‘I don’t want the pressure of box office’ – Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has said that he doesn’t give importance to box office numbers because it’s a ‘pressure’, which is something that he doesn’t want.

“Box-office number is actually a pressure. And that is what I donít want. So, I do a film like Baby, which has a limited audience and there are no songs. Many people warned me against it because songs are an integral part of Hindi cinema. It will affect the trade of the film by approximately Rs 40-50 crores. But I didnít pay heed to it. I wanted to give something new to my audience. If I will think about box-office collection, I will not be able to do diverse films”†he was quoted as saying by PTI (Press Trust of India).

Akshay’s first release of 2015, ‘Baby’ collected Rs 96 crore at the domestic box office. He followed it up with ‘Gabbar Is Back’, a social-masala entertainer that went on to do business of Rs 85 crore. His latest release, Brothers, has collected Rs 52 crore in its first weekend.




  • If baby was starring ajay then 120cr
    and if Salman in GIB-140cr
    akki is a complete waste of time

  • I am not happy to say bad things abt of akshay kumar but some goofy fans r forcing me to b abusive
    i am very sorry mr.comedian akki kumar

  • I always knew there will be too much melodrama in it which was not needed, you simply can’t drag families out of their home to watch a movie by throwing too much needless melodrama in the film. It only slowed down the pace of the movie and dragged the plot out of the point. So, I was prepared for it.

    What disappointed me is the way they presented MMA. To me, who’s been a long time MMA fan, it was very disappointing to see them knocking out whole technique and basics of MMA. I don’t know how much time Akshay and Sid put on learning MMA, judging by Akshay’s schedule, I don’t think it was enough. Akshay was good as far as acting was concerned, Sid needs to work on his acting more, he was ‘overshadowed’ once again in it by Akshay like he was overshadowed by Parineeti and Riteish in HTP and Ek Villain. I wish it at least put on more focus on actual MMA so at least it would have been remembered for a long time.

    It was good that makers tried to do something different, but they couldn’t execute it properly and were deviated from the path, i.e., took a short cut instead of putting more emphasis to the originality and concept of the film. Karan Malhotra got his ‘path’ right with ‘Agneepath’, but he deviated from it with ‘Brothers’.

  • @ultron abey bache salman khan without eid release equals jai ho an average grosser although it was a good film but it was not a clean hit… so shut up akki ki bhale movies struggle karti ho but at least he releases his film on non-holiday agar salman ya aamir non holiday mein film release kare even their film won’t even get close to 200 crores…

  • I feel sorry for producers and distributors .

    how can actors like akshay who charge insane amount of money per film say he don’t care about box office . r u trying to bankrupt producers/distributors ?

    most stars say they don’t care abt box office yet they charge 30%-60% of total budget of film as their fee and some even manipulate their film’s box office collection by 20-30%.

    if u really don’t care abt box office then u should drop ur fee and stop faking collection.

  • Feeling sad for Akki …
    He’s done at least one good movie each year , but Box-office is not kind to him !!!

  • All Are saying that akki should be do one films per like khans. so all actor does like this only 10-15 films will released every year. then it would true?

  • @Ultron A Salmaniac ! you are saying if ajay were in baby the collections would be 120 cr. whay don’t you think about ajay’s drysham which even didn’t collected 60cr. please use your brain.

  • to all akshay fans!! i noticed one thing since quite long time about salman and aamir fans. they always create negativity about akki’s movies. So i request all of you to stop watching salman and aamir films and let all akshay fans who don’t have access to internet to avoid their films as well. after this we have to support SRK and R Roshan films.

  • Akians. please stop watching salman and aamir movies. they creat negativity against akshay’s films. we have to do the same. support SRK and R Roshan after this.

  • Akshay Kumar’s Most awaited film vs Salman khan’s least collecting film in recent times :
    Brothers opening (non-holiday) = 15.2 cr
    Jai Ho opening (non-holiday) = 18.8 cr

    Brothers weekend = 53 cr
    Jai Ho weekend = 61 cr

    Do I need to say more ?
    Akshay is awesome actor but dont compare him with khans, compare him with Ajay or Ranbir

  • Except Singham Returns of Ajay and YJHd of Ranbir, both have not better track record than Akshay
    Leave Rowdy Rathore, still Akshay leads with Gabbar and Baby

  • box office hota kiya he film acha hona chahi aur baby gabbar are good film .agr salman srk hrithik amir ke fil, ziyada box office par jalti phir bhi saal ek film aur akki ki saal me 3se 4 filme hote aur acha taraha se box office pe chalti he

  • hahahahahahaha

    These kinds of articles providing a chance to Barkers that they barked about our Superstar Daredevil Khiladi Mr. Akshay Kumar.

    Baby Classical
    Gabbar Is Back Mass Entertainer
    Brothers Classical Sports which never seen before in India
    Singh Is Bling will be Comedy beyond all limits. Aa rahe sab Sardar udham machaany.

    Akshay Kumar’s 103 Movies did the business of 2,500 crore + this is the efforts performance.

    An only Superstar in Hindustan who gave 100 + movies.
    We Akkians proud that our Daredevil Khiladi bring 04 movies every year to entertain us.

    Aur yeh kya tum log collection collection ko rote rehte ho bey kitne crore ghar le kar gye tum log apne Khans Roshan Kapoors aur Devgn ke ?

    Akshay Sir don’t care about money he always want to give his audience entertain performance and a good movies.

    Love you Akshay Sir best of luck for SIB, Airlift, Housefull-3 and Namasty England.

    Your fan from Karachi, Pakistan.

  • I didnt understand this all clun was not there before where akshay movies are earning more than your bhai movies and hakla khan movies. Even more than aamir movies everywhere. Every actor has a phase. If his films namstey london hey baby bhool bhulaiya welcome back phir hera pheri singh is king release in 2014 or 2015 he is same like salman khan with back to back blockbusters. After wanted salman image change a lot and after doing such bad film like tmk joker or others akshay has lost some fan following but. He is trying to do good films. But if indian audience get entertainment from crap like happy new year or ek tha tiger or dabangg or chennai express. Then what to say.

  • @AkShAy SaLmAn “LunAtic friNge your comments seems really familiar to me. Is your name haris rizwan?

  • The lone looTera audience wants to degrade others for watching Mela- first admit to yourself that you made a grave mistake by downloading looTera n watching it 1234 times then maybe mock others but until then hide your face in jaaduland..!

  • Akshay even don’t care about his own films.That’s why your all movies flopped. If you don’t care then why audience care about your films
    I think he even don’t care about his fans Lol

  • @babaji ka thulu yaar jagda band karde warna ye lokh khatam hone ka naam nahin lenge…. Which will get really annoying…

  • @The Phenom but so surprising that srk hasn’t done any single food film since 2007 still manipulation is very kind to him. ???

  • @the phenom also very sad that srk hasn’t done any good film for so many years since 2007 but still manipulation is so kind to him. ???

  • @A Khan so here you are. I was finding you for so many days? Dudnt you challenge me? Now come in brothers article and face me. I thought you are too much scared and hiding in shame. Now see what happened to akki’s brothers? Doesnt he have more following than global king the biggest megastar aamir khan? LOL on you. Come and face mw. And next time don’t even dare to say akki has more fans than aamir. Aamir is baap of all superstars in Bollywood. And even I you dont watch his films still I will not effect his films at all. They will still break all records.

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