Aditya Chopra is keen to focus on directing films: Maneesh Sharma

Maneesh Sharma, who recently turned producer with Yash Raj Films’ Dum Laga Ke Haisha, has said that Aditya Chopra wants to turn YRF into a studio, so that he can focus on his career as director.

“Aditya is looking into getting some creative producers for his production house as a studio model and is keen to take a step back and focus on his directorials, for which he might not give as much time as he was giving before”

When asked if he would like to produce or direct films outside the YRF banner, Sharma who is currently directing Shahrukh Khan’s ‘FAN’, said ”Right now I don’t see myself directing outside the YRF banner. I can only talk about my next film ‘Fan’. I have started my career here and I don’t have any reason leave the YRF banner.”

Sharma’s first production ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’, which was distributed by YRF,  went on to do well at the box office. The film was received well by the critics too.

Explaining why he turned producer, Sharma said “He (Aditya) said to me, ‘If you are keen, you should go ahead and produce the film’. I did not have any ambitions to produce a movie at that point of time, but it happened suddenly”

(with inputs from IANS)



  • Aditya chopra is the top director. he has given us top classics and top best movies like DDLJ, Mohbattein. RNBDJ.. he must director more and more movies.

    one thing is sure whenever he will direct a movie that will be with SRK as he wants to do a movie with top and best actor of b’wood. Greatness…

  • Don’t know about fan date but…
    prdp confirmed on diwali day. (11 Nov)
    it’s 5 day weekend now…
    150 cr confirm on extended weekend…
    waiting for 1st 400 cr film…

  • waiting for FAN , Dilwale , Raees..
    11 hits in row are already there.
    will make 14 nd that will be a tie with rajesh khanna.
    srk is going to rewrite boxoffice history in terms of consistency.
    all these 3 will also cross 200 cr worldwide easily so will be 9 in a row 200+ worldwide,
    another consistency defining record.
    Great going.
    Dilwale is going to take biggest opening of this year by beating bb nd prdp.i have gut feeling of this.


  • Adi we want some more films with king SRK. Waiting for of luck FAN team. Adi is best director we have in b town.
    DDLG,Mohabtain,RNBDJ now what will be next, very exited.

  • @sambuddha: Dude Adi Chopra gave your Arjun kapooor a break with ishaqzaade,why are you after him to destroy his directing career???
    Kyu career barbaad karna chahte ho Adi Chopra ka!!

  • I wish Adi’s Next must be with Sir KING SRK.

    Aditya Copra delivered:
    1. All Time Blockbuster (DDLJ)
    1. Blockbuster (RNBDJ)
    1. Super Hit (M)

    Superb Track Record

  • Hahahahaha something is burning. Someone said very funny thing about Adi’s casting sense. But unfortunately still that poor casting sense was successful to deliver Blockbuster (RNBDJ). Other than ATBB (DDLJ) Best Actor Awards, Super Hit (Mohabbatain) Best Critics Choice Award. That means Adi’s poor choice works always in a Hugely Positive Way. So keep it up Adi. Go On. Lets burn the …………………………………

  • maneesh sharma ji I want to ask u few questions ji , first of all u titled ur movie as ‘fan’ but u didn’t tell the company’s name, is it a ‘usha fan’ or ‘pushpa fan’ or ‘khaitan fan’ or ‘shaitan fan’ or ‘dabba fan’ ya ‘jujuba fan’? we are very confused , why did u name ur movie as ‘fan’ in the 1st place, are u or any of your relatives staring a new fans company in this summer? if it is, is it a wireless ceiling fan with a remote, camera, speakers & wifi connection on it, does it work on electricity or does it work on petrol or kerosene or solar power or nuclear power or simply water ? we srk fans have so many questions .

    last but not the least instead of naming the movie as bakri fan u could have named it as ‘billu returns’ or ‘billu barbie ‘ or ‘billu ullu’ etc na as it seems like an immediate sequel to billu? we srk fans know that fan will flop big time but we not openly say it instead we will write ‘fan will spin at the rate of 700 crores world wide’ or ‘my srk’s fan when switched on will create a storm which will sweep off 400 crores in India’ etc :D

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  • @ultron – right .srk playing stylish look was joke thats why even after slow opening , film went on to be blockbuster.
    its majority of audience who decides fate of film in long run not die hard fans of stars like u or me.

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  • for srk fans aditya chopra is d best director bcoz he has worked wid srk only.they don’t think raju hirani best director bt I m sure when he ‘ll work wid srk he ‘ll become the beat director in btown.

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    @Yash Chopra,whoever you’re kindly don’t use that HOLY LEGENDARY PERSONALITY’S NAME to give your filthy comments to troll someone.whoever may be it’s Ashutosh/Raju/ROHIT whoever will direct KING KHAN ,non of them will be even comparable with LEGENDARY one,no one could be comparable with THE KING OF HEARTS—-YASHJI,because SUCH LEGEND only borne ONCE.

  • and Acc to Bhaitards best director of b’wood is Sohail khan because he made a great msg film like jai ho with Salman bhai ( oh i mean with Salman’s driver)

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