Hrithik Roshan praises Rustom trailer

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has praised the trailer of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film ‘Rustom’, which happens to release on the same day as ‘Mohenjo Daro’.

Hrithik, who is currently on a vacation with his children, said “Congrats Akshay Kumar . Loved the Rustom trailer. Good choices maketh d man. I’m sure u agree @mrsfunnybones (Twinkle Khanna) :) God bless”

In response, Akshay said “I couldn’t agree more. Takes a brave man to take on the Mohenjo Daro era! Take a bow my friend”

Earlier this morning, a reader of our website (Sanket, third page on trailer page) had posted this comment:

“Dear Akshay fans, you are constantly bashing Hrithik and his film Mohenjo Daro. But you will see after Rustom trailer release Hrithik will praise it on twitter. He is very humble person in nature. He loves Akshay, he once said to Akshay on his bday this he is one man industry.

So as Akshay Respects Hrithik, he once said in interview his son should take dance lessons from Hrithik.

So peace out both actors Fans.. Please stop creating negative environment, it will hamper both movies. Please support both movies, lot of hardwork involved in creating movies don’t ruin it with hate.

Best of luck To Akshay and His fans for Rustom, I have feeling that Rustom will be a classic movie.

Waiting for Hrithik movie after almost 2 yrs. #MohenjoDaro… #Rustom”




  • Guys both are grt actors.. And let’s hope dis clash be a peaceful one between fans.. Cheers to hritik and akhshay

  • Hrithik is the nicest person in the industry with no insecurity and rarely any issues with any of his contemporaries.Did the same thing when Bang Bang clashed with Haider.
    Perfect Role model.

  • So, glad to see actor praising each others hardwork. I m an akshay fan but supporting both the movies. #indicine you re correct Thr r lot of hardworking involved in making a movie. So, guys lets support both of them rather then bashing each other. Cheers.

  • The guy is a true definition of a gentleman ,he is far far better than the kings of egos (the khans and joker boy.)

  • He’s True Superstar, Most Humble Man ,

    My Respect For Him Is Increase Day By Day


  • Above avarage Trailer.. Not brilliant one…
    Rustom trailer looks some thing like Azhar.. Ordinary typical thriller…

    My Rating 3.1 / 5

    #Fasal kerala

  • Hrithik is a GEM… He never does harsh comments on any other actors… always praises others…

  • Any ways Rustom trailer is Much Much Better than Mohenjadaro & Crap Non actor’s Loltan trailer..

    My ratings –

    Rustom – 3.1 / 5
    Mohenjadaro – 2.3 / 5
    Sultan – 0.001 / 5

    #Fasal kerala

  • I am not trying 2 create any hate, but it is my personal opinion that the Rustom trailer delivered exactly what it promised while MohenjoDaro trailer made me feel like I was watching a Disney movie like Pocohontas or such..I am sure both films will be praised by critics and both will do well, but I am putting my money on Rustom as this will finally be that thriller that I have been waiting for in Bollywood in 2016…Many tried like Wazir, Fan,etc but none could live up to the movies of 2015 like baby, Dryshyam, Badlapur,etc..

  • HRITHIK has the best soul and heart in the BOLLYWOOD no doubt.
    For me, Ajay DEVGN praised Rustom trailer was even more surprising.
    Mohenjodaro as well as Rustom will Rock

  • I must say both trailer is equally good i find both trailer just good but this is my opinion some may have like rustom more than md

  • Hrithik is a gentleman!! He also supported Sirish Kunder’s Kriti 4 days back.
    He has always appreciated works of youngsters too.
    But He doesn’t get anything in return many times!!

    So he appreciates others without expecting appreciations from him in return! Such a humble person.
    Love you man!!

  • Akshay also said once i m ur senior in industry but u r my senior in acting after watching guzaarish…they both respect each other a lot n r true legends…so stop fan wars…hope both the movies succeed as lots of hardwork is involved as well both of them look really gud still clash must b avoided…i still think christmas is a better option for hritik but i guess both the movies dangal n mjd r distributed by utv so not possible…#mohenjodaro #rustom

  • I was expecting a tense, thrilling and super classy trailer
    like the trailer of Baby and Airlift from the makers of
    Rustom as it belongs to the genre of “crime-patriotic-
    thriller”! But guess what? It is looking like a regular
    Bollywood thriller drama and too easy to eyes.
    The trailer starts very well. Akshay Kumar is looking
    very impressive. But then a loud number of Ankit Tiwari
    comes and we see a scene of Akshay romancing ileana
    in the song(will it deviate the pace? Well, it can be
    known only after watching the movie).
    At 1:15 mins, the trailer reminds me of Azhar! Towards
    the end, the trailer looks a bit manipulative too(2:20
    mins, Gabbar is Back with a better production Some sequences look unnecessarily loud!
    What’s good?
    Obviously Akshay Kumar is looking impressive. Ileana
    seems to be perfectly cast! Dialogues are ” solid “.
    Cinematography and production design looks superb.
    Rustom trailer is just good! But it gives the sign of a
    chunky, inconsistent, unnecessarily commercialized and
    a bit manipulative thriller.
    It’s looking too easy and regular to eyes unlike the
    trailers of Baby and Airlift.
    My rating : 3/5 ( not too good for a thriller).

  • I don’t Like Clashes of Two good movies..
    Better they will Choose Their release date with Another crap movies Like Sultan…

    When Rustom will Clash with Sultan Result will be –
    Rustom – 145 cr
    Sultan – 120 cr

    When Mohejadaro will Clash with Sultan Result will be –
    Mohenjadaro – 175 cr
    Sultan – 110 cr

    When Raees Clash with Sultan Then Result will be –
    Raees – 240 cr
    Sultan – 99 cr

    #Fasal kerala

  • But Akshay never praised MJ trailer? even for formalities. Ajay is mad to praise such b grade trailer he does not even know how Akshay Kumar fans hate him

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