Fast and Furious 7 Worldwide Box Office Collections

Fast and Furious 7 has crossed theá$500 million mark worldwide, 7 days after it was released across 10,500 centres across 63 territories all over the world.

The movie has grossed $183.7 million in the domestic market (6 days) and a stunning $320 million in foreign territories, taking the worldwide gross to around $503.7 million (Rs 3140 crore).


In India, Fast and Furious 7 has become the highest grossing Hollywood film of all time, collecting Rs 73ácrore including collections from all versions. It’s also theásecond highest grosser of the year after Akshay Kumar’s Baby, which collected Rs 96 crore net.

The James Wan directed film could go on to become the first Hollywood film in India to cross the 100 crore mark, which would be a historic achievement since no other international film has come close to collecting Rs 100 crore.

Fast And Furious 7

Fast And Furious 7

The movie has generated massive interest around the world from fans who have been eager to see Paul Walker’s final on-screen appearance. The star passed away mid-way through the film’s shoot in 2013.

Day-wise collections of Fast and Furious 7 in India, including collections from all versions.

  • Thursdayá-á12.38 crore
  • Friday -á11.92 crore
  • Saturday -á12.25 crore
  • Sunday -á13.56 crore
  • Monday – 7.5 crore
  • Tuesday – 6.25 crore
  • Wednesday – 5.1 crore (approx)
  • Thursday – 4 crore (approx)
  • Total collections in 8 days – 72.96 crore

Day-wise collections in North America (USA and Canada) for 6 days

  • Friday – $67,407,340 (Rs 420 crore)
  • Saturday -á$46,626,580 (Rs 291 crore)
  • Sunday -á$33,153,120 (Rs 207 crore)
  • Monday -á$14,015,350á(Rs 87 crore)
  • Tuesday -á$13,311,640á(Rs 84 crore)
  • Wednesday -á$9,187,550 (Rs 58 crore)
  • Total in 6 days -á$183,701,580á(Rs 1146 crore)

The film stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Kurt Russell, Jason Statham and Indian actor Ali Fazal.



  • It will cross Baby Life Time in 2nd Week. Doob Marne Wala Moment. Makkhi Kumar ne Rajesh Khanna ke Khaandaan ki bhi Naak katadi.

  • FF7 has no chance of beating Avatar worldwide. Only one movie can beat Avatar’s collections this year…….the global king’s Varunwale…..

  • Paul Walker will be missed. The tribute at the very end of the film, made me cry. Having said that, Furious 7 could have been a better film.. it slows down in between.

    Action sequences were spectacular though.. Paul surviving the bus sequence, cars jumping from the plane are my picks..

  • Great movie but wont cross $1 Billion worldwide as repeat value is not that high nor can it attract fans outside its normal franchise fanbase.

    Avengers 2 is the movie that will be HUGE and cross the $1 billion mark worldwide and some more.

    Kings Content Rich Billu Fan could also cross the $1 Billion mark worldwide but for that to happen the majority of his 3.7 billion fans need to step away from Youtube and online polls for about a fortnight and watch kings content driven movie in theatres…!

  • more news and unknown facts about fast and furious 7

    More than 230 cars were destroyed during the filming of Furious 7, the Universal franchise’s picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy told the Washington Post.

    Furious 7′ Audience 75 Percent Non-White: Inside the Diversity Stats.
    Furious 7′ likely to Become Universal’s First Billion-Dollar

    Furious 7′ Soundtrack Drives to No. 2 on Albums Chart.
    Wiz Khalifa new song “See You Again” ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack Serves As Paul Walker Tribute and its out now.

    Furious opened $384 million over the weekend at the global box office, including $143.6 million domestically Ś the biggest debut since The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in November 2013 ($158 million). More impressive, its global bow was the fourth-best of all time.

    Source: Collider & Washigton post

    FF7 surely going to make history. After all, it’s for Paul Walker

  • @ultron my bro fast n furious is nothing in front of avengers
    when 1st avenger was released movie broke 1weekend record by huge margin of $207 million past 1st weekend record was darkknight of $158 million
    avenger ww collection was $1500 million
    behind avatar $2700 million and titanic $ 2100 million
    but this time avenger 2 will easily break avenger record…

  • Wow!!!! What a huge success!
    Congratulations ff7 team!
    This kind of movie deserves this collection.
    Afterall, it is the last instalement of ff7.
    Hugeeee…… wow!!!!

  • It dropped from Tues to Wed – any reason? Maybe because Easter holidays were over or could be a drop in collections since it’s a frontloaded franchise.

  • AVEngers AOU will most likely break its record but this will always be better. I do not like marvel’s attitude and atmosphere, one minute it is a comedy next it is a tragedy.

  • @indicine
    On how many screens did they release the movie in USA and Canada ????
    What is their average ticket price ???
    Because in India a movie with 5000 screens and even with 100% occupancy can’t earn 60 cr.

  • @Indicine: It is surely not yet the highest hollywood Grosser in India yet. It still needs to overcome Amazing Spiderman2, 2012 and Avatar to become the highest grosser.
    Do you have any sources for this claim?

    You just need to follow BoxOffice Mojo for this.
    1. Avatar in India : $24,216,860 – 24*46(dollar rate as on 7 Feb 2010, this was the closing date) – 112crApprox.[
    2. Life of Pi : $13,329,683 – Approx 74 cr. []
    3. Amazing Spiderman2 : $13,606,274 – Approx 82cr. [].

    But, if the above collections are gross, then definitely F&F7 would be the first Hollywood Film to cross 100cr. Net Collections.

  • Great job! F7…. @sheeraz: in USA there are over 10000 screens Of which about 4000 odd ws given to F7. Average ticket price in USA for normal version are $6 to $30 (depending on wat theater’s status) like hw in India there r high end multiplex, normal multiplex, SS… For 3D/IMAX it is frm ($18 to $40) VIP/Couple plush sitting/king size bedded High end 3D/IMAX multiplexes charges are above $100.

  • this movie(FF7) was awesome bt uncmpltd with out the real hero………..paul walker……….miss uuhhhhh…. u r such a suprb actor……..

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