Hrithik, Shahid, Farhan, Anushka to perform at IPL opening ceremony

Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Farhan Akhtar and music-composer Pritam will be performing at the Indian Premiere League 2015 opening ceremony at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata on Tuesday.

Hrithik’s performance is expected to be the highlight of the ceremony that will be hosted by Saif Ali Khan.

The IPL opening ceremony is being held in Kolkata because the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) are the defending champions this season.

All eight IPL team captains will be present to take the MCC Spirit of Cricket pledge. Gautam Gambhir will put the trophy back in play, signalling the start of the 2015 season.

The opening ceremony is expected to be two hours long, and will begin at 7:30PM. Tickets for the opening ceremony, which start at Rs 200, can be purchased online or at the stadium.

The programme will be telecast live on Sony Max and Sony Six.



  • Finally, IPL will hv the grandest opening ceremony performance on stage.. after all, Baap of dance floor HRITHIK ROSHAN is gonna set the stage & the surrounding on fire with his world class dance performance.. eagerly waiting..

  • Waiting for hrithik n shahid’s performance…

    And like every year,i will be supporting KXIP.

  • After losing in worldcup now indian players wil earn money n sympathy in IPL. Well done boys keep it up…Keep losing n still earning

  • no doubt KING SRK will be the Heartthrob of that event by doing some awesome ww famous and hater’s favourite Lungi Dance.I’m very excited,this season also KKR has huge chances to win,Always Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo re.

  • My favourite team in ipl is Delhi daredevills…bcz my all time fav player yuvraj singh is the new addition to the team…and i will definealty watch the opening ceremony of ipl…as after so many days ” GOD OF DANCE ” aka ” Hrithik Roshan ” will perform live on the grandest stage of them all…looking forward to watch this spectacular ceremony… #YUVSTRONG12 #ihrithik

  • @Shail007 In recent 8 years aus didnt get single icc trophy until they host it. But India 2007 t20 wc, 2011 wc, 2013 champ trophy, and aus lost all t20 wc and these trophies won by India unlike pakistan.

  • @Shail007 Forget 2011, india kicked ausis from quater final n also beat ausis during champion trophy 2013 in england, india v/s pak 7-0, muoka mouka 8-0 in worldcup 2019.

  • @romace : i like you bro because you are Srkian, but if you post hateful comments about PAKISTAN then definitely i will hate you. So Next time please remmeber this. No matter what but if a team plays well then definitely the team will win. I know too why you write this due to sahil007. But next time you know what i mean.
    SO coming on the topic. Waiting for ipl 8. Oh yaar waah greek god,dance master hrithik or shahid perform kren gy biggest opening. Waiting.
    Best of luck kkr. We want again in final KX1P. The match of veer zaara.

  • Hrithik Roshan performing on stage is rare and must see television. I wish I was in Kolkata to watch him dance live.

  • @romance dilwale fan

    1st i didn’t care about pakistan whatever they do or not

    Again aus hav won 5 times WC, it isn’t enough as 50-50 is more worth than 20-20 for us.They hav won it 3 times in a row

    also aus are all time fav. in all ICC events unlike india as they aren’t in 2011 or even in 2007. So team should be like aus. who play for win everytime they play. As we or indian team play for win n loss both as in both cases they wil get money and fame.

    MS had said once win n lose is a part of game. If this wil be our thinking then probability of win is 50-50. When we wil think like aus. That we hav to win each n every game then probability wil be 80-20 what aus exactly do.

    But what we care is the fame n ads more!! Isn’t it..

