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Hello Review – Hello Movie Review

Transforming one art into another form of art is not an easy task. I agree that good books could transform into good cinema, but can all books be good cinema? While many readers have scrupulously enjoyed the drama in Chetan Bhagat’s book ĎOne Night @ A Call Centerí, itís time to determine how successful its cinematic adaptation Hello is in entertaining moviegoers.

Hello Movie Trailer

Produced and directed by Atul Agnihotri, Hello is based on award-winning Indian writer Chetan Bhagatís first and one of his best selling novel One Night @ The Call Center. What makes Chetanís novel very unique and a popular read is, they have an easy simple style of writing with informal lingos and characters that are identifiable. So how far is this interesting read going to be an interesting watch depends on the directorial skills of Atul.