Housefull 3 team enjoy their shoot in London

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar and his co-stars Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri and Lisa Haydon are enjoying their ongoing shooting schedule in London.

The keenly awaited comedy film will be directed by director-duo Sajid-Farhad, who replace Sajid Khan – the director of the first two ‘Housefull’ films. 

Riteish shared a picture of the lead stars along with directors Sajid-Farhad.

Housefull 3 releases in theatres on June 3 2016.

Housefull 3 Team chill in London

Housefull 3 Team chill in London



  • thanks to producer for kicked out Sajid khan from Housefull3.. He & his fatty sister are d worst cheap & pathetic directors indian cinema has ever been seen…
    Now Housefull 3 is in safe hands & will gonna be a blockbuster of 2016….

  • The caption should be.
    From The actor that created both 60 cr and 80 cr comes a contractually obligated (mean there his greedy) comedy called Housefull80cr. :-D

  • Smile on Akki’s face is just like moon of eid, cream on cake, feather on bird, sweet dream at dark night.

  • Shame on all akki fans especially @sunny chechi and @ajinkya as their idol despite 4 attempts this yr,all 4 national holiday weekend releases hv failed to touch 100cr mark even once.

    Not a single superhit in last 10 releases !!!!

    Akki is just lucky that ranbir is horribly out of form and ajay has gone through a dip in last 3yrs that’s y akki is still at no.5 but shame on him for not making most of this golden opportunity.

    With films like tamashaa shivaay ADHM Dilwale Bajirao Befikre Shandaar Udta Punjab Ki&Ka Dutt Rangoon Baadaasaho lined up for releases in next 2yrs i m 200% sure that akki will loose his place in top10.

    He got ample opportunities but underperformed each time. Now its time for ajay and RK to reclaim their place in top 6 and ranverr arjun varun sid sahid to enter top 10 for next 10yrs minimum


  • Ranking prdp songs
    1.jalte diye(4.5/5)
    2.aaj unse(4)
    3.title song(4)
    5.prem leela(3)
    6.jab tum chaho(4)

    himesh is back with a bang!

  • Why does Abhishek Bachchan get work even after getting so many flops. Granted this isn’t a solo film and Akki and Ritesh is in it so it will not flop. But still how does he do it? According too the link below his flop/disaster ratio is 56% chance. So why??

  • Hahahhahahahahaha PRDP trailer update

    11564 Dislike Superstar Salman ke trailer pe itne Dislikes Salman ki ulti ginati shuru ab Salman ke Aanewali har trailer pe Dislike aur negativity hongi…..


  • @Rocks star power of singham:- 1)realise date-25’/,, 2) franch-25’/,, 3)costar-4’/,, 4)director-4’/,, 5)banner-4’/,, 6)ticket prise-4’/,, 7)gape-7.5’/,. So star power of your god=32cr-73.5’/,=8.48cr. So plz shut your mouth. & Dont forced us to bambuing.

  • @Ajay Rocks:: Mark my words Housefull 3 will collect more than Shivaay which is even getting a festival release.Don’t be afraid man,do turn up and show your face after you lose.

    Lol,a content rich film of Ajay Devgn could’nt reached 80crs and his fans are mocking akshay!! Height of stupidity.

  • @ARJUN GOBARISTAAN FAN: Hahaha it was fun reading your comment!! Really funny it was..It just shows your desperation and nothing else.Your flop team which now consists of::

    Ajay Devgn(Coach)
    Shahid Kapoor(Team Manager)
    and then a list of 10-15 crap non actors

    won’t surpass Akki..Now you can do whatever you want to do.

    And let me correct you — Ranbir is not out of form,actually he was never in form..

    YJHD was a huge hit coz if you have each and every song of your music album as chartbusters and then you have a top actress Deepika by your side,the film is bound to open huge.

    Barfi..Its opening was only 8crs less than K786 that year,which even had competion from Talaash.

    Even your Ranbir has said that without good songs in his films,he can’t provide good initials.

