‘I don’t want the pressure of box office’ – Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said that he doesn’t give importance to box office numbers because it’s a ‘pressure’, which is something that he doesn’t want.

“Box-office number is actually a pressure. And that is what I donít want. So, I do a film like Baby, which has a limited audience and there are no songs. Many people warned me against it because songs are an integral part of Hindi cinema. It will affect the trade of the film by approximately Rs 40-50 crores. But I didnít pay heed to it. I wanted to give something new to my audience. If I will think about box-office collection, I will not be able to do diverse films”†he was quoted as saying by PTI (Press Trust of India).

Akshay’s first release of 2015, ‘Baby’ collected Rs 96 crore at the domestic box office. He followed it up with ‘Gabbar Is Back’, a social-masala entertainer that went on to do business of Rs 85 crore. His latest release, Brothers, has collected Rs 52 crore in its first weekend.




  • He doesn’t want BO Pressures but only money from the producers! Soon, you won’t producers offering you a film unless you become a producer on your own.
    Yes, Joker, Khidladi 786, TMK, Gabbar etc etc are all different movies…
    Our joker boy rocks!

  • Love you akshay
    Haters even akshay said he don’t want BO numbers so stop Barking.
    I am full confident if your star fails to give BO success you will definitely leave him.

  • If Mr.Kumar dont care about BO then why is his movie realise after every three months he doing more movies because he want to earn more money that is why he always come in top ten highest earner in bollywood he know he dont have acting ability like SRK ,Amit, Hritik Nor Stardum Like Srk or Salman.Otherwise he could produce his own movie like Srk,Amir and Salman Or take some share of Profit Like other super star.He dont Produce Movie or take share on Profit because he know he dont have that kind og stardum.Isliye wo hamesha Producer ko Dubata rehta hai.His Good Content Movie Baby and Gabbar fail to cross 100 Cr and now Brother with national Holiday will strugling to reach 100cr..So stop giving excuse like child u can fool ur fans not others.Just Concerntare on ur movie and learn from Khans….

  • Haters if you think akshay sir is nothing.Then why waste ur precious time on every article by mentioning his name.

  • @Mumbai Indians

    No Dude My Name is Faizan Khan but whatever I also like Daredevil Khiladi

  • Let’s say SIB does 180 Cr, but after this comment Akshay can’t talk about BO since he says he don’t think about it.

  • @Kiran thorat srk has stardom? joke of the decade. I agree salman and aamir have stardom but srk doesn’t have stardom.

  • No problem, boxoffice hardly matters for audience still after 10 years a performance oriented Movie like ”Baby” will be remembered more than a non actor’s Legendary films like Kick. Jai ho. Ready. Dabangg. Bodyguard. Ett. tere naam & countless more..!!

  • First post. thats crap. Everyone associated with a movie cares about money esp actors. If your movie didnt make money than no one is going to cast you. You gotta be honest with your audience. Can’t play themfor a fool. He needs to change his PR and change his movies selection or he’s gone in five to ten years. Yes he tries different movies but they are either made cheap or look cheap or not promoted well and over exposure isn’t good anymore.

  • its not like tat akki is givin briliant films he is doing diff films bt non r newer baby is somwat like aan khake type n gib n brothers r watched films if u want 2 remake tan do it of masala clasy like bizman dangerous khiladi n super khiladi type critic may criticise bt audi wil love it for its simplicity n if u believe in diverse film just learn 4m aamir wat a man gajani macho body 3i stud d3 hanky pk awesom luk now dangal a fat guy luk as seen til variation of roles non other hav done it yet nor srk nahi salman

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