  • @shail007: Every team and every player go out on the field to WIN but everytime you can’t! Australia were a much better and skilled side than India this WC,it is not that Dhoni and Co. did’nt gave there everything to win,it is a game of cricket..the more skilled will win as simple as that. And i don’t understand how amateurish some people like you act if India has lost. Come on man,the whole country felt disappointed on the loss but you have to move on,cribbing on the issue won’t get you the WC back.
    And you got to at the fact that australia were a far dominant side from the late 1990s to 2007-08,players like McGrath,ponting,Gilchrist,Warne,Hayden are legends.It was almost impossible for any team to defeat them in the 2003 and 2007 WC,they won those WCs too comprehensively.And it is not that the other teams did’nt wanted to win it is just that they were’nt good enough.
    SO dude just accept the defeat,after it’s just sport so take it sportingly!!

  • @shail007: and about fame and ads that you are talking about..Are you sure that if Dhoni or Kohli would’nt have done those ads,they would have won the World Cup??
    Point is who does’nt like money and fame,if you become a cricketer and get a chance to play for your country and if these these things are coming your way,why won’t you take it? I am sure if u were a cricketer,we would have seen you too shooting for an ad!!

  • @Shail007 Ausis team is better than india in 2003,2015, Indian team was better than ausis in 2007,2011&2013, result infront of you guys. In 2015 indian team is less expirenced, only 3player had 100match expirience. In 1996 ranatunga did with young team n won the worldcup. Dhoni also did same n india won back 2 back 7matches unfortunately ausis are benifit by the conditions but its happen, we are very proud of our country. In 2019 wc happen in england where sipiner play key role also indian team become expirenced, next worldcup hamara hai

  • Its probably hrithik’s 1st performance for any major sports event so it should be electrifying, the best dancer in India hrithik with India’s 2nd best dancer shahid performing together on a stage would literally set the stage on fire but unfortunately both would give solo performances but still it should be one hell of a night :)

    boring faced saif & his equally boring-to-death hosting would be so boring :D

  • Its probably hrithik’s 1st performance for
    any major sports event so it should be
    electrifying, the best dancer in India
    hrithik with India’s 2nd best dancer
    shahid performing together on a stage
    would literally set the stage on fire but
    unfortunately both would give solo
    performances but still it should be one
    hell of a night :)

    Boring faced saif & his equally boring-to-
    death hosting would be so boring :D

  • @shail007,yeah I can say that but I think INDIA has strong and better batting power than Australia.but Australia has far and huge more bowling attack than India.that’s the big difference.BTW shameful Indian bowlers will always the reason why I did lost most matches.because I think India can never get best bowling attacks like Australia,Pakistan.except Umesh Yadav no one could made me impressed.all the major drawbacks are Od Indian bowlers are they didn’t have good height,didn’t use their fitness means they are using their full strength which cause them to totally weak and ineffective during death overseas.until n unless India can’t get it’s best bowling attacks till that day it will always remain below no.1 spot and will only can win in home grounds.

  • @romance dilwale fan
    @babaji ka thull aka gj007

    1st is i hav seen wc semifinal n it didn’t like they play for win. It look
    like they are sayin come aus. We r ready to give up. Yar there should be some fight but alas they didn’t show

    again about 1999, 2003, 2007 they hav legends or exprienced, who told u to choose inexprienced side in a wc, its nt a bilateral series. U cn’t put it as n excuse.

    About ads its nt about doing it every1 does, but about involving(or thinking) in it more than cricket

    for both of u, believe it or nt aus. is far superior side than india everytime and result shows in wc 5-2 .

    By d way i cn also be happy aftr losin if they show fight in semi. Ok lets leave it and wait for 2019 as n indian

    for @sss

    u r right our bowling is weak than aus. N pak. Also don’t underestimate aus. Batting they are good in that area also.

  • @shail007

    Just to clear your doubt, I had used a troll account called “babuji ka thullu” about 8 months back. I have no relation with “BABAJi” I hope this clears the confusion.

  • India won t20 world cup 2007 in south africa, 2013 champion trophy in england. Grow up indian bowler took 70wickets in 7matches, india is no1 test team in 2008-2011 n no1 odi team befor february 2015. Mod sami is the highest wicket taker in 2014 n 2015 so far, ausis got benifit for only their home advantage, we should move on becuse we bring it back in 2019

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