I love Salman Khan and dream of doing a film with him: Sunny Leone

Bollywood star Sunny Leone has said that she dreams of sharing screen-space with Salman Khan. The Indo-Canadian adult star has also said that while people haven’t totally accepted her, it was Salman who welcomed her when no one else did.

“People have not totally accepted me here. I have always been given a step-motherly treatment in Bollywood. People judge me on who I am and it’s only my fans who have kept the Sunny Leone brand alive” she said.

“I love Salman Khan. I have always dreamt of doing a film with him. But hopefully, that will also happen someday. Otherwise, he is such a nice person. He welcomed me when no one else did. Even Shah Rukh Khan was very nice to me when we met.”

Sunny’s latest film ’Ek Paheli Leela’, which released in theatres today, has opened poorly at the box office.

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  • Sucking up to Srk and Sallu ain’t gunna work…. u gotta start Sucking sumthin else if yaa want a movie with em ;) 8==D~

  • Well no surprise she’s being judged, especially in a country like India. She’s beautiful (more than many bollywood actresses) so I wonder why she had to become a porn star.

  • Who would not want to work with megastar Salman? He is the most powerful man on Bollywood. He is the godfather of many.

  • wawa! sunny loen r u really want to star in a movie opposite our bhai…
    becareful!!! our has ruined some actresses hopes… e.g. jai ho.. actress disappeared and veer actress also disappeared.
    if u want to commit suicide then go ahead!

  • sunny leone should do a movie with arjun kapoor … so dat he can learn acting … leone should share screen space with arjun kapoor

  • Fantastic comment by ultron:
    Fans talking about biggest grossers of the year
    ak fan:d3,pk
    sk fan:ett,dabangg
    srk fan:i am leaving kkr match is going on.. C u later
    akki fan:i have to give 70rs to my friend immediately.. so bye…
    hr fan:papa is calling

  • oops!!! but sunny, this year our bhai’s career will get over…. seriously.
    if u don’t believe, wait and see ur self.

  • @Desii That was quite an immature statement.You can’t judge everybody on the basis of their past life

  • bb day wise collections:
    1st day: 40 crore to 50 crore
    2nd day: 50 crore to 60 crore
    3rd day: 55 crore to 70 crore
    1st weekend: 150 crore
    1st week: 250 crore
    2nd week: 150 crore
    3rd week: 50 crore
    remaining : 20 crore
    lifetime: 608 crore only domistic
    worldwide: 1200 crore
    i heard that youth will definetly watch this movie at least thrice.
    our bhai has 5 crore fans in india.
    so plz ” Don’t underestimate the power of our bhai”.

  • Salman is still so Young, Everyone love and like him. He looks way much Dashing and Handsome than Others. Even SRK himself praised Salman & accepted his defeat. “The kind of Stardom Salman has He leads the path n we try to follow it”.

  • @javed, but our king’s career is already finished….thats why he has started to work on multistarers….last year HNY and this year Varunwale.

  • prdp day wise collections…
    1st day: 34 crore
    2nd day : 49 crore ( diwali )
    3rd day: 45 crore
    4rd day: 40 crore
    5th day: 47 crore
    6th day: 30 crore
    7th day: 25 crore
    1st week: 290 crore broke dhoom 3’s record…..
    2nd week: 140 crore broke pk’s record.?
    3rd week: 70 crore.
    remaining : 50 crore
    lifetime: 470 crore only domistic.
    overseas: 250 crore broke all records.
    worldwide: 850 crore….
    this year our bhai show the world his true and loyal fans in india.
    all bhai fans will watch it for sure, youth also will watch. after all it is our bhai’s movie.???
    lastly, i will use one word ” hope”
    i hope my expectations come true, otherwise our bhai should not fire in the sky’.
    i have a great respect for these legends.
    but their fans, like: legend khan, navin dogter, hrithik, etc do not let me love him.
    this year either a decade history will be written by prdp and bb or, a career will be terminated for ever..

  • but our bhaijaan has said that he will loose his virginity only in front of his special one


  • Now she will get more respect but casting her in a movie with salman is some what risky! As family audience will have problems! Anyway as a youth I would like to see you with salman in no entry 2 which seems perfect for u

  • When Sunny makes bold movie everyone talks about her. But when our king makes bold movies like maya memsaab, jthj etc nobody talks about him……..shamme on India.

  • Salman is enjoying his best time,

    Aamir doing great, only @iamsrk Struggling at BO & on TV too. LULZ

  • Sunny’s bold movies bcm hits but king’s bold movies bcm disasters…..king should learn something from sunny…..

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