‘I don’t want the pressure of box office’ – Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said that he doesn’t give importance to box office numbers because it’s a ‘pressure’, which is something that he doesn’t want.

“Box-office number is actually a pressure. And that is what I donít want. So, I do a film like Baby, which has a limited audience and there are no songs. Many people warned me against it because songs are an integral part of Hindi cinema. It will affect the trade of the film by approximately Rs 40-50 crores. But I didnít pay heed to it. I wanted to give something new to my audience. If I will think about box-office collection, I will not be able to do diverse films”†he was quoted as saying by PTI (Press Trust of India).

Akshay’s first release of 2015, ‘Baby’ collected Rs 96 crore at the domestic box office. He followed it up with ‘Gabbar Is Back’, a social-masala entertainer that went on to do business of Rs 85 crore. His latest release, Brothers, has collected Rs 52 crore in its first weekend.




  • That is why ur all movies are underperforming…
    But i m ur supporter too..
    Waiting for Airlift and Housefull 3

  • actually he is not in no.1 race. he do his work only, its on you like it or not. i feel he is right but back to back films are not good idea in todays time because business of movies are restricted to mostly one week business and to get big business you have to promote your movie what srk and aamir doing. most of their movies good or average did better collection because of promotion.

  • List of few very diversified films by akki
    Its entertainment
    Tees maar khan
    Khiladi 786

    Sing is bling

  • He misused his stardom for years by taking his audience for granted. There is no pride in working with maximum first time directors/producers if you aren’t giving your audience some watchable movies. I wish he had realized this when he was at peak of his super stardom.

  • Thats an excuse for having made the wrong choices in his career! Every commerical actor from Aamir Khan to Shahid Kapur thinks about the box office, they may experiment from time to time but certain films are aimed at bringing in the box office numbers!

  • Box Office is unpredictable.

    I really enjoyed movies like Agneepath (1990), Suryavanshi, Andaz Apna Apna, Daud and Mela but unfortunately all flopped.

    Then a boring movie like Devdas becomes a hit.

    So unfair…..

  • then why he worked with famous directors and not new directors or banner salman even with debut heroine and durector and break all records so Salman>>>>>>>>>>>Whole bollywood

  • what was khiladi 786,Gabbar is back,boss,joker all had two or three item songs just for earn money pls akki don,t hide ur fault

  • All Akki fans on twitter have decided to boycott Aamir and Salman films bcoz of Brothers.
    Now, Aamir-Salman movies will earn 1 lakh lesser than usual. ?

  • bajrangi bhaijaan was without any item songs or so much actions also new banner of salman khan but woth just one holiday he crushed all records so King salman>>>>>>>>whole bollywood

  • He doesn’t care about of Box-office or how much money a movie earns, but does 4 films in a year so that his annual income is the highest. Wahh!

  • Title of the article should have been .
    Akshay Kumar finally admitted that he cares about money more than box office. ???

    Jokes apart, Completely unnecessary for him to say this because We all know the fact. He cares about Money and also cares about great deals..this guy is shamelessness, He started promoting SIB and Housefull 3 instead of focusing Brothers. ??

  • great actor & good human being..

    But has pathetic fan following…

    His fans makes unnecessary drama on social sites by trying to bring down other actors.

    Dont forget Akki fans you guys tried to bring down BB by spreading negativity…you guys did same with Drishyam.

    But it very small world guys…twitter & facebook means not whole world.
    Your such foolish things doesnt make any difference.
    Because if you rate 1* to BB & post negative user reviews on IMDb is not makes any difference in peoples love towards film like BB.
    Its all defends on mouth to mouth publicity & Indias population is huge & only 0.001% people care about these social networking sites & polls & ratings.

    So please stop behaving like SRK fans.
    Because they are crossed all bounderies.
    But i believe that Akki fans will not go that below standard…so hoping some loyality from them in future atleast for Akki & good cinema.

