tym they are suffering from koma when srk movies did well like final collection of chennai exp… and they both are hospitalized for 6 month when they were saw the first day collection of HNY first day 44.97 crore….. and before that at the tym of jai ho they both were lost their memory for some month than a bigg thank to sallu bhaai for kick … which alive them once again…. but they both still suffer from the disease of criticism of srk. hope the kind of movies line up of srk he will became the cause of mukti for both of them…. ;)

  • @fan pk : what do u say about @javed & @IamAKN ??? are bashing rights are exclusively with srk fans ???

  • @javed : why r u trolling yourself ?? At least we are not writing ‘Charlie coming with 300 crs (India collections) Strom’ after every comment !!!!!!

  • we also like our king but his fans like @sss @Sahir @IamAKN @Phenom @Bhai ka fan @javed @Rao @Babaji (srk fan in face of Akki/HR fan) @Arjun kid fan (another chameleon) @Triniman @fanpk @Dynamic does not allow other fans to like or praise srk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @imakn, king’s kartoos is working well thats why he needed a surrogate father to birth his latest son.

  • @fan lungi, thanks for caring for us…..btw, king gonna get permanent mukti from bollywood after the release of varunwale this christmas….

  • She should do a movie with salman in Jism 3.. and should take Shera along with Salman. it will surly create magic as everyone knows how close both of them are in real life.. and becoming more close to close since Aish, Kat has left Bhojpuri Salman.

  • @i aman idiot

    You stumped yourself with your own stupidity again….

    Proof of your kings mojo working was highlighted by Gauris need for a shahrugate father to father her third child….

  • This ImAKN is disgusting. Writes absolute garbage about every actor barring SRK.
    Get a freaking life moron! You’re worse than krk!

  • @hrithik,ha ha it’s sunny who is agreed as she like virgins,ROFL.not Deepika who agreed to wo k with this non actor,LOL.

  • Every other girl in the B Town wants to work with the top 5 stars she aint any different…. as far as love is concerned “REALLY”

  • Ek tha Bandar – SRK already has two childrens before Abram Khan that’s proves everything so stop giving lame, fake excuses as that will not help Bhai’s Kartoos to work… & no one can deny that bhai’s kartoos is not working anymore otherwise non actress would try to leave Bhojpuri salman.

  • Ek tha Bandar – When Aishwarya Left Bhojpuri Salman for Abhishek, he proved that his kartoos is not working.. when Katrina left Bhai for young actor like Ranbeer he proved it again that his Kartoos is not working after that when he becomes to close & fall in love with Shera with the passage of time.. he’s shown to the whole world that he is a Kartoosless..

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