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Transforming one art into another form of art is not an easy task. I agree that good books could transform into good cinema, but can all books be good cinema? While many readers have scrupulously enjoyed the drama in Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘One Night @ A Call Center’, it’s time to determine how successful its cinematic adaptation Hello is in entertaining moviegoers.

Hello is Atul Agnihotri’s second directorial venture after the 2004 box office dud “Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa” (starring Salman Khan and Preity Zinta). The movie stars Sohail Khan, Sharman Joshi, Isha Koppikar, Amrita Arora, Gul Panag and Sharat Saxena in key roles with Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Katrina Kaif in special appearances. Can Atul make an interesting watch out of an interesting read? Can the writer of the bestseller draft the screenplay of a movie with dexterity? Let find out..

Hello revolves around six call center agents; Shyam (Sharman Joshi), Priyanka (Gul Panag), Esha (Isha Koppikar), Varun aka Vroom (Sohail Khan), Radhika (Amrita Arora) and Military Uncle (Sharat Saxena). There are two things common among these agent friends, one is that they work for the same call center and the other is, all their lives are clobbered in its own respective ways. The movie is about these six agents and an event that changes their perspective of life and their life as a whole.. Overnight!

Hello Review

Atul Agnihotri and Chetan Bhagat, credited together for the screenplay and dialogues of Hello, fail to do justice. Atul needs to work on his craftsmanship and do some good amount of homework before he gets down to direct a film. Chetan Bhagat is not so much of a screenplay writer as a novelist that he is.

Hello requires another proof reading. Its story has worked magic as a book, but not so much as a movie. The problem with the adaptation is, its not been penned well and the sloppy direction adds to the misery of the viewer. The plot line is too thin for a movie. Defining each character over pages and pages sounds good for a novel, but using the entire first half to do so, in a movie is absurd and quite tedious to sit through. Although the characters are very common, someone who you have seen or heard off in your daily lives, they hardly connect. Also, the call from God scene lacks impact to be a life changing moment.

Except for a few moments, the movie doesn’t manage to hold your attention throughout. Songs just add to the run-time, nothing worth mentioning here. Personally, Salman Khan’s ‘Bang-Bang’ song was the worst of the lot. Dialogues by Chetan Bhagat are fine. May be a crispier, precise and adept presentation would have worked wonders for Hello.

Coming to performances, Sohail Khan with his witty one-liners is a delight. He is competent and puts up a wonderful act. Sharman Joshi is excellent and perfectly fits into the role of a looser striving hard to climb the ladders of success. Amrita Arora looks pretty. Isha Koppikar is bad and what’s with her weird costume? Gul Panag is too stiff and hard on her expressions. Again, bad costumes! Sharat Saxena is okay.

Salman Khan is good in his cameo role except for his opening music number. Katrina Kaif like always look pretty.

Overall, Hello is an impulsive approach. The hype is clearly lacking, but with no other releases this week, the movie could manage a decent opening.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ Average



  • I Watched dis movie first day first show . As U Mention in ur review . its xactly lyk dat only . not much entertaining nor boring . . just time pass . .

  • Though waiting to watch this, I guess its has something similar to Life in a Metro which was also based on different lifestyles of the city people. I expect this movie to be interesting in some sense, which is inspired from a novel. But what to say about actor turned director Atul Agnihotri who mispresented us Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha n it was a disaster at box-office. So this time he had managed a bit of reality issues to make a movie.
    I shall comment details after watching it fully.

  • i watched”hello” yesterday 1st day 1st show.Its not as boring as you put in review.

    it really a heart touching story for trhose who lives in metros like Delhi.

  • What happend to the directors or the producers of Indian cinema these days, that they can’t find any good name for their movies!! Now.. without knowing who acts in this movie, without knowing the script, the name of the director, I’d refuse to watch a movie called ( Hello)!! and this movie and the cast is one of the movies which I never watch, 100% would be a trash. And another example for bad names is the movie(Darling) a bad name and a bad movie!!, but Tara Ram Pum, the name wasn’t encouraging, but the movie was excellent in the script, the direction, production, songs, the cast, etc.

    I think something went wrong with the filmmakers recently.. as they can’t find any good name for their movies!!

  • I think some other direction had directed this movie and blended this novel with some great fine actors acting, it would have been a rock.
    Even this way, this flick is fine.

  • well um i havent watched it yet but its strange to hear that a film with katrina kaif is boring or bad?? random well i guess ai have to watch this movie??


  • I’d agree with the review. Direction should hve been better. The “God Calling” scene was not at all effective. Sohail Khan was a good entertainment and Sharman Joshi played his part well and has maintained his image of a good actor. Sarat Saxena did not have much to offer but justified his role. Amrita Arora looked pretty. Isha Koppikar and Gul Panag were not up to the mark both for looks and acting. Costumes were a major disaster. Suresh Menon has again over-acted. I understand his target audience is only kids. Dilip Tahil’s role lacked punch. Salman Khan wasn’t great. Katrina looked pretty.
    Not worth spending on this movie on big screen. It’ll not take long for this movie to be screened on television. Better to watch it then :)

  • katrina kaif cant act she hasnt actually done a role where the film is based and focuses on her character she has just climbed the ladder wiv the support of the gorgus khan as for them geting married only time will tell khan is a middle aged man kaif is just growing into her mid 20’s and now her sister isabel who is 16 will be the lead lady in veer next year opposite khan…. now thats the way to squirm in sleep your way in ..

  • i agree katrina cant act at all she looks ok doesnt exactly have the bollywood glamourous look she is more of a plain jane who cant speak much hindi but wen ur bf is one of the top actors of the industry anything is possible
    welcome is akshays film apne is the deols movie race is more focusing on khanna and saif singh is king is akshays film and so on all kaif has done is play the fiddle dress up nakrah here and there kaif cant take the credit for the movies as all she has done is just run around wiv a short dress on get this girl in a desi dress sari shalwar kamees she cant pull it off at all …


  • those who read da novel 4 dem da movie might b ok but those did not read it to b honest da movie sucks alot and bang bang is good song its a opening song of sallman and i saw dis in kuwait kuwaitis wer enjoying da song but karle baby dance wance was edited by kuwaitis due to da hot scenes and beginin of da movie ppl wer full in da threatre but after interval der was no 1 except me and some indian who wer watchin

  • bahut yarrana lagta hai… i dont think so he wants to settle katrina wants to try many cocks he is a middle aged man she is a young bimbo she cant act bundh toh dekho english kapray array desi kapray penoh she cant pull off a desi dress be it a shalwar kameez sari lengha choli her face looks like a sore lullah she cant act its the support of salman that has got her this far

  • Katrina is a crab actor.Only because of her look and her co-actors does her films work.The movie is different from the novel “One night @the call center”.And just by arranging 4-5 tables and chairs the set does not change into a call center. It is a kind of okay movie

  • mein bolta hoon katrina doesnt have films the heros carry the films off as theirs just becoz kaif is half naked and runs around as the girlfriend she is being overated she is a fukin horse stretched face. my lulah is also as long as her face ..

    katrinas sister izabelle will be sucking bolly cocks next year in veer opposite khan no acting skills c ant speak a word in hindi she is quite short in height too not only that she just like her sista kat has no looks at all that is not kashish no glamour and salman will look like a crocodile opposite isabelle middle aged man cradle snatching….

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