    And you compare him with Akkiwho releases 3-4 movies and all opened decently.

  • This arjun youngistaan fan is a complete hole…better concentrate on ur ranbir kapoor aka the new Jimmy shergill of Bollywood… Krk rightly said if tamasha becomes flop then kjo also cannot save the career of ur media created star…comparing Ajay and ranbir with akki is just like saying that prem ratan dhan payo will be a flop…..if ranbir is out of form so is akki but even his rejected films are doing more business than ranbir….so according to ur dumb haters theory salman khan’s career would have finished a long time ago when his films were not even collecting 15cr…….now talking about the collections see this u sucker
    Sib 21 on 2oct (3200 screens)
    Brothers 15 Aug 22 crores
    What holiday advantage did gabbar have bhagwan jaane kaunsi holiday thi us din….
    Still gabbar collected 13cr with 3050 screens….and as far as baby goes it did very well according to it’s genre……
    Housefull 3 sure shot blockbuster even in worst case scenario it will be a hit….Akshay films collections are moderate not as bad as everybody is saying…….
    And u Mr arjun dumbistaan can u or ur dad even earn 1/4 of the amount his films earn in ur entire life if no then don’t talk non sense…get lost…
    And one more humble request pls concentrate on tamasha if that also flops warna tujhe phir se apna muh chupana padega just like u did for Bombay velvet….
    Thank you..

  • 2016 will be like the year 2012..when all the top 6 actors(ok lets include our poor no.7 Ajay too) will have a release.Also it’s a leap year.
    And Akki was the 2nd biggest star after Salman that year.

  • @Retard: Abhishek can do comedy roles well.He was good in both Bol Bachchan and HNY and since it is’nt a solo film of his so producers won’t mind taking him.He’s definitely better than John at comedy.

  • @arjun pls if you are calling Ajay and Akki name don’t join it with RK. Even at their bad phases they are still part of the movers and shakers of the industry and they are still A lists superstars. I just wanted akki to beat Rk opening day and weekend record but hope is not over next year he will definitely give a trade figure above 20 crss opening. I don’t think ajay dipped form in last 3 years. He has best imdb rating till date ,3 100 crs movies and a stagggering opening day of 32 crs. its a bold statement meaning he still has the potential for sure just like superstar akshay. He just needs to promote his movies more and stick with commercial genres.I observe you always join Rk with akki. Totally unfair. They are like north pole and south pole.

  • A few srk fans logic (once again) on Salman’s blockbusters

    2010 — Dabangg — 100+ crs — It was a fluke, it won’t happen again…hahahaha.

    2011 — Ready — 100+ cr, Bodyguard — 100+ crs — It was a one time, it won’t happen again….hahahaha
    (that’s two 100 crs in one year, yet, srk fans sees it is one time….lol)

    2012 — Dabangg2 — 100 cr+ — hahaha……just a fluke, its a remake of a hit film…..hahahaha

    2013 — no movies…….hahahaha….king scores 200 cr+,,,,just wait and watch….Salman over…hahaha

    2014 — Jai Ho — 100+ cr, Kick — 200+ cr —-hahaha…….hahahaha….hahahahaha…..
    (again missing the point, one 100 cr and second 200 cr…

    2015 — Bajrangi — 300+ cr, PRDP — ???? ——–Salman is over….its a fluke…one time…..hahaha….hahahahaha…
    shame on all sarookh fans shame on all sarookh fans shame on
    Now one can imagine what kind of people some of these srk fans are….lo

  • WOW!!! Housefull 1 had 2 comedy kings
    Housefull 2 had 3 comedy kings and 1 comedy newcomer’
    Housefull 3 again has 3 comedy kings!!!
    Waiting eagerly, story will be good as Sajid is not involved!!!

  • Despite having bad starcast in housefull 2 in d form of john, shreyas nd even ritesh was very irritating in D movie ,it became superhit because of D cool nd funny character of akki.

    Again some bad actors in this part bt it will surely be a blockbuster …!

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