  • Well this statement dsnt suit akki at this point of his career coz he is not that bankable as his other similar aged stars.. look at what profits he is giving.. three films costing 250+ n not even earning 300!!.. thats not what they make films for with a big star!! ..lesser stars r giving more profits.. he talks bout baby as if its a classic.. its no more than a tried and tested cash on sentiments movie bashing anti indian elements and is not even half smart as spl 26 or not even on par with holiday althgh that too was cash on sentiments movie but was smartly made!! .. its high time he shd take box office pressure or else he’d fall behind even to the new generation actors like ranbir and varun!!. His stardom is goin down with each average movie hez doin!! As a fan of his its so disappointing to see him struggle to even to second the khans!! Really wish well for him.. he has been 1 of best for the last two decades!!

  • so all khans fans saying akki does movie for money. what are they trying to say all actors do films for charity. Akki is capable for do 4 films per year and he love films and love to act. But ‘ Buddhe’ khans are not able to do 4 films per year so they go to advertising. and and performs new year party etc and akki same tume time akki enjoy with his family.

  • I fully agree with you Akshay. The pressure of delivering 500/600crs shouldn’t snatch away the quality of movies. Its unfortunate to see that fan wars have become more important than a good film. I can remeber one dialogue from 3 idiots of Aamir..”don’t run behind success..run behind excellence success jhak marke piche ayegi”. So true. Actors should try different flavour scripts.

  • boxoffice is unpredictable also today is teej in haryana and over there akki has huge fan following there so there is a chance of brothers doing 8-9 crores on monday and on tuesday its parsi new year in mumbai so it can stay steady and do 7-8 crores and possibly it can reach close to 80 crores in week 1 which is good still has chance of becoming hit… and the by the way akki this comment was not necessary anyways wish u all the best for SIB, airlift and housefull 3.

  • what can i say about this selfish man……..only earning money with doing 3 crap out of 4 movie in a year and he dont think about the cinema hall owner and the distributor………….really shameless person…….always said i do quality movies and social movies……..what the hell was in joker entertainment gobar TMK boss n now another ghatiya movie singh is bling……..
    and one more thing dont ever said ki u dont care about boxoffice coj u r nothing in front of khans hrithik and ajay………..flop hero

  • @ Rj- devdaas declared hit but its business in india was lower than budget like ra-one. don’t know why media give such flexibility to srk movies?

  • To people who keep chanting 3-4 movies a year, it wld have been gr8 if those movies made any significant profits.. 250+ crz of budget in three films n cant even get 300 cr!!.. 15% profit!! .. that is so average for any knwn actor let alone a veteran like akshay.. if the khans can give 200% profit with 1 film y the heck they shd do three films!!

  • there was a time in 90s when akki was actually good.. he was at least doing good films but i guess after 2007 when he gave 4 hits during that year he became overconfident and started signing crap films like tmk, joker, OUATIMD, and the shaukeens… oh well i guess after doing quality films like sp26, holiday and baby he somehow gained trust in audience…. hopefully brothers works at boxoffice and becomes a hit… its so sad crap films like chennai express, dabangg 2, housefull 2 and rowdy rathore worked so why can’t brothers

  • 3 Khans VS. Akshay Kumar

    ()1.)Most no. Of hits ? Akshay Kumar [28 hits]

    ()2.)Highest Lifetime Collection ?Akshay Kumar [ 2500 plus]

    ()3.)Most Fittest ? Akshay Kumar

    ()4.)Most good looking personality ?Akshay Kumar [Salman lacks height]

    ()5.)Casanova of Bollywood ? Akshay Kumar ..3 Khans r baccha in field of ashiqui compare 2 Akshay .[ Akshay Kumar wo hai jisne krish ki dadi se lekr krish ki wife tk k Sath romance kiya h in Reel & REAL life too ]

    ()6.)No.1 Action hero ? Akshay Kumar

    ()7.)Best in comedy ? Akshay

    ()8.)Most Glamorous & stylish ? Akshay kumar

    ()9.)Ŗest Stage performer ? Akshay Kumar
    ()10.)Highest Earner ? Akshay Kumar

    Apart from giving blockbusters Akshay leads in every department compare 2 khans nd dats y they feel jealous sometimes ..!

    An Extraordinary Superstar Akshay Kumar ..